Fruits have been known for centuries to be one of the most healing foods on this planet. Over the past few decades, however, you may have noticed a change in our attitude toward bananas, apples, melons, and mangoes. Many people have become so afraid of fruit that they avoid it altogether. This incredible departure from our historical worship of fruit is due to the lies that come from the very top of the health industries in both conventional and alternative medicine. If you yourself are afraid to eat fruit, let the information in this article enlighten you on the powerful healing properties of this food group and the countless benefits they can bring to you and your family.

In fact, fruits are the most important food to be consumed in the treatment of diseases, and yet many people deliberately avoid them because they have fallen victim to the propaganda of fear of fruits, not realizing that by avoiding them they are harming their health. Three things are happening simultaneously in this disturbing reality. First, there are more fruits available to more people than ever before. Now we can import fruit from other countries out of season and most people in the western world have access to at least some fruit all year round. In many areas, there is access to an abundance of fruit year-round—something that was not available a century ago before dramatic improvements in refrigeration and transportation systems that ultimately improved the lives of millions of people. Take advantage of the access we now have to abundant fruit.

Second, although more people around the world have access to fresh and even organic fruit all year round, people are consuming less fruit than ever before. This is due to ulterior motives and misinformation that warns us to stay away from fruit because of its sugar content, to misleading and inaccurate tests that tell some people they have fructose intolerance, and to the strong focus on modern diets high in fats that are claimed to be healthy. In February, supermarkets have mountains of lovely fruit that customers pass up because someone told them fruit should be avoided.

Third, people today suffer from more chronic diseases than ever before. More and more people are turning to their doctors and specialists for chronic fatigue, insomnia , brain fog , vertigo , depression, anxiety, palpitations, acne, gallstones , kidney stones, arthritis, Lyme disease, lupus, multiple sclerosis , ALS , Parkinson's , candida, eczema, hives, diabetes, acid reflux and other unexplained symptoms and conditions. The work of the Healing Medium is dedicated to helping people heal from symptoms and conditions that are mysterious to their medical practitioners, with the unrevealed truth of what lies behind these and countless other mysterious chronic illnesses and symptoms. But research and science are decades behind what they need to be to get people to their greatest sense of health, and more and more people are getting sicker. In the last few years, fruits have been blamed for this increase in the number of diseases and symptoms. However, people are eating less fruit and getting sick more and more.

The anti-fruit movement

At the top of our health industries, both conventional and alternative, there is a movement that is deliberately trying to discourage you from eating fruit, even though fruit has been known to be beneficial and necessary for our well-being since we have existed. It can be hard to believe that people in the medical world don't have our best interests at heart. However, the medical industry is just that: an industry. As much as we try to think that the entire world of health care is of pure motives, it is still a business, and a huge one at that. When money is involved, especially to the extent that it is in the medical industry, motivations become distorted and greed creeps in. If the population eats less fruit, the medical industry makes more money from pharmaceuticals, procedures and care that suddenly become much more necessary due to the increase in chronic diseases. Please note that we are not talking about the amazing doctors, surgeons and caregivers we are blessed to have. Doctors and health professionals of all kinds are lifesavers and compassionate healers. They are highly intelligent people with the best of intentions and are unfortunately trapped in an industry that is driven by hidden agendas.

On the other hand, with fruits, money is very little. This is not an industry with lobbyists, interest groups, and heavily funded studies profiting from disease. In fact, this is the reason why there is very little funded scientific research related to the fruit. No one wants to fund banana research because there is no money in bananas. There is only money being lost in the medical industry due to consumers eating bananas and as a result improving their health and having fewer medical addictions. And unlike pharmaceutical companies and interest groups, banana growers don't have the money to fund their own research to convince the public to consume more of their product. It is unpleasant to think of science and research in this way, but this is the reality we are facing and it is dramatically and negatively changing the way and types of food people consume. As a result, people are sicker than ever.

