Part IV, Chapter 25 of the book "The Healing Medium" - revised and supplemented edition

Some angels are well known by name. For example, everyone knows who Archangel Michael or Archangel Gabriel is. These are powerful angels who have been fighting evil in the name of God for millennia.

Here's what you need to know about them: They're so popular and busy that they have to be selective about who to help, and they respond to people who really know how to reach out to them.

There are three basic facts about angels: they serve God; their power is immense, but not limitless; and they have free will!

And because of the latter, they are subject to the ego. (Every creature with free will, be it human or angel, is subject to the ego. Have you heard of the fallen angels? Their egos became so big that they felt they were more powerful than God and tried to take His place, as a result of which fell out of favor.)

And since everyone knows the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, they are so overwhelmed with requests for help from all over the world that they are unable to respond to everyone. I'm not trying to tell you not to summon them. They are called and loved by the Lord and possess an extremely great power. It's just that the need for God's angels is very great right now - more than ever. You could say that their phones are overheating.

But there are other powerful angels we can call upon. They hear our prayers and can really help us. They have a feminine appearance and people rarely address them. Each of them is known for a quality that symbolizes its essence.

27 angels to ask for help

The original edition of the book was released with a list of 21 primary angels that are critical to your needs. Although there are many other known angels, these are the most powerful and most helpful in these times of trial. Because of the changing times and the threat of epidemics and environmental mistrust, the Spirit of Compassion told me that this was the time to bring in more angels.

The number 21 is a symbol of rebirth, new beginnings, restoration, rising from the ashes and new beginnings. This is still the case. The first 21 angels on this list continue to represent all of that and are still needed today. This time you will find more information about how each of them can help you and your loved ones.

You will also find that the list continues to grow. In total you will now find 27 main angels. Like the life-saving medicine, these angels are very powerful and each of them has different abilities. And just as you use the remedies alone or in combination, you can invoke the angels individually or in a group.

About the 27 main angels. The number 27 is a symbol of a strong foundation. It means home, finding a home, settling down. It means you see things as they really are. It means finalization, especially when it comes to personal commitments. The number 27 is associated with maintaining long-term peace after difficulties, conflicts and spiritual wars. It has to do with claiming your life. It has to do with light - light rising, light brightening. For the fulfillment of the prophecy of the light that will destroy the darkness.

