Parkinson's is a disease that is a complete mystery to modern medicine. The true cause of the disease is still unknown and even the very definition of the disease continues to change over time as more and more patients visit their doctors with new unexplained symptoms. What is commonly thought to be Parkinson's could actually be summed up in the term "unknown mystery symptoms" as we understand so little about what actually lies behind this condition. In this article, we'll share the real causes of the mysterious symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease and how you and your loved ones can begin to heal.

Wrong diagnosis

Parkinson's disease is initially defined by tremors, or involuntary shaking in various parts of the body, often in the head, legs, or arms. These tremors make normal daily functions difficult, and over time, neurological breakdown occurs. This acute breakdown can occur years after the first onset of tremors. Because patients who suffer from Parkinson's often exhibit other symptoms as well, the medical community has begun to add these persistent symptoms to the definition of Parkinson's. Thus, the definition of this condition has expanded over time to include symptoms such as illusions, hallucinations, psychosis, and even pain in different parts of the body.

In reality, many of these symptoms are unrelated and the diagnosis of Parkinson's was misdiagnosed from the start. Highly respected clinics and medical communities have tried to change the Parkinson's diagnosis by including other mysterious neurological symptoms reported by patients as new symptoms, but this only leads to more confusion and misinformation for sufferers. When we talk about Parkinson's, what we really need to think about is the symptom of mysterious and uncontrollable tremors. In this article, we will explain what exactly causes these tremors.

It's perfectly normal for many people to find it comforting to have a diagnosis of what's going on in their body. Even sometimes it is necessary, especially when it comes to being able to get help from the modern health care system, but when these diagnoses are rather limiting, it is best to turn them away, at least mentally and emotionally if possible. Sometimes it is much more useful to describe something as it really is - a difficult and mysterious symptom that is unknown to modern medicine, but has a specific cause in the body, which we will share with you in the following lines.

Mysterious neurological symptoms

To understand all the mysterious neurological symptoms, we need to talk about what's going on in the brain. Something is affecting the brain and causing these symptoms. Depending on what affects the brain, these triggers can lead to a variety of neurological conditions.

What are some of the different causes that can affect our brain function? It is possible that there is a virus in the liver that is releasing neurotoxins. No one else will tell you that the virus in your liver can actually affect your brain because this relationship has not yet been discovered by scientific research and medicine. HHV-6 (human herpes virus-6) can be in the liver and affect the brain, herpes zoster (the varieties of which without the manifestation of the characteristic rash, Anthony William reveals to the audience in his book "The Healing Medium" ) or even Epstein- Barr virus , which is discussed in detail in the book "Healing the Thyroid Gland" . Also, the medical and scientific communities are unaware of the fact that viruses eat! Viruses feed and excrete waste. It is extremely important to pay attention to this. When these viruses dump their waste, that waste is a toxic byproduct that becomes a poison that irritates the nervous system. This in itself can cause pains commonly associated with Parkinson's that are not actually related to the cause of the tremor at all. It may be surprising to learn that a common bacillus found in the liver can cause serious pain. The Epstein-Barr virus , for example, likes to lodge in the liver and release toxins that can lead to a range of symptoms, including fatigue and stiffness in the body. The tinnitus that is mistakenly associated with Parkinson's is actually a sign of an overabundance of neurotoxins caused by a viral illness. Breaking down the understandings of this diagnosis and getting to the root causes of the symptoms that make up this condition can be an incredible turnaround for people to finally allow them to heal.

Besides having a virus in the liver, another reason that is very important to consider is the possibility of having a virus in the brain. HHV-6 can enter the brain, as can other unknown viruses such as those that Anthony William reveals in his book The Healing Medium , such as HHV-10, HHV-11 and HHV-12, but again this would not be associated with the tremor symptom that is so defining of the Parkinson's diagnosis. Instead, a virus in the brain would create a whole other variety of symptoms that are a daily conundrum for anyone struggling with a chronic illness.

What is the cause of Parkinson's?

The real cause of the tremors characteristic of Parkinson's disease are toxic heavy metal deposits in the brain. Modern medicine will never fully understand, or even attempt to fully understand, the position that toxic heavy metals can occupy in the brain, or how these metals interact. This is just one of the reasons why this information is crucial for those looking for a way to get well. When there is an accumulation of heavy metals in the brain, these deposits can be made up of different types of metals: copper, lead, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, mercury and metal alloys. The neurological symptoms that occur depend on where these metal deposits are located and what types of metals they contain. In many cases in many other neurological conditions, the electrical impulses and neurotransmitters that are sent to the brain hit these deposits and change their original direction to other areas of the brain tissue. This phenomenon is the cause of many of the most common neurological symptoms, including ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), autism, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), and many other conditions. You can learn more about heavy metals and how to safely clear them from your brain and body in Anthony William's book The Healing Medium and in our blog articles .

In Parkinson's, something different happens. The disease is caused by a specific toxic heavy metal. This fact is not known to medical science or the various alternative health communities. Parkinson's is caused by large mercury deposits in the brain. This is what causes tremors in Parkinson's. You can have tremors without it being Parkinson's related, but when it comes to severe tremors and shaking that completely hinders your ability to move, it comes from a build-up of mercury in the brain.

