This article is compiled from quotes from Anthony William's podcast episode in which he talks about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).
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Anthony William explains how science and research have no idea about chronic disease

“Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is really telling because science and research don't know a lot. They know how to launch a rocket into space, but even in that area, they fall short of what is expected of them. Scientific advances are incredible in some areas, such as medical technology, and have advanced broken bones, car accidents, and more. There are amazing surgeons who save lives, great internists, MDs, functional and emergency physicians, and nurses. We are blessed to have these good people. Don't think I don't realize that. But we have to be honest with people who suffer from chronic diseases, and the level we are at with chronic diseases, and with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in particular, is catastrophic. Any chronic illness is a disaster. Whichever we choose, science and research usually blame it on genes or the body attacking itself to distract us because it's a shame they don't know what's going on. You have to understand that there is a huge amount of prestige, money, entitlement and arrogance in this industry and the science and studies don't want to be ridiculed because they don't have an answer. They have no real answer for lupus or anything. They throw everything under the label "genes and autoimmune diseases" which explains nothing. In this way, they blame the patient: 'You have defective genes' or 'Your body is attacking itself'.”

Sick patients feed the industry

"It's not about genes. It's about not knowing what's wrong with someone. I have great respect for science and research, which by the way is entirely theoretical, like mathematics. It's just a theory and you hope the outcome goes your way and you can make your investors happy. And at the same time there are people who keep repeating: "There is no science in the books of the Medium Healer." In fact, everything in them is science! Spirit is getting better for patients and it makes people mad because it's not really supposed to get better and heal. Keeping large groups of people sick feeds the industry and that's the state it wants them to stay in, and science and research really doesn't want to get into unraveling chronic disease. The doctors, nurses and lab technicians want to help, but the higher ups where the funding is distributed don't think so. This is a vivid example of the arrogance, possessiveness and suffering of women. The answers they have are insulting, ridiculous and completely wrong! It's scary, frustrating, disheartening and sad.”

Belief systems stop progress

“This is the only medical show where you won't be presented with a redacted theory about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The information does not come from medical interest groups with predetermined outcomes, medical lobbyists, targeted bribes, and deliberate belief systems. These belief systems about genetics tie the hands of progress. Not believing there is a cause and looking for it will stop any progression in chronic disease. All of this will stop him for at least a century because if you have a belief system about genes, you will never seek the truth because the industry wants to focus their efforts in other directions like cloning and they have a sinister, sinister agenda.”

Science and research prefer to let the sick die

"They will say that we should just let sick people die because they are not selected because they have bad genes. In both conventional and alternative medicine there are private groups of influencers and modern traps. Both alternative and conventional medicine have these influences. What we are talking about here has nothing to do with all that. This information comes from a pure, unadulterated source that was gifted to me at the age of 4, whether anyone likes it or not. However, at that age I didn't feel it was a gift. People would line up outside my door on Sundays when I was 8 years old. No one envied me then. Now I notice that people are jealous of my gift since the age of the internet, but everyone has a gift. Whatever your gift, you will find that people envy you. The spirit warned me and my parents warned me.

Get the Medium Healer books if you haven't already. "Healing Thyroid" is really wonderful. Every time I open it and read what the Spirit has led me to put there, my head explodes. There is a small section on PCOS. Fasten your seat belt and hold on! This is serious!"

Anthony William talks about the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

  • High blood pressure
  • High hemoglobin A1C, type 2 diabetes
  • Acne
  • Hair growth in strange places
  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss
  • Irregular menstruation

“Are these the symptoms of PCOS? Your doctors will check your insulin levels. They will screen you for diabetes and pre-diabetes. They believe that women with PCOS are more prone to diabetes. But what about all the women who are prediabetic but don't have PCOS, or the women who are diabetic and don't have PCOS?

It's crazy how much confusing information there is. If the industries cared about women they would invest money to help women and understand this, but the industry doesn't care. Doctors take care of their wives, wives, daughters, their patients, but their hands are tied. The theory states that more androgen hormones are produced, which rise or increase to create more male hormones. Then there is the symptom of fluid-filled cysts on the ovaries. If a woman has fluid that builds up around her ovaries and has type 2 diabetes, modern medicine lumps it all together as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Science and research have settled on one thing. They are focused on one thing. You're almost there and suddenly you're not! That's the disappointment. There is low-grade inflammation. They don't know where. If they cared at all, all they had to do was look a little deeper and harder, and then you wouldn't need me anymore. It would be great for me, maybe I would just be able to live my life in peace. They are fixated on low-grade inflammation, and that's important to understand. Low-grade inflammation in the reproductive system. Science and research don't know what it is. The theory is that there may be an incidental liver inflammation. Another discovery they are trying to piece together some kind of answer. They also have several other similar things related to their theory. If they knew the cause of this and other symptoms, they would deal with it. They don't even know what causes type 2 diabetes. They don't know what causes high blood pressure. They don't know what causes depression and anxiety. They don't know what causes a person with or without PCOS. They do not have the cause or answers for high hemoglobin A1C. Not a single real answer that is legitimate. I can put on a show about anxiety and they'll just ignore it because there's no money in it. They don't know what causes acne. We covered it in another show. If you are familiar with the information I provide, then you know. They know the cause of hair growth or random hair growth, they have an idea, the idea of ​​androgens. Waking up, they'll think it's just a bad diet or lack of exercise. Women are accused of eating too much. Women are always blamed for eating too much. If she eats too much, all eyes are on it, even these days. Science and studies have no idea about hair loss. They don't know what causes the insulin level to rise. They think it's the sugar. This is not true. Sugar is not the cause. Science and research don't even know what causes regular heart disease. They bundle all of this into their flawed theory of PCOS. Meanwhile, women have all these symptoms without any signs of ovarian problems. All this can happen without increasing androgen levels and without ovarian problems. This is the confusion in the industry. This is terrifying. I have to tell you. Because if I don't tell you, you might get dragged into all this misinformation. I have seen the best alternative medicine doctors offer patients things that are the complete opposite of their condition and what they actually need.