  • Angel of Mercy: Definitely the most powerful angel you can call upon in the most difficult of times. She is also more powerful than the archangels - one of the strongest angels in the entire Heavenly Kingdom. God repeatedly calls her to do battle with the darkness. Darkness has no mercy on humanity. The angel of mercy will not yield his sacred powers to evil and its darkness in any way. Her powers are only meant for human and animal suffering, regardless of what suffering it is. We often enter into conflicts in which we would like the other party to be more open and understanding, to have more mercy in their actions. When faced with this, you can call upon the angel of mercy to be sent to someone who is not compassionate enough to show mercy.
  • Angel of Faith: You can summon her in any form you want. If you start doing it daily, you will soon have real faith. Tell the angel of faith that you are now ready. We all have a spark of faith deep within us. You can ask the angel of faith to develop that spark, allowing you to feel the healing release that faith can offer.
  • Angel of Trust: Call upon her when trying to recover from infidelity or other betrayal. Call upon the angel of trust when you feel so distrustful of everything that it begins to dominate your life to the point where you cannot trust even your own decisions. It is very healthy to distrust everyone and everything to protect yourself. The Angel of Trust will help you recognize which path might be safer when stepping outside of your own comfort zone. He is also one of the angels you can call upon when meeting new people or starting a new job.
  • Angel of healing: she will bring temporary relief to your suffering or the suffering of a loved one. (For longer-lasting healing, call on other angels to help strengthen you enough to heal yourself.) The angel of healing is universal. You can also call upon him as an angel of soul healing if needed. For many people who have been hurt emotionally, soul healing is an important aspect. This angel can help strengthen your soul, allowing you to feel less blocked and distracted, and also ground your soul, organize your thoughts, and calm any anxiety and fear.
  • Angel of Restoration: She understands that the spirit and soul can be broken, and will help you recover from emotional trauma. This angel will help you solve your deepest and most serious problems. It will also help you decide how you feel about what happened to you. We are often confused when we experience emotional abuse, trauma, or any other type of hardship. We don't understand why or how it happened. This can make us feel uneasy. The Angel of Restoration can help us understand why something may have happened, in the hope that we can gain some peace of mind. It's also good for situations where, even if you're confused, you crave the feeling of something being returned to you. When others have wronged us or hurt us through hurtful words or actions, we may feel drained by it and lose energy. The Angel of Restoration can help you restore what has been sucked out of you or taken from you.
  • The angel of deliverance: she gives relief to people who are being judged by others - to the woman filing for divorce or the unfairly fired teacher. It can also help you free your soul from the prison of fear and anger and from the bitterness of being the victim of a fraud. If one of the parties to a misunderstanding or dispute does not want to give way, you can ask the angel of deliverance to help those parties reconcile and repair their relationship. When a couple fights, for example, it can be very painful and intense. Call upon the angel of deliverance to help bring about an understanding, a new beginning with someone you care about or love. Call on the angel of deliverance if you need help to get your message out to other angels through your thoughts due to a speech impediment.
  • Angel of the Sun: call upon her when you are outside in the sun so that your cells can open up and fully absorb the healing power of the sun's rays. Many people take the sun for granted and don't even know what it does for them. The Angel of the Sun is there to connect your consciousness with the sun that affects your body. The sun has building properties for the immune system. If you invoke the angel of the sun, she will help you and make these properties stronger. While the sun's rays warm your body, focus on the fact that it helps strengthen your immune system. The sun also stimulates a very gentle and gentle detoxification of poisons and toxins from organs throughout your body. As you bask in the sun, ask the Angel of the Sun to go deep into your organs and help you flush out those poisons and toxins. When the sun is not shining, you can ask the angel of the sun to help you remember the joy of the sunny day and connect with what it gives you. This is especially helpful if you are doing the sunbathing meditation from the previous chapter on a cloudy day.
  • Angel of Light: call upon her to bathe you in the healing angelic light that God gives her. This angel is more powerful than all the light on earth and even the light of the sun. Use the angel of light if you fear that you are in danger or if you fear that someone may be trying to deceive you. The angel of light must shine and expose that which is not in your favor. If you wake up from a bad dream, you can call upon the angel of light. If you are consumed by unproductive or unpleasant thoughts, call upon the angel of light and imagine her light in your mind, in your soul, saturating your thoughts. (It may help to close your eyes as you do this.) You can also call upon the angel of light and imagine that she is bringing light into the air you breathe into your lungs.