Another important factor in the anti-fruit movement is the people who deliberately spread the lies about the fear of them. Originally, the idea that bananas were harmful came from one person, as did the idea that we should stay away from watermelon, apricots, and oranges. This guy is getting ready to launch a series of fruit pills that consumers wouldn't buy if they ate fruit in its natural form. This person is marketing the product as a healthier alternative to fruit, which of course is not true. Unfortunately, many people believed the clever marketing and a firestorm of misinformation began to spread. It is easy even today to be affected by this early attack on the fruit that happened in years gone by. Since then, the internet has been abuzz with the idea that avoiding fruit is the healthiest choice, that fruit causes health problems and weight gain, and that the sugar in fruit is the same thing as the sugar in cookies and candy. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Fruit is the healthiest and most healing food we have and is essential for anyone suffering from a chronic disease or symptom. The anti-sugar movement has convinced people that cutting sugar out of the diet in the form of candy, sodas and frosting should also include cutting out peaches, pineapple and strawberries.

The hard work of the anti-fruit movement has paid off and millions of people around the world are now convinced that fruit is bad for health. It is more than easy to believe the idea that fruit can be dangerous, especially because the health industries and magazines create so much confusion around this idea. And the strongest tactic of the anti-fruit movement is fear. They scare you with bad science and call fruit diets risky. Many people are unsure about this and have simply decided to avoid the fruit in case what they are currently being told is true. Today's high-fat diets in particular perpetuate this mass wave of fear of fruit by putting fruit and processed sugar in the same basket instead of understanding and distinguishing between the two. As Anthony William shares in his book "The Healing Medium" , fruits contain water, minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, as well as the extremely important glucose. This is not even remotely the same as the processed and harmful sugar that is found in a piece of candy, chocolate cake or ice cream and has no nutritional value whatsoever.

The truth about fruit

The reason this question is so important is that fruit is actually the most important food group you should be eating to protect yourself and your loved ones from chronic disease and unnecessary suffering throughout your life. As I will explain later, fruits not only prevent disease, but also slow aging, destroy pathogens and heal our body at the cellular level. When we are told to fear fruit, we are essentially being told to avoid the very thing that will bring us the most life. There is so much misinformation surrounding fruit that it is important to debunk for your and your family's health and well-being.

Fruits out of season

There is a rumor that we should avoid eating out-of-season fruit that has been shipped from another part of the world where the fruit is in season. This is one of those lies that perpetuates the fear of fruit. Although cantaloupe may not be in season in your part of the world, it was grown in season in another part. This means that the fruit contains the same vitamins and minerals as when you buy it during the local melon season. If you manage to get your hands on a fruit that is out of season for your area, don't be afraid of it because it's a miracle that it's in your store. In fact, it is a good reminder of the old days centuries ago, when kings and queens used to order fruit delivery from exotic countries to continue eating fruit throughout the year and stay healthy. Royalty had access to fruits that peasants did not have access to. The kings and queens of the past lived much longer than the peasants thanks to the fruits they consumed. Undoubtedly, the large amount of vitamin C they consumed from the fruit kept their immune systems stronger. Let this be a way of reminding ourselves how grateful we should be to have access to fruit all year round.

The truth about fruit ripening

Another fear associated with fruit is that fruit sold in stores is not healthy because it is not picked when ripe. However, the truth is that fruits can ripen when picked at the right time. Growers and farmers are very familiar with the fruits they have spent their lives learning to grow and harvest. Fruit that is picked unripe, if within the proper period, will ripen properly from the tree or vine and contain all the nutrients as when picked fully ripe. Unfortunately, this misinformation deters people from consuming the fruits that are available in stores. If you have fruit on your stand and it never ripens, which is extremely rare, it means it was picked too early and you obviously wouldn't eat it. When a fruit like a banana turns from green to yellow and spotted, it means it was picked within the appropriate window and will provide you with all the benefits as if it had ripened on the tree.

The truth about hybridization

Many people avoid the fruit because of hybridization, but this is yet another example of information gone wrong. Hybridization is not the same thing as GMOs (genetically modified organisms). When a fruit is GMO, it means that the plant has been genetically modified, and this is one of the most devastating things happening to our food right now. Fortunately, the anti-GMO movement is doing an incredible job of ensuring that non-GMO foods are labeled appropriately so that consumers become aware of this issue, which has disastrous consequences for our health. Hybridization, on the other hand, is something entirely different. Hybridization has been going on for centuries, as far back as 3,500 years ago in China, and it is a completely natural process given to us to discover all varieties of fruits and vegetables.