So where has science and research come closest to the truth? Low-grade inflammation in the reproductive system. The reason is not genes. In fact, they are on the right track, but they haven't gotten anywhere yet. It's been 50 years of girls getting periods, women suffering all these problems and being diagnosed with no answers. So what's really going on?”

Anthony William talks about the direct link of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) to the liver and reproductive system

PCOS is directly related to the liver and what is in it. Doctors do see inflammation of the liver in women with PCOS. It also has a lot to do with the reproductive system because of the fluid around the ovaries. The fluid around the ovaries is full of EBV . EBV enters the liver very early. It can be transmitted in the family, in the kindergarten, in the nursery - the child or baby can get it anywhere. Almost everyone has it now globally. EBV has the potential to target and attack the ovaries. And when it does, fluid builds up around the ovaries. This stimulates your immune system, which goes into a state of alert, looking for viral cells. Your immune system does not attack the ovaries. Your immune system attacks the virus. There are antibodies against these viruses. All women with EBV have thyroid problems because it causes Hashimoto's disease. So if women have EBV, the virus can attack their thyroid gland at some point. The accumulation of fluid in the ovaries is precisely from the virus. But you can't attribute all these other symptoms to the cause of PCOS. You can't just say, "This is what someone with PCOS goes through." A person with PCOS may be thin or overweight. This depends on how much EBV is in the liver and what foods the virus feeds on in the liver. It's a bit complicated, but also simple.

So a low-carb diet is usually recommended, the modern high-fat diet. This makes some women sick, makes them tired, some lose weight, others gain weight. A high-fat diet destroys some women, and all because when you suffer from PCOS, you have a low-grade viral infection. Science and research have discovered antibodies that are created by the immune system that have been linked to Hashimoto's disease. It happens that the white blood cells are around and revive around the reproductive system. These antibodies do not harm the body, but attack the virus. We are now 100 years away from learning about all this. Science and research put everything on genetics, to such an extent that they fail to look for the real cause of chronic diseases. In the 1960s and 1980s, the moment they started to get closer to the real answers, it became too scary for the industries because it meant a huge amount of money and lost profits.

In many cases, EBV gets into the ovaries and uterus. It also creates problems with cryptic pregnancies and miscarriages. It is not PCOS, but an EBV infection that causes dysfunction and problems. This is not a mystery and I have known this since I was a child because Spirit has always known this information. The spirit does not receive this information until now. When I was 7-8 years old, a woman walking in front of me had ovaries full of fluid, the Spirit told me this is what's going on, she has EBV. It still blows my mind because the Spirit is amazing. Not me! I'm just an ordinary bother.

You have antibodies undiscovered by science and research and they are doing their job. The fluid is the ovaries' resistance to EBV to try to stop the virus. It is released as if you had the flu in your throat and the secretions are trying to get it out of your body. The ovaries leak fluid to try to stop EBV, and then sometimes they turn into cysts. Later, EBV creates ovarian cysts that are not fluid-filled, but solid. So the ovaries try to protect themselves. Undetected antibodies are floating around trying to stop the virus, and white blood cells are floating around trying to tag the virus. Science and studies don't know this and they just say "lose weight, eat this high fat diet" and it's just a stupid bureaucratic theory foisted on women. And I get nervous and emotional about it because women suffer from it emotionally and physically, and so do their families and partners. There is nothing easy about it. It's insulting how they handle this. It's not about the doctors, they are nice. It's about the industry above them.”

Other symptoms


"It is caused by streptococci from the liver that rise up and work their way through the dermis. Which means that women with PCOS have not only EBV , but also strep . Science and research don't know that yet.”