  • Angel of Water: You can ask her to change the frequency of the water you bathe in and make it purifying, nourishing and balancing. If you have a wound, wash it with water and ask the angel to speed up its healing. Also call upon the angel of water to help you with the water you consume. Before you drink water, you can ask it to help your cells take in that water, its minerals and trace elements, and help you flush toxins from your body. When driving in the rain, call upon the angel of water to help minimize downpours and puddles on the road in hopes of making you safer.
  • Angel of the Air: Immediately after an argument or conflict, ask the Angel of the Air to clear the negative vibes you have picked up from the other person. Her special, purifying energy will change the frequency of the air around you and envelop you in harmony. This is a powerful technique you can use to change your mindset. You can also use the air angel if you have been forced to breathe something that feels, smells, or looks like toxic air. If you are concerned that your air is contaminated, call upon the angel of the air to change your air so that you can remain protected from harmful influences. If you are doing any kind of breathing activity, call upon the angel of air as the air enters your lungs to help you get as much oxygen and detoxification from it as possible.
  • Angel of Purity: This angel can help you break the shackles of the addiction you want to break free from. It can also help you break free from addictive thoughts. Use the angel of purity to help guide or neutralize temptation in any area of ​​your life. Maybe it's the temptation to stay up past bedtime, the temptation to prove to someone how right you are, the temptation to continue an argument that could have been resolved otherwise, or the temptation to ignore your body's natural abilities, such as you are putting too much pressure on him with your desire to achieve physical goals.
  • Angel of Fertility: Assists in the successful conception and bearing of a child. You can ask her to help stimulate and awaken the reproductive system to get it into optimal mode for conception. You can ask her to detoxify and remove toxins from critical reproductive organs so they don't interfere with fertility. Call upon the Angel of Fertility to help protect you and your baby. You can ask her to help you with anything that may affect the baby, such as eating certain foods. You can ask her to make the environment even safer for the baby. You can ask her to help you minimize your exposure to risk. You can also ask the Fertility Angel to help another person who is having fertility issues. You can pray to her every night to help with the fertility of a friend or loved one. The Angel of Fertility can also help after childbirth by aiding in faster recovery. Note that fertility is not necessarily always considered within the framework of conception. It may be related to the completion of a project or other undertaking, or it may mean rebirth, within the soul. Turn to the Angel of Fertility for anything in your life that you want to be fruitful.
  • The angel of childbirth: cares for the health of the mother and baby during childbirth. This is true for every living thing. You can invoke the angel of birth, for example, when an animal gives birth or when baby birds hatch. The angel of birth can also help you when you have completed a project and are passing it on or sharing it with other people. Call on the Angel of Birth if you are trying to unlock your own birth experience, take you back to the moment you were born, help you remember the first time you opened your eyes as a baby, or connect with the journey of your soul from above down to earth.
  • Angel of Peace: helps relieve mental tension and fills you with optimism and a positive attitude. You can use the Angel of Peace for the outer aspects of life as well - call upon her for causes that are of great importance to who you are and to your soul's faith. Or when you are trying to calm your mind before going to sleep, when you are still thinking about the events of the past day or those of the day ahead, you can call upon the angel of peace to sit by your bed. Ask him to place his hand on your body where it feels comfortable and imagine him doing it.
  • The Angel of Beauty: If you feel blind to the natural beauty that surrounds you - the sun, trees, hills or rivers, call upon the Angel of Beauty. It will help you open up to beauty and experience it in ways you never imagined. She is also your ally when you have problems with the romantic partner who is obsessed with the appearance of others, or with the colleague whose attractiveness has turned her into a vain person, or with your beautiful sister who wins all the attention and admiration of those around her. Ask the angel of beauty to change people's attitudes and help them see true beauty - the beauty of the radiant soul. Also, you can ask the angel of beauty to help you see what others see in something. Say someone says to you, "Look how beautiful the horizon is.", the angel of beauty can open your eyes and connect you to what that person is experiencing.
  • Angel of Life Purpose: Call upon her when you are agonizing over what your life purpose is here on Earth, when you are confused, worried, or fear that you are of no use to others or even to yourself. If you have lost your faith in something or everything, the angel of life purpose will support you. You can also turn to her if an excessive amount of stress prevents you from working towards your goal at any given time. Some people lose sight of their goal halfway to it. The Angel of Life Purpose reignites the meaning of any life purpose you have.
