Bell's palsy is a relatively common condition that can manifest in a number of ways. The face may drop in the area of ​​the eyes, nose or mouth. The face may droop on one or both sides. It may last only temporarily or for many years. Sometimes it is very painful and other times there is no sensation at all. Sometimes Bell's palsy affects more than just the face, which baffles doctors. Often, when this happens, the person with this disease is misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis (MS) . Unfortunately, these diagnoses are just names given to a set of symptoms that are still a mystery to the medical community.

The true cause of both Bell's palsy and MS is unknown to medical science and research, and therefore they do not know how to effectively deal with these health problems. Anthony William was the first person to point out that Bell's palsy was a viral problem—specifically, Bell's palsy was caused by a specific undiscovered strain of the herpes zoster virus . The medical community is still unaware of this truth. If you or a loved one has suffered or is currently suffering from Bell's palsy, you now have an answer to the question of what causes this condition, and the information we share with you here can help you take steps toward recovery or prevention of further health problems. problems caused by the same virus.

The herpes zoster virus

Only one variety of the herpes zoster virus is known in medical research and science. If someone gets a rash that is red and painful, this is considered classic shingles, it is very easy to diagnose. However, there are 31 undiscovered varieties of herpes zoster, which Anthony William reveals in his book The Healing Medium . Sometimes the virus doesn't show up as a rash at all. Or someone may have the variety where they develop a rash, but may have other mysterious symptoms that the medical community doesn't know are also caused by the herpes zoster virus. In some cases, the virus will not cause a rash, but will manifest as Bell's palsy. In a small number of cases, a person with Bell's palsy may also develop a shingles rash, but in most cases there will be no rash.

The strain of herpes zoster virus that causes Bell's palsy probably won't be discovered for another 30-40 years. And if the current trend of medicine and research focusing only on genes continues, then the cause of Bell's palsy may never be discovered. This, along with the fact that herpes zoster is still only recognized by the characteristic rash in medical circles, is why patients do not hear about herpes zoster when they visit their doctor or health care provider with Bell's palsy and many other symptoms. This particular strain of the virus usually attacks the trigeminal nerve, or facial nerves, which are the nerves responsible for facial sensation and motor functions like biting and chewing, and the lethargy known as Bell's palsy isn't the only thing the virus can cause.

Because the virus doesn't always hit its target, it can also affect the gums, teeth and mouth, and even cause pain in the ear. The virus often affects different parts of the nerves or misses the facial nerves altogether. Many people go to the dentist to find a solution to the pain in their mouth that leads to tooth extraction, only to find that the pain has not improved and the teeth did not need to be extracted at all. This is a classic example of where the herpes zoster virus may be to blame. Dentists these days are a little more cautious when patients come in with gum, tooth and mouth pain because they have learned from their mistakes in the past when they compromised the integrity of teeth when it wasn't necessary.

When this strain of the herpes zoster virus gets right into the nerves, it causes Bell's palsy. These nerves are connected to the brain and are very numerous, located very close to each other. When one nerve is affected, it can affect neighboring ones, leading to additional symptoms that can even resemble a stroke.

Treatment of Bell's palsy

Below are some steps you can take to not only recover from Bell's palsy, but also prevent it from occurring. Sometimes, if you've had Bell's palsy once, it can come back because the virus is still active in the person's body. For this reason, it is helpful to take these steps even if you do not currently suffer from Bell's palsy.

In addition, the herpes zoster virus , which causes Bell's palsy, can cause many other symptoms and conditions if the virus is not treated, so if you or a loved one has had Bell's palsy or any of the symptoms and conditions listed below below, it would be helpful to make the dietary adjustments and nutritional supplements we share in this article. Other symptoms that herpes can cause include various types of rashes, neurological symptoms such as tremors, tingling, burning, spasms, chronic migraines and headaches, frozen shoulder, diabetic nerve pain, colitis, vaginal burning, TMS, joint pain, muscle pain , neck pain, gluteal muscle pain, sharp nerve pain, burning nerve pain, palpitations, etc. The medical community is completely unaware that these symptoms are the result of one or more of the many varieties of the herpes zoster virus.

To heal from shingles there are certain foods to avoid, as well as certain foods and supplements that help suppress and kill the virus. Let's now look at some of them. For more information on the herpes zoster virus, its many varieties, and how to heal from the symptoms and conditions it causes, read the book The Healing Medium .

Foods to avoid

Eggs are one of the most important foods to avoid because they are fuel for viruses. When you eat eggs, you give the herpes zoster virus fuel to keep multiplying. Medical research is still not aware that viruses eat, so you may hear medical practitioners claim that viruses don't eat anything at all. This is a misconception and another classic medical error. Many of today's trendy doctor diets tell you to avoid potatoes, which are actually helpful in killing the herpes virus. At the same time, you will be advised to eat a lot of eggs, which will actually feed the virus along with many other viruses responsible for so many different illnesses and symptoms. The truth is that eggs are the number one food that viruses feed on. If you want to cure Bell's palsy, it would be helpful to stay away from eggs altogether.