For example, when you create a new type of apple or cross a plum with an apricot, it is not a process of genetic modification. In genetic engineering, genes from unrelated species are isolated, collected and tweaked to produce a particular desired result. Hybridization processes, on the other hand, involve cross-pollination and grafting, which are completely natural and should not be considered dangerous at all. In addition, hybridization opens up new realms of nutritional and phytochemical possibilities. Newly created fruits from cross-pollination and grafting create undiscovered antioxidants and anthocyanins that can be of great benefit to us. In fact, hybridization is how we got here. This is how our own species got here. A long time ago, there was only one kind of apple. But thanks to hybridization, thousands of varieties of apples are grown around the world today, which has created more and more nutrients that help us stay alive.

When we hybridize, the new type of plant changes in ways we can't even notice. Some roots are deeper, others spread wider, some plants extract different nutrients from the soil, and others absorb the sun's rays differently. All these characteristics not only give a different taste and appearance to the new fruit; they also bring this new plate of nutrients to the table. There are so many examples of the beautiful fruit varieties we can now enjoy thanks to hybridization. Blueberry is a hybrid between blackberry and raspberry. The Meyer lemon is a hybrid between a lemon and a tangerine. Tangelo is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit or pomelo.

We need vitamin C

There are many nutrients that are not necessary for our survival, but we need vitamin C. We cannot live without it. It is absolutely necessary for us to continue living. And what are the sources of vitamin C with the highest content? All the different fruits that are available to us. The question will probably be asked that if this is true, how can someone who never eats fruit continue to live? The answer is that many people accidentally get vitamin C without realizing it because many processed foods are fortified with synthetic vitamins, or they take multivitamins that contain little vitamin C, or they just eat a random piece of fruit, a blueberry muffin, a slice of apple pie or an apple every now and then.

The fruits are antiviral and antibacterial

One of the most important reasons why it is so important to eat fruits is that they stop pathogenic microorganisms in their tracks. Many people have viruses and bacteria that cause the mysterious symptoms and conditions. This is information that Anthony William reveals in all his books . But the extent to which pathogens are responsible for chronic disease and symptoms, and how many mutated strains and species there are, is still unknown to medical science and research. In the midst of trying to heal from these conditions, fruit is our best friend because it stops viruses and kills bacteria. For example, when someone has strep , which is the real undiscovered cause of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) , sinus pain and congestion, otitis media, urinary tract infections, intestinal disorders, sore throat, alum, and cystic acne, the bacteria often live in different parts of the body. When you eat fruits, they kill the bacteria and begin to flush them out of the body. However, fruits are often blamed for the conditions mentioned here, when in fact the pathogen has taken up residence and is causing the problems. When people have SIBO, they are told to stay away from sugar, including all fruit. Of course, sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup should be avoided because it will wreak havoc on your intestinal tract, especially if you have issues with something like SIBO. However, fruits should be consumed in abundance to destroy the streptococci that cause the disease.

Fruits stop aging

We've all heard that fruit has antioxidants, but what does that mean? In short, fruits stop and prevent oxidation, which is the process that ages us. In addition, fruits prevent the oxidation of toxic heavy metals, of which almost all of us have some amount in our brain (you can learn more about this in the book "The Healing Medium" ). When toxic heavy metals oxidize, a poisonous chemical pool is created that pollutes brain cells and lowers the activity of electrical impulses. This oxidation process can lead to many different neurological conditions, including Alzheimer's, memory loss, Parkinson's , depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more. Berries, especially wild blueberries, help prevent this oxidation and stop the brain from rotting in response to these poisons. The fruit helps not only with neurological conditions, but with every one of the thousands of symptoms and diseases that people suffer from.