Weight gain

"Excess weight that you can't lose is caused by the liver. This means you've had a sluggish, stagnant liver with maybe one or two types of EBV all your life . And high-fat diets are also very hard on the liver. Everyone is on a high fat diet under the guise of a high protein diet. Therefore, inflammation of the liver can occur. The cause is EBV in the liver, which causes it to be sluggish, sluggish and stagnant. It's the same with diabetes: your liver can no longer protect you. The liver can't do its job, and then when you dump some sugar into your body, insulin resistance sets in. What is really disturbing are the diets they recommend for her. First of all birth control, progestin, diabetes drugs. This is the cure. What year is it? This is the big discovery: here's your birth control to try to suppress viral symptoms. Birth control pills are steroids and the reason they show any results in this is because steroids tend to blunt the virus so the inflammation goes down. Science and research don't even know that. Therefore, treatment is now carried out in these modern clinics with high-fat, carbohydrate-free diets. They tell women the most depressing news: you will have this for the rest of your life, you will never have children. And when you ask the doctor, he says, "Well, it's genetic." Not everyone has health insurance or can't use it. So the bottom line is that you are just where we are today with women. So we must go after the virus 100%! Can you get rid of PCOS? Yes! You can! You can get rid of all the symptoms. One of the most disastrous things you can do is go on a high-fat, keto diet and then relax and put on the most weight you can remember.”

What should we do?

Antivirus approach

“First, switch to an antivirus protocol. Start taking a little bit of cat's claw and it will start looking for viruses like EBV to kill them, and it will also attack the streptococcus that causes acne . This part with EBV is the root of all the confusion. Science and research just don't understand any of this.”

Carbohydrate diet with lots of fruit

"It all comes down to diet. You want to consume foods that are low in fat and you want a lot of fruit in your diet. Fruits for the reproductive system. A baby is a fruit of the reproductive system. Every fruit is a flower that is pollinated. You need the antioxidants and sugars from fruit. Berries restore the glycogen stores of the adrenal glands and liver.”

No eggs

"Eggs are disastrous and make polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) much worse."

No dairy products

"The scariest recommendation is for dairy products and cheeses. Unbelievable! Doctors advise their patients to consume different types of hard (high-fat) cheeses.”

No chicken

"Chicken is the worst thing for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)."

Aim for a plant-based diet

"Go plant-based at least for a while in your life. If you can't do a plant-based diet, you can eat a little chicken so you have enough room for all the good foods. This has nothing to do with my dietary beliefs. I have no dietary beliefs. The spirit does not allow me to have food convictions. This is what you need to do to heal yourself. When EBV gets into the ovary, you have to get it out.”

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothies

“You want the heavy metal detox cocktail because it has all the good things in it that support the reproductive system and it removes the metals that are a food source for the virus. Spirulina nourishes the ovaries.”

Food additives

“You need L-lysine and zinc sulfate . Vitamin C really helps with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Search my site directory for appropriate supplements ( ). Get yourself a copy of Thyroid Healing and look into all the supplements and get help from your doctor or specialist.”

Raspberry leaves

"You want to drink a lot of raspberry leaf tea."

Organic nettle

"Use nettle in tea or nutritional supplements."

Lemon balm

"This herb is wonderful."

Low-fat fats

"You don't have to cut out absolutely all fat, you can eat some avocado, hemp seeds, sesame seeds or raw nuts."

Reduce your meat intake

"You have to cut back on meat because the high fat content clogs the blood and liver. So when the chronic inflammation they find is caused by viruses, you can't go after it when you're eating all that high fat. I would cut back on meat to once a day.”


"Eat lots of fresh tomatoes. They are so amazing for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). You can not only drain the fluid, but also get rid of acne, hair loss, irregular hair growth and many other symptoms.”


"Apples, peaches, nectarines, kiwis, plums, melons or mangoes every day. Make different fruit smoothies, wild blueberry smoothies, and at a later stage a banana smoothie.”

Celery stem juice and cucumber juice

“Drink celery stalk juice and cucumber juice every day. Important detail: drink them separately, do not mix them!”


"Eat salads of tomatoes, cucumbers and avocados. Make yourself a big bowl of butter lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and mushrooms.”


"Mushrooms kill bad fungi in the intestinal tract. Get your chaga mushroom powder from Vimergy®. It actually cleanses the liver and thyroid gland. Take a few tsp. per day. It's all amazing.”


“Use turmeric! Make ginger and turmeric shots (for more information, see the recipe: “Turmeric Ginger Shots” ).”

Physical activity

"Walk more and do light exercise."

“If you do all these things, you will get rid of PCOS and you will be able to have a baby.

Having these answers is extremely important. Follow your treatment plan day by day. As time goes on, I will do more and more shows on the same topics. If you are scared, listen to the show again. I love you guys. My heart goes out to you and all you are struggling with. You are so amazing, all of you. Thank you for all you do. Advance your treatment day by day. God bless you!"

Nutritional Supplement Treatment Protocol for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) by Anthony William

Real cause: Fluid-filled cysts, often caused by one or more of the more than 60 varieties of the Epstein-Barr virus , which often damage the cells in the ovaries and sometimes weaken them altogether. Problem foods such as eggs quickly worsen the condition, and a diet high in fat and protein hinders the healing process of PCOS.

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