How to make celery juice?


1-2 sprigs of stalked celery

Method of use:

Wash the celery well and squeeze the juice with a juicer. Drink immediately for best results.

Alternatively, if you don't have a juicer, you can chop the celery and puree it in a high-speed blender until smooth. Strain well and drink the juice immediately.

Most frequently asked questions

What is the ideal amount of celery stalk juice to get the healing benefits?

Half a liter of pure celery stalk juice per day is the ideal amount to obtain its medicinal benefits. Increasing intake to 0.75 - 1 liter per day can be extremely beneficial for anyone suffering from chronic illnesses or symptoms.

How much celery is needed to make ½ liter of juice? 

About 400-500 ml are usually prepared from one large stem. (2 cups) juice.

When is the best time to drink celery stalk juice?

The best time to drink celery juice is in the morning on an empty stomach, before consuming anything other than water or lemon water (wait at least 15 to 30 minutes after the lemon water before drinking the celery juice). Celery juice is a healing drink, not a caloric drink, so you'll still need a breakfast afterwards to power you up for the morning. Just wait at least 15 to 30 minutes after drinking celery juice before consuming anything else.

If you are unable to consume celery stalk juice first thing in the morning before a meal, then the second best option is to drink it 15 to 30 minutes before eating anything or 30 to 60 minutes after a light breakfast or 2 hours after a heavier meal at any time of the day.

If you drink 1 liter a day, you may want to drink it in two half-liter portions. You can drink the first portion in the morning on an empty stomach before a meal, and the second in the late afternoon or evening, at least 15 to 30 minutes before your next meal.

Which juicer do you recommend? 

Omega juicers are great depending on your budget, and Anthony William recommends the Omega MM900HDS Low Speed ​​Juicer - specially designed to extract the most juice from celery stalks, more than any other device.

Does celery have to be organic? 

Organic is best, but if you can't buy organic, don't worry, you can buy farm-raised celery. Next, wash each stem with a drop of natural, unscented dish soap, then rinse with water. If you don't have natural, colorless dish soap, wash the celery in warm water. Be sure to wash each stem thoroughly.

Can I make celery juice ahead of time?

It is best to drink the celery stem juice immediately after squeezing it, but if you cannot, do not let it sit for more than a day (24 hours). If you use this option, be sure to seal it in a jar and store it in the refrigerator. It is best if the jar is filled to the top with juice to have as little contact with oxygen as possible.

Should I cut off the celery leaves, they taste bitter?

You can leave them or cut them off. Some people prefer to cut them off as they can make the juice a bit bitter.

Can I freeze celery juice and make batches in advance?

If you can't drink the celery juice after you've made it, and making it ahead of time and freezing it is your only option, then freezing is fine. But this is a last resort and should not be relied upon. Fresh juice is always the best option. The powerful healing properties of celery stalk juice will diminish when it is frozen.

Can I cut and wash the celery the night before so it's ready to juice in the morning?

Yes, it's a great way to get ready and save some time for the next morning.

What should I do if I can't stand the taste of celery juice?

If you find the taste of pure celery stem juice too strong, you can juice a cucumber and/or an apple along with the celery. This is a great option until you adjust to the taste. As you get used to it, start increasing the celery ratio. The greatest benefits come when celery juice is consumed alone.

Is it ok to add lemon or lime to celery stalk juice?

Celery juice works best neat. Adding any other ingredients to the juice will weaken its healing properties. Wait 15-30 minutes after drinking before consuming anything else.

Can I just eat celery stalks instead of juicing them?

The reason we juice celery and not eat it is because juicing and removing the pulp (fibers) is the only way to get the powerful healing benefits to treat chronic diseases. Currently, there is a trend to recommend leaving the pulp in the drink and simply blending the celery stalk without removing the fiber. Try not to fall for this trend. Leaving the pulp on will prevent you from getting the unique healing benefits of celery stem juice.

