Sana Supreme 727 juicer
Sana Supreme 727 juicer
Sana Supreme 727 juicer
Sana Supreme 727 juicer
Sana Supreme 727 juicer
Sana Supreme 727 juicer
Sana Supreme 727 juicer
Sana Supreme 727 juicer

Sana Supreme 727 juicer

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Sana 727 Supreme takes fruit extraction to a new dimension!

  • New squeezing system
  • Quick disassembly and assembly
  • Anti-drip system
  • Double groove for products / li & gt;
  • Top class accessories
  • Versatility
  • Production: South Korea

Product information


Why Sana Supreme 727?

Sana Supreme 727 combines a new design with the best juicer features to offer quality, compactness and functionality. It is a slow-spin cold-squeezing juicer, with which making juice is child's play. The Sana Supreme 727 is equipped with a brushless industrial motor that can run 24 hours without interruption. It is lightweight, powerful, economical and durable. The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty for the engine.

New squeezing system

The juice chamber has been redesigned with a new pulp disposal system. A rotating blade was added on top of the auger, just behind the drum cap, to obtain complete squeezing of the juice before discarding the pulp. There are two strainers - one with small holes for thick and smooth juice and the second with larger holes for juice with particles of the products. The strainers are reinforced and have a pre-filter, again made of stainless steel for perfect hygiene. The thick attachment used to make purees, nut pâtés, fruit sorbets and bar mixes is also available on this machine.

Quick disassembly and assembly system

The system for locking the juice set to the motor has been improved: it works with one button and detaches with one hand, which makes it easier to attach and detach the drum. Press the button and turn right to separate the set.

Anti-drip system

For the first time, a juice outlet cap has been added. The lid is kept open during juice extraction, but can be closed when you have finished work to prevent juice from dripping on the desktop when you remove the juice cup or separate the cleaning drum. It can also be kept closed during rinsing.

Double groove for products

This fruit and vegetable squeezer has a double chute with a standard hole for hard roots and stalks of vegetables, plus a deep funnel for easy feeding of smaller products.

Premium accessories

The Sana 727 Supreme kit includes accessories such as: a handmade glass with a capacity of 500 ml, a stainless steel cellulose container with a new design. Stainless steel is ideal for those who like to use their pulp for cakes, crackers and soups.


In addition to the standard juice extractor, with the new Sana 727 juicer you can prepare nut milk, sorbet, ice cream, baby puree, nut paste. With the Sana 727 we again have the option of reversing the direction of rotation of the auger (reverse function), but engineers have now made it automatic. This means that when the machine is overloaded with too hard a product or a huge amount of pulp for disposal, it will move in the opposite direction for 2 seconds, after which it will continue. Automatic reversing protects the motor and facilitates the handling of difficult-to-squeeze products.

The set includes: small and large juice strainer, solid attachment, cleaning brush, plunger, crystal juice glass, stainless steel pulp container. You can also purchase an additional Sana oil attachment to turn Sana Supreme into a cold-pressed oil extractor.

Technical characteristics:
  • Production: South Korea
  • Manufacturer: Sana Products
  • Model: Sana Supreme 727
  • Technology: single auger pressing
  • Automatic reverse function
  • Motor: BLDC Brushless
  • Four speeds:
    • Speed 1 = 40 rpm for fibrous products with a lot of fiber for disposal, hard root crops.
    • Speed 2 = 65 rpm for soft products when we don't want a lot of foam in the juice.
    • Speed 3 = 90 rpm for products with more juice, such as grapes, oranges and other citrus fruits.
    • Speed 4 = 120 rpm for quick juice preparation (example: watermelon, pomelo) and extraction of oils after the attachment has reached operating temperature.
  • Power consumption: only 150 W
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Color: matte black or red
  • Dimensions: 19.8 x 37.9 x 39 cm
  • Warranty: 10 years for the bike and 5 years for all other parts for home use; 1 year for professional use.

Customer Reviews

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Мария Кючукова

Много съм доволна от сокоизтисквачката. Харесва ми това, че има различни степени, мога да сменям оборотите според това какви продукти ще използвам. Тиха е. Почистването става много бързо и лесно. Отпадъците излизат сухи. Личи си качеството на уреда, няма място за сравнение с всичко друго, което се продава в познатите ни магазини за техника, които обикновено посещаваме. Нямам забележки. Щастлива съм, че я имам.