  • The Angel of Knowledge: when a loved one needs advice and you don't know what to say or you want to support them with more than just a pat on the shoulder, you'll be surprised what healing and comforting words will come out of your mouth if you call on this angel . You can also ask her for help when you yourself need information or advice and don't know who to turn to. Call upon the angel of knowledge if you are having difficulty understanding what a friend, loved one, or other source is offering with their advice—if you know that the knowledge given may be valuable or fruitful, but you are not ready to hear or receive it. When you've built a wall of righteousness or doubt because someone's knowledge doesn't seem appealing or applicable at the moment, you can ask the angel of knowledge to give you insight so you don't remain ignorant and miss important information. It will help you become more open to the advice you receive or read to see if it might be helpful.
  • Angel of Wisdom: call upon her for guidance when you are about to make an important decision. The angel of wisdom helps to see the bigger picture in the decision-making process. In every decision there are other decisions to be made. This is true even when it doesn't seem like it or when those other decisions come much later. Making one wise decision does not guarantee that we will make a good or healthy decision at some later stage. To avoid difficulties in making future decisions, keep the angel of wisdom close to your heart. The Angel of Wisdom can be very helpful when the decisions you make are related to another person's life, not just your own. It can help you see what effect a decision might have on the people you care about.
  • Angel of Awareness: People are forever trying to be more present and aware. For this purpose, it is very important to invoke the angel of awareness, because only then will you be able to fully experience and appreciate the present moment. Also, if you want the people around you to be less critical and to be able to communicate better with them, this angel will help them open their minds. You can use the angel of awareness to become more aware of who you are. What often gets in the way of awareness is the way we think about ourselves. We tend to judge ourselves, to not appreciate our intentions or achievements. We often don't have self-compassion, see our own worth, or believe we have value. The Angel of Awareness helps us see who we really are. This world is hard. Many of us are constantly trying to please others and lose ourselves in it. We tend to see others as living in their truth, but feel as though we are not. We lose track of who we are. We don't realize the goodness in us. Call upon the angel of awareness to show you your inner worth. She is also a good choice to be called upon to see what someone else has been through in their life. Without true awareness, we tend to become self-absorbed. The Angel of Awareness allows us to feel what someone has sacrificed and given up, how they have suffered or struggled in life.
  • Angel of Relationships: call upon her if you have a problem with your spouse or intimate partner, and also if you are single and looking for the right person. Call on the Angel of Relationships for help with partnerships of any nature, whether work-related or friendship-related. If you feel lost, like you are not being heard in your partnership, or are facing some other difficulty, you can ask for the help of this angel. You can also turn to her if you are not listening to the other person in a relationship, if you need a more equal relationship in the hope that communication can improve.
  • Angel of Dreams: Ask her to enter your dreams and sort out and resolve your emotional turmoil. Many people met her in their youth - she was the one who helped them fly in their sleep. You can also call on her when you have problems in real life. It will help you experience the spiritual freedom you enjoy in your dreams. They often contain meaningful messages that we forget by morning. Summon the angel of dreams if you want to remember your dreams. Also call upon the angel of dreams if you are a non-dreamer and want to experience dreams, learn and grow from them. If you struggle with difficult dreams due to difficult life experiences, ask your dream angel to make your dreams more peaceful while still allowing you to process them and heal through them. The dream angel transcends our dream state. We can also try to use the dream angel for our dreams and aspirations in the waking part of our life.
  • Angel of Time: call upon her for help remembering events in your life. You can use the angel of time to return to a moment in time to remember or choose to recall parts of it that you have forgotten or critical aspects of what was that you were not aware of at the time. These could be happy moments that you would like to go back to, learn from, and grow from, or unresolved situations. Use this angel to help you release any guilt about an unpleasant moment. To see elements of a situation that really weren't your fault, to discover that a situation was not what it seemed. The Angel of Time can help you get back there to realize the problem and find a solution. Note that this is not re-traumatization. Not every difficult moment in life needs to be remembered. To move forward without returning to the painful memory, call upon the angel of restoration for help.