Eating celery on its own is healthy and should be part of your diet, but you won't be able to consume enough celery to get the benefits of juicing it. You won't be able to get the concentrated undiscovered cluster salts that do everything listed here:

  • They quickly restore hydrochloric acid so your stomach can break down proteins. If the protein is not broken down properly, it will lead to gut rot. Strong hydrochloric acid is important for killing pathogenic microorganisms that enter your mouth.
  • Celery juice increases and strengthens your gallbladder . Strong bile is important for breaking down fats and destroying pathogens that have entered your body. Eating plain celery would not allow you to get enough of the celery's cluster salts; which act as antiseptics for pathogens.
  • Celery stem juice restores your central nervous system . Removes old toxins and poisons from your liver, such as: old pharmaceuticals.

Can celery stalk juice be consumed during pregnancy?

Yes, celery stalk juice is safe and healthy to consume during pregnancy. If you have any concerns, you can consult your doctor.

Can I add ice to my celeriac juice?

It is best not to add ice. The ice will dilute the healing properties of the celery juice.

Is it normal to have a change in bowel movements after drinking celery stalk juice?

Some people may experience a change in bowel movements when they start consuming celery juice. This is a normal detoxification response that some people who have a higher level of toxins may experience. Celery juice will kill unproductive bacteria in the gut and also help cleanse the liver. This can lead to loose stools as the body flushes toxins from the highly toxic liver. Almost everyone today has some degree of liver toxicity, which, as Anthony William shares in his book Helping the Liver , can lead to a myriad of symptoms and conditions. Loose stools will go away as your body heals, and you'll notice that your bowel movements are more regular and healthier than ever. If you think celery stalk juice is too cleansing, try a pint of pure cucumber juice. Cucumber juice doesn't have the same benefits as celery stalk juice, but it's very gentle and a great choice until you start using celery juice again.

Will my symptoms worsen after drinking celery stalk juice?

Celery stem juice is very healing, and the hitherto unknown sodium cluster salts will immediately begin killing pathogens such as viruses such as Epstein-Barr and herpes zoster , as well as bacteria such as streptococcus in the body. For some people, if they have already experienced some symptoms from time to time in their life, such as fatigue or other symptoms, it is possible that in some cases these people may temporarily experience symptoms again. These symptoms will be mild and short-lived as the body heals and cleanses itself. This is a powerful healing step that celery stalk juice can offer for long-term, symptom-free future health.

However, in many cases when someone reports experiencing an increase in symptoms and thinks it is due to celery stalk juice, it will actually be due to something else going on in their body, life, or diet, but celery juice celery unfairly takes the blame. It is important to understand what else may be going on in the body and how dietary choices and other lifestyle factors can lead to an increase in the symptoms and conditions someone may be experiencing and how to properly support the body to to be cured. This is exactly what is covered in great depth in the books Liver Help , Thyroid Healing , The Best Foods, and The Healing Medium . It's never been more important to empower yourself to become an expert on the real causes of your symptoms and conditions.

Is it normal to feel bloated after drinking celery stalk juice?

No, it is not normal to be bloated after juicing celery stalks. However, it is possible for some people who already experience bloating to experience temporary bloating.

Celery stem juice quickly accelerates digestion. It does this by prompting the liver to increase bile production and instantly boosts the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Which then begins to break down the old undegraded rotting proteins, the old eaten fats that have found their way to the bottom of the stomach and in the small intestine, which in every person have been there for decades. Once these fats and proteins are dissolved, bloating usually goes away in almost everyone who has chronic problems with it.

But some people may experience a bloated feeling that can range from mild to severe, depending on how toxic their digestive tract has become and how much old rotten, undigested debris is in it. When these people continue to consume celery stalk juice the right way over the long term, their digestive tract health and toxicity will improve and the bloating may disappear - as long as their other food choices are within the guidelines shared in the book "The Healing Medium" .

I experience stomach pain or upset stomach after drinking celery stalk juice, what causes this?

This happens when your stomach nerves are sensitive. The vagus nerve is the main nerve that sends signals and helps the stomach function. Often, low-grade viral infections, such as herpes zoster and Epstein-Barr , create a lot of neurotoxins that slightly inflame the vagus nerve. So when you drink celery juice, it starts cleaning the neurotoxins from the tiny nerve endings in the lining of the stomach. This may cause a mild reaction. Also, many people's stomachs are full of bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Streptococcus and Helicobacter pylori. These bacteria die quickly, which can cause spasm that can be temporarily painful.