Our cells run on sugar

Sugar, although it may sound like an enemy to be avoided because of our habits, actually controls every single cell in our body, especially the brain. It's just a matter of getting the right kind of sugar, which is found in fresh fruits and high-carb vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes and winter squash. You may have heard that the brain is made mostly of fat. This is a modern theory that is popular today, but also inaccurate. In reality, the brain is made up of stored glycogen, which is mostly glucose. When you experience brain fog, it usually means that your brain is not getting enough sugar to function properly. In fact, if you don't get enough glucose into your cells, you will die. It is absolutely necessary to keep us moving. On the other hand, fat is not essential for survival. If you try to completely eliminate sugar and carbohydrates from your diet, your body will use every bit of its glucose reserves to keep you alive, but in the end, you either won't live long, or you'll soon give up and find yourself , that you "give in" and eat a chocolate bar in the middle of the candy aisle before you get to the checkout, you'll get fries from your girlfriend while eating your lettuce-wrapped burger, or you'll want a glass of wine or beer at the end of each day (all of which contain sugar, though not the healthy kind). There's a reason we crave sugar and sweet things. It is also extremely important to know this undiscovered truth: every nutrient we need cannot be absorbed if it is not accompanied by glucose! This means that no matter how many supplements you eat or how organic or clean your food is, if you don't have enough glucose to deliver the nutrients to your cells, they won't help you. Anthony William looks at this in more detail in the book Liver Help .

What happens to fruit on high-fat diets

Many people who blame fruit for pain, discomfort, or any of the conditions or symptoms listed above (or others that may not be listed) may simply have too much fat in their diet. This is also the case with those who think they cannot eat fruit because of "fructose intolerance". A high-fat diet does not necessarily mean one of the trendy diets calling itself low-carb. Almost any diet can be too high in fat. In fact, the Standard American Diet (SAD) is extremely high in fat without meaning to. Hamburgers, French fries, bacon, yogurt, milk, cheese and chicken breast, oil - foods that are regularly consumed in SAD are very high in fat. If someone is eating a low-carb diet, they may not realize that they are actually consuming large amounts of fat. Although these diets claim to be high in protein, it is actually impossible to eat the high protein foods that people are advised to eat without avoiding fat. Even skinless chicken breasts are full of fat. Also, if you eat a vegetarian diet, you may still consume a large amount of dairy products such as cheese, milk, yogurt, kefir, sour cream, ice cream, and butter, which are full of fat. Also very common is a high-fat vegetarian diet where too many nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut and oils are consumed.

The reason too much fat in the diet is problematic when eating fruit, and the reason people can point the finger at fruit, is because the sugar has nowhere to go. When your blood is constantly filled with so much fat, even the healthiest fats, your liver becomes clogged with fat cells from year after year of eating high-fat foods. Your liver needs to be exhausted to create the composition and amount of bile needed to prevent the harmful effects of a high fat diet, which Anthony William explains in the book Helping the Liver, and your liver begins to is being destroyed and its reserves are decreasing. Over time, this leads to weight gain and a whole host of illnesses and symptoms. Also, the linings of your intestinal tract and the bottom of your stomach become lined with fat, and eventually the fat is eaten away. The fat solidifies on the mucous membranes as they rot; however, the bile of the liver is not strong enough to clear the fats, so they continue to rot and stay right where they are, which also leads to health complications.

Then, when you try to eat some fruit, such as an apple, the pulp, skin and pectin begin to move the rancid fat and push it down. When this happens, you may begin to detoxify and clear out these fats and other toxins, and you may experience discomfort, acne breakouts, indigestion, headaches, rashes, or other symptoms. If you are not detoxing, you may still experience discomfort because you feel the old fat lining moving out, which is not always pleasant for the intestinal tract and stomach. However, you can't blame fruit for doing what it's designed to do, which is help you stay alive and heal you. You also can't blame fruit for the discomfort caused by fat still sitting in your gut from a lifetime of knowingly or unknowingly eating high-fat foods that can lead to heart attacks, liver disease, diabetes, heart diseases and many others.