  • Angel of Free Will: Many feel trapped in some kind of conformity, unable to choose their own path or make their own decisions. The Angel of Free Will helps you make decisions that are controlled by you, not someone controlling you. It helps you break free from anyone who has control over you, even if it is a hidden, subconscious or unconscious control, and helps you navigate your own path. It helps you use your free will to determine and design your own future without being persuaded otherwise. For help using your free will to achieve the best result, ask the angel of wisdom at the same time as the angel of free will.
  • Angel of Promise: Invoke this angel in hopes that promises will be kept or to deal with the consequences of broken promises. When promises are broken, praying to the angel of promise will help you break the fall. It will help you in grief and disappointment. If you have someone in the family who breaks their promises, you can say to that person, "I call upon the angel of promise in the hope that you will not break this promise. I am asking you to tell the angel of promise that you will not break it." This will help you screen out if someone actually planned to break their promise, hold them accountable, and encourage them to keep it to you. For example, when someone who is regularly late tells you, "I'll be here at two o'clock," you can say, "Look, I'm asking the angel of promise to make this happen. Can you ask the angel of promise ?" The Angel of Promise can also help if you are the one who needs help keeping a promise or when you have broken a promise. Many people inadvertently break promises. Certain situations are often out of your control and cause this: a late train, a traffic jam, all kinds of other big and small obstacles that can make you just as unhappy that you didn't keep your promise. Call on the angel of promise to help you figure out a way to make amends and move on. The Angel of Promise is also intended for situations where you see a person or opportunity as promising, or when you need help believing that the future and life itself are promising.
  • The angel of spiritual foresight: so that people can look into themselves and understand themselves. When you are faced with emotional difficulties, sadness or anxiety, or when you feel lost, as if you are not in the right place at the right time, or as if you are missing something, the angel of spiritual foresight will help you look within. When you are able to introspect, it is invaluable. The angel of spiritual foresight is about opening a dialogue with yourself. You are not judging yourself, you are analyzing yourself so that you can understand yourself and your actions. And this true understanding is important - it is actually the antidote to self-suggestion. You can ask the angel of spiritual foresight to help you see and understand your behavior, what drives it, and what effect it has on others around you.
  • The Angel of Strength: Call upon this angel when you are looking for strength to bear whatever happens to you or when you need to be strong for others. Whether it's something happening in someone else's life or something happening in your life that affects someone else, call upon the angel of strength for both parties and both people. The Angel of Strength can be really helpful when one needs to stand up and be a support for someone else.
  • Angel of Dimension: pray to this angel for the realization that there is more to us than meets the eye. The angel of the dimension brings us a vision of the surrounding. We tend to close ourselves off or get lost in the bubble we live in, when in fact there is a lot going on around us that we participate in without realizing it. When something unexpected happens in our lives or when we witness the unexpected, we can experience shock. We may feel like we can't understand why it happened. The angel of the dimension helps you reach peace and understand that something is happening around and above us that does not depend on us. It helps you to come to terms, to realize that there is more to it and that the picture is much bigger than what it seems at the moment. When something inexplicable happens, when you can't make sense of it, the angel of the dimension helps to light the way.

People do not know that there is another category of angels that do not have names. These are the unknown angels.

In number they are exactly 144,000. This is the sacred number of God.

And since they have no names, these angels do not enjoy any fame or recognition and are therefore not subject to the temptations of the ego. And while they are the most powerful creatures, they are the least sought after. If you believe in them, they can do wonders for you. While you sleep, they work with you and restore your soul and body.

This group of angels is very powerful because people are generally afraid of the unknown. On Earth, everything has a name. So we need some change in perception to appreciate the value of the unknown and to gain faith in these angels. When we develop within ourselves this higher form of trust, it will have a radical effect on our lives.

For example, you can ask the angel of light to watch over your soul while you are awake, but when you go to bed, call upon the unknown angels to bring you healing and renewal while you sleep. They can help you get rid of chronic diseases as well. You can summon one or several of them - for example, three or four at once.

They look forward to you giving them a chance to work with you. By calling upon the unknown angels, you are connecting to a vast potential for healing your body, mind, heart, spirit, and soul.

The article is a quote from Anthony William's book - "The Healing Medium - revised and supplemented edition"

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