Dairy products and pork are other foods to stay away from, mostly because of their high fat content. I know high fat diets are popular these days, but it is harmful to anyone with Bell's palsy. When your diet includes too much fat, the blood thickens and prevents oxygen from reaching the nerves. A high-fat diet also prevents the immune system from doing its job to fight the virus that attacks the nerves. It's helpful to reduce your fat intake, whether you eat a plant-based diet or include animal foods in your daily diet. If you are eating a vegan diet, it is important to reduce the amount of oils, nuts, seeds, coconut and avocados consumed. And if you do eat animal protein, try to limit it to once a day or a few times a week and choose the highest quality sources of pure protein possible. I know chicken is generally considered a clean protein, however chicken is best to limit because it is too high in fat for someone trying to fight Bell's palsy. If you live in a place where eating animal foods is your only option, try to reduce your meat portion sizes and increase your vegetable intake, along with getting in whatever fruit you can eat during the day. Since today fruits are unfairly feared more than ever - a topic that we discuss in the article "The Truth about Fruits" and which you can read in the special chapter "The Truth about Fruits" in the book "Healing Medium" , listening to this, it may contradict of the modern feeding system you have adopted. If this is the case, it is important to understand that this is what will kill the virus that causes Bell's palsy and help you get back to health. When you know the true cause of your symptoms and conditions, then your diet should be adjusted to address them, regardless of what dietary belief system you hold.

Learn more about these foods and other important foods to avoid in the Thyroid Healing book.

Foods to include in your diet

The good news is that there are many secret antiviral weapons in foods that will help you heal and prevent Bell's palsy. Fruits are the first food to focus on. Every fruit you eat will help you fight off the herpes zoster virus because the phytochemicals in fruit are antiviral. Potatoes are another secret weapon to include in your diet. Potatoes are loaded with extremely powerful bioactive L-lysine, which suppresses and reduces the activity of the virus. It is also helpful to include plenty of green leafy vegetables such as red leaf lettuce and rosemary daily. Eat a cucumber and tomato salad with cilantro, parsley, sage and rosemary. Yes, tomatoes. You shouldn't be afraid of a fresh tomato, regardless of what you hear about it. If you think that tomatoes are not good for you, then you are mistaken. Garlic and onion are perfect antivirals to protect you from the herpes zoster virus, as are cumin and turmeric. Drinking fresh, pure juice from celery stalks is a great way to send healthy mineral salts to your nerve endings. Red clover tea is a great drink to include in your diet because of its strong antiviral properties. You can learn more about some of the most healing foods for shingles and Bell's palsy in Anthony William's book The Best Foods .

It is also important to remove heavy metals from your body and brain when you have Bell's palsy. The herpes zoster virus, like all viruses, feeds on heavy metals such as copper, mercury, aluminum, lead, nickel, steel and others. By reducing the amount of heavy metals in your body, the herpes zoster virus will have less fuel to multiply and cause symptoms such as Bell's palsy and others. Check out Anthony William's heavy metal detox smoothie recipe . There are five specific foods in this recipe designed to pull heavy metals from the body. These foods are spirulina , barley grass juice extract , Atlantic dulse , wild blueberries , and cilantro. Include these five foods within 24 hours of each other to safely and properly remove heavy metals from your body. It is the most effective heavy metal detoxification protocol in existence. You can find the recipe in the book "The Healing Medium" or on our blog .

While we're on the subject of heavy metals, I want to share an important truth about mercury fillings. Many people want to have their mercury amalgams removed, but you should know that removing all of your mercury fillings at once can be dangerous because it will release mercury into your bloodstream that was not causing problems before. Then the shingles virus will feed on the mercury and cause more problems. This can lead to the development of Bell's palsy. If you have decided to remove your mercury fillings because any of them are broken or disintegrating, be sure to remove them one at a time with several months or longer between each removal. This is the safest way to do it.

Nutritional supplements for the treatment of Bell's palsy

This is a list of nutritional supplements that Anthony William recommends for those who want to recover from Bell's palsy. To see which brands he recommends, check out the supplement directory on his site – . You can find a large part of these nutritional supplements in our online store at . If you wish, consult your doctor to decide what dosages of these nutritional supplements are right for you.

L-lysine disrupts the ability of herpes zoster virus cells to move and reproduce.

Liquid zinc sulfate reduces inflammatory responses to the neurotoxin produced by the herpes zoster virus.

Licorice root tea and tincture are very effective in disrupting the ability of viral cells to move and multiply.

Lemon balm kills and repels viruses.

Curcumin reduces nerve swelling caused by herpes zoster neurotoxins.

Elderberry syrup strengthens the immune system.

Monolaurin kills viruses.

B12 with adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin restores and strengthens the areas

of the nervous system that have been damaged by the virus.

Hydrastis strengthens the immune system.

Spirulina supports the health of the central nervous system and is extremely important in removing the heavy metals that viruses feed on.

Barley grass juice extract powder is also crucial for the removal of heavy metals along with spirulina, which helps prevent viruses such as herpes zoster from multiplying .

Hyssop tea is a powerful antibacterial herb that helps fight the bacteria that usually accompany the shingles virus.

Thyme tea is a powerful antiviral tonic that is essential for herpes zoster.

Oregano oil is a great antiviral agent that helps the body detoxify poisons.

Cat's claw tincture suppresses the herpes zoster virus, which is one of the viruses responsible for the symptoms of Lyme disease. You will learn more about Lyme disease in the book The Healing Medium .

Catnip leaf tincture has strong antiviral properties that make it a powerful treatment for the herpes zoster virus.

L-glutamine removes toxins from the brain and protects neurons.

How to move forward

Taking the steps we've described above can be helpful in curing Bell's palsy that first appeared years ago, Bell's palsy that is current or recent, and even preventing it from happening again. at all. They will also help you minimize, prevent, or recover from other symptoms caused by shingles . If you feel overwhelmed by making dietary changes and supplements, take the changes one step at a time and keep moving forward. Over time, try to incorporate as many of these antiviral foods as possible.

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