The truth about fructose intolerance

Many people believe that they are not allowed to eat fruit because they are allergic to sugars and have an intolerance to fructose, according to the test they took at the doctor's office. In this case, however, the fat is to blame, not the fruit. When old fat breaks down while in the lining of the intestinal tract, or when new fat constantly fills the bloodstream every day, any sugar in the fruit you eat will be very difficult to digest because the sugar cannot be absorbed through this thick layer of fat. That way, the breath test will show that you have sugar in your breath because the sugar has nowhere to go. It was blocked by all the fat.

In addition, the fructose intolerance tests that are used today are simply inaccurate. There are people who are diagnosed with fructose intolerance but have no problem eating fruit. In fact, when they eat fruits, their health problems disappear. Fructose intolerance tests detect any sugar that is present in the body. Even if you ate chocolate five days before, it can trigger the test. Something that almost always triggers the test is lactose in dairy products, such as a piece of cheese, which is actually full of sugar. For this reason, the test is simply not an accurate tool and is inherently flawed.

Another test that instills fear in people is the enzyme test that determines whether someone has hereditary fructose intolerance (HFI). If someone is told they have NNF, doctors cannot detect an enzyme in the liver called aldolase b. Don't get confused though. Everyone has this enzyme in their liver, but it decreases when a person eats a high-fat diet, along with hundreds of other enzymes. If you start eating a lot of fruit and reduce your fat levels, this enzyme will recover. In reality, it is not possible to have a true intolerance to fructose. The tragedy is that what is being taken away from people, fruit, is the very cure for aldolase b deficiency. NNF is a neglected diagnosis.

When you bring fruit back into your diet and reduce your fat intake, no matter what diet you subscribe to and whether you are paleo, ketogenic, vegetarian or vegan, you will be able to experience healing in your liver and so-called fructose intolerance can disappear. Fruits feed every one of your cells with vitamins, nutrients, minerals and phytochemicals. No matter where your lineage is from, the fruit is meant for your consumption. Fruits from around the world provide the most amazing healing benefits that people are missing out on due to misinformation about fructose intolerance.

Tomatoes under fire

Currently, people are developing a fear of tomatoes, even though they are one of the most amazing foods we can consume. Tomatoes contain a special type of undiscovered vitamin C that stops at least 20 different types of cancer. They also prevent the growth of fibroids, cysts, tumors, lipomas and thyroid nodules and are antiviral and antibacterial. Don't believe the misinformation surrounding tomatoes that is so popular today. Tomatoes are not dangerous, nor should they be avoided. The tomato has always been under close scrutiny because it is classified as a nocturnal plant. The new trend of the day suggests that we should remove the seeds from tomatoes, which is not helpful. This trend once originated from well-intentioned experts who don't know what causes thyroid disease and chronic disease in the first place. They offer dietary advice based on out-of-date studies that have "fingers on the scales" influencing their results, which in turn can interfere with treatment.

How to move forward

Before you believe the information someone tells you, think twice. Fruit is not the enemy. In fact, they are the exact opposite. Fruits are our savior and I have seen them save people's lives time and time again. For example, bananas are another fruit that gets a bad rap because of the constant barrage it gets from the anti-fruit movement. But there are people with Crohn's disease who have suffered for years and with a major operation coming up, they start eating ripe bananas and celery juice and their symptoms are completely cured.

The most ironic part of people being afraid of fruit because of misinformation, as well as because of the discomfort they can feel when there is too much fat in their diet, is that the very thing they are avoiding will make them feel better. Fruits won't make you fat; they can help you lose weight. Fruits do not cause acne; they help you heal from the bacteria that cause it. The fruits do not cause indigestion; they flow into the fat that lines the inside of the intestines. Fruits do not cause diabetes; these are fats that prevent sugar from entering the cells and create insulin resistance. Fruits do not cause brain fog; they can help you have a clear mind because your brain actually runs on sugar and is made of glucose. When it comes to fruit, there's really nothing to fear. They are your ally, your best friend, healer and savior.

No matter what diet you're on, start reducing your fat intake and include more fruit in your diet every day. You can do it as slowly as you need. If you're feeling unwell or have symptoms, try reducing your fat intake even more so you can eat more fruit. Take action step by step and day by day. You can also read a detailed explanation of the fear of fruit and why fruit is so important to you in the book "The Clairvoyant Medium" .

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