Does celery stalk juice contain oxalates?

There is a myth that some green leafy vegetables and herbs like celery are high in oxalates and therefore harmful. This is completely wrong and prevents many people from getting some of the powerful and necessary nutrients and healing properties provided by foods believed to be high in oxalates. Oxalates are not the problem they are thought to be.

Oxalates are found in every single fruit and vegetable on the planet. The vast array of nutrients in so-called green leafy vegetables and high-oxalate celery are some of the most nutritious we have. Medical research and science have not found that there are antioxalates in fruits, vegetables, and green leafy vegetables that prevent oxalates from causing us the harm that the current trend suggests they do to us. In reality, these foods do us no harm, but rather provide us with important healing nutrients such as phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals.

Is there anything that can be added to celery stalk juice to make it more beneficial?

Celery stem juice is a remedy for the chronically ill. He has healed and continues to heal millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, some people are now trying to capitalize on the popularity of celery stalk juice by changing the recipe and adding new ingredients so they can call it their own and make a profit from it. They recommend adding ingredients like collagen, apple cider vinegar, and activated charcoal to celery juice, but all three of these elements break down and denature the celery stem juice when added to it, stripping it of all of its unique healing properties and introduce ingredients into your body that do not support healing.

To protect your own health, it's important to be aware of how misleading and unhelpful these trends are that compromise the purity and potency of celery juice. These trends are started by individuals who do not even believe in celery stalk juice and the medicinal properties it possesses. They never knew of its existence as a healing agent until the global celery juice movement started by Anthony William began to organically reach millions of people because it is so effective in helping treat all kinds of health symptoms and conditions.

Those motivated by financial interests, the so-called "trendsetters" don't even know what it is about celery stalk juice that makes it so effective, such as its undiscovered sodium cluster salts that disrupt the cell membranes of pathogens to kill them, and how the cluster salts restore the salt acid. Without knowing how celery juice works and why, they can't know how to consume it to get its benefits, and how vital it is not to add ingredients like collagen, apple cider vinegar, and activated charcoal.

Knowing the right way to drink celery juice is crucial to getting its benefits. There are certain ingredients that can activate or further enhance the healing properties of celery stem juice. Some of these ingredients are for example magnesium, l-glutamine and choline.

Can breastfeeding women drink celery stem juice?

Celery stem juice is amazing for nursing mothers. It can provide an abundance of micronutrients, vitamin C, and neurotransmitter chemicals, such as the unknown sodium cluster salts , to help baby develop healthy, strong organs. Celery juice also helps to purify and detoxify breast milk, purifying it so that baby receives the purest milk possible.

Can babies and children drink celery stalk juice?

Yes, celery stalk juice is amazing for the health and development of babies and children.

Can I take celery stem juice powder or celery powder instead of drinking fresh celery stem juice?

No, celery juice powder and celery powder cannot replace fresh celery stem juice. Celery juice powder and celery powder offer none of the benefits that can be derived from a pint of fresh, natural celery juice. Selling celery juice powder and putting celery in nutritional supplements will become a popular trend as celery juice becomes more popular and people try to cash in on the worldwide celery juice movement that cures the chronically ill. Try to avoid all these fads. They are a waste of money and do not offer the same healing benefits as drinking pure, fresh juice from celery stalks every day.

Are there nitrates in celery juice?

Celery and celery juice cannot contain nitrates that are activated or harmful unless the celery has oxidized or been dehydrated. The naturally occurring nitrates in celery do not exist when the celery or fresh celery juice has not yet oxidized. When fresh celery or celery juice does oxidize, just as any herb, vegetable, or fruit oxidizes, then naturally occurring nitrates can develop. But this natural nitrate is also never harmful in any way shape or form. Celery juice and celery powder have been oxidized, so they may contain naturally occurring nitrates because this has evolved in the oxidation process.

These nitrates are not the same variety of nitrates that are considered irritating to some people. It is important to know that not all nitrates are the same, just as all people are not the same, all water is not the same, all sugar is not the same, and all proteins are not the same. For example, gluten is a completely different protein than the protein in meat or the protein in nuts. Also, the naturally occurring nitrates that can develop in the oxidized form of celery, such as celery powder and celery juice powder, are not the same as the harmful nitrates that are added to meat and all sorts of other products.

Also, nitrates are different from nitrites - they are not the same thing. Even powdered celery juice, which contains natural nitrates, cannot be relied upon as a method of preserving foods such as pickles or meat, because it does not yet contain nitrites. Fresh celery juice is also nitrite-free. Everything that occurs naturally in celery and celery juice is not harmful. This also applies to pure celery powder and pure celery juice powder. However, harmful nitrates can be added to celery powder or celery juice powder by the company that makes it or uses it in another product. Your fresh celery juice cannot contain harmful nitrates unless you have added them yourself.

If you don't drink fresh celery juice because you think it contains harmful nitrates, then you are unfortunately missing out on the unique healing opportunity that fresh celery juice that does not contain nitrates can provide.

How long does it take to feel the benefits of drinking celery juice?

It depends on what state the person is in. Almost everyone feels some benefit within the first week of drinking celery juice daily in the right amount and in the right way. Many people even feel benefits after their first juice. It all depends on the person and the circumstances, such as their health status and symptoms and how toxic and overloaded their liver is with various pathogens and poisons such as pesticides, solvents, herbicides, toxic heavy metals and all sorts of other chemicals and toxins. (See Liver Help for more information on what a toxic liver means, how common it is, and how to heal your body.) If someone is suffering from weight problems , if they have a lot of rotting and corrosive fat in the colon, and/or a lot of bacteria in the intestinal tract , such as strep , this will also affect healing times.

The level of stress a person experiences in their life, what else they choose to eat and drink in addition to natural celery juice, and other habits will also play a role in how long it takes for a person to feel the benefits. But most people feel the difference pretty quickly. Some people who drink celery juice for a long time get used to how good or how much better they feel than when they didn't drink it. Then they temporarily stop drinking celery juice, as many do, and find they don't feel so good anymore. At that point, they realized how important the celery juice was in helping them feel better.

It's important to know that even if someone doesn't see or feel the benefits of drinking celery juice quickly, that doesn't mean the benefits aren't happening. Anyone who drinks celery juice gets immediate benefits because the healing powers of celery juice begin to work as soon as it enters the body. It may take some time for some people to see or feel the benefits in a tangible way that they can notice, although celery juice provides healing benefits from the first drink.

Is there too much sodium in celery juice?

All types of salt are not the same, just as all types of sugar are not the same. Consuming high fructose corn syrup, which is harmful to health, is not the same as eating an apple, which can bring healing to the liver and provide an abundance of important nutrients. So don't be fooled into thinking that all salt is the same, because it's not.

If you hear someone say that celery juice has too much salt, they are wrong. The sodium clusters in celery juice are a subset of sodium. Science and research have not even discovered all of the micronutrient and subgroup variations of sodium that are found in celery juice. Sodium cluster salts are healing for the body and we can't get enough of them. A pint of celery juice on a daily basis provides those sodium cluster salts that we so desperately need.

Celtic sea salt or Himalayan rock salt are completely different forms of sodium. No matter how high quality the salt, putting Celtic sea salt or Himalayan rock salt in your drink or on food is not the same as consuming enough of these undiscovered sodium cluster salts from celery juice. Sodium cluster salts are the only form of sodium that destroys pathogens, helps detoxify the body, and helps restore electrolytes and neurotransmitter chemicals. The sodium in celery juice is healing sodium that is meant for your circulation and your body, while you should be careful not to consume too much of the kind of sodium found in even the highest quality salts.

Can I juice a celery head instead of a celery stalk?

No, celery heads are from a different plant than stalked celery. Juicing a head of celery will not provide the same healing benefits.

Learn more about the healing power of celery stem juice in Anthony William's books The Healing Medium , The Most Helpful Foods , Thyroid Healing and Celery Juice (not yet translated into Bulgarian).

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