Something that dentists understand about mercury, even if they don't realize it, is the dangerous way mercury spills and leaks. Dentists often see mercury tattoos formed in their patients' gums from old amalgams. This is precisely because of the way mercury spills and leaks into the surrounding tissues as it ages and breaks down. Mercury deposits that can be found in the brain spill and leak out in exactly the same way.

As the mercury seeps into the brain tissue, the electrical impulses in that area start going crazy and crashing into each other, but in the severe tremors and tremors of Parkinson's, this happens in a very specific way. The electrical impulse is sent down the neuron in neurotransmitter fuel and slams into the accumulated mercury, like hitting a wall. Then, instead of bypassing the mercury build-up and heading to another area of ​​the brain (causing other neurological, physical, emotional and mental conditions), it heads back in the same direction it came from. The same neuron is already in the process of sending another electrical impulse made of neurotransmitter fuel, and as it travels down the neuron, the new electrical impulse collides with the first. At the same time, on the exact opposite side of mercury deposition, another neurotransmitter is doing exactly the same thing. It will be decades, maybe even 50-75 years, before science discovers this fact, if it ever does. One of the reasons for this is that mercury and its effects on the human body are still being "covered up" by the industries that use it.

To understand more clearly what exactly happens in the brain, imagine a large silver wall. Now imagine two Olympic-level sprinters running toward the wall at full speed on opposite sides. They crash into the wall with incredible force and then run back in the direction they came from. At the same time, two more runners sprint at full speed towards the wall and collide with the first athletes. Can you imagine the explosion that ensues? This is the equivalent of detonating a huge bomb on the ground, but on a micro or nano scale in the brain. This makes brain surgeons feel as if they have to operate by moving around brain tissue and nerves, which is actually an amazing feat of science. Brain surgeons are miracle workers who can remove aneurysms from the brain and save lives, but in the case of Parkinson's it's not about surgery, it's about detoxing from heavy metals . Depending on where the mercury deposits are in the brain, different parts of your body, such as your head, arm, leg, or hand, will experience tremors and shaking. This connection between mercury and the resulting neural activity would not be discovered by modern medicine for a long time.

The diagnosis "Lyme disease"

Many people who are diagnosed with Parkinson's or exhibit symptoms of Parkinson's are given a diagnosis of Lyme disease depending on the specialist they see. Doctors who specialize in Lyme disease can tell these patients that the problem has been Lyme disease all along. This also applies to many patients with multiple sclerosis who seek a second opinion on their diagnosis. Although a new diagnosis can be refreshing, it is a tragic fact that medical communities cannot offer accurate answers and treatments for the diagnoses they make of their patients' conditions and symptoms. Patients would benefit from understanding that these diagnoses are simply blanket terms for mysterious symptoms and conditions about which many professionals in the conventional and alternative medical communities know very little. In an attempt to revive the diagnosis of Parkinson's, modern medicine has begun to add new symptoms to the definition of "Parkinson's", but this is ultimately to appease certain influential groups, with actions that are not in your best interest and will not help doctors to get to the root cause of this condition.

Steps to treatment

If you suffer from Parkinson's, you may experience many of the neurological symptoms that can occur in addition to severe tremors and shaking. These can include dementia, psychosis, body stiffness, restless legs syndrome, tingling, numbness, pain in various parts of the body, etc. But these symptoms are caused by separate causes other than tremors. To learn more about these neurological symptoms, be sure to check out our other blog posts as well as Anthony William's books .

The biggest step you need to take in Parkinson's is to safely and properly remove heavy metals from your body, which requires incorporating five specific foods daily, which you can read about on our blog . People with Parkinson's can have a number of heavy metals other than mercury in their bodies that can be powerful fuel for viruses to feed on and cause side effects. Removing mercury along with these other heavy metals is an essential measure. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the heavy metal detox smoothie , the recipe of which you can find on our blog. Make it part of your daily routine!

Medicinal foods and nutritional supplements

There are many foods and nutritional supplements that can help treat Parkinson's. The most important combination of these is the heavy metal detox smoothie . Chaga mushroom is also extremely beneficial if you add it to your daily diet. It can help destroy viruses like Epstein-Barr deep in the liver. Vitamin B12 with methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin is crucial for all neurological problems. Coenzyme Q-10, Glutathione and L-Glutamine may also be helpful. Also consider taking vegan Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) , GABA , methylfolate and MSM .

Many of these nutritional supplements help nourish and maintain neurotransmitters, which is critical for Parkinson's sufferers who have experienced severe neurotransmitter burnout. Siberian ginseng can also be great because it supports the adrenal glands in a way that is especially beneficial for brain function. Antivirals such as high-grade zinc , licorice root, and cat's claw can benefit anyone suffering from neurological problems. We pay special attention to cat's claw , because of its phenomenal antiviral properties. Spirulina is also amazing as a nutritional supplement and can easily be included in a heavy metal detox smoothie . So whether you're dealing with Parkinson's-related issues or any other neurological symptom or condition, try incorporating some of these powerful nutritional supplements. Talk to your doctor about these nutritional supplements to find out which ones are best for your specific problems.

For a more complete list of nutritional supplements, as well as their exact daily dosages, suitable for treating Parkinson's disease, you can read in Anthony William's book "The Healing Medium: Cleansing for Health" .

Fresh aloe vera leaves are another powerful way to clear heavy metals from your body. You can take advantage of this plant's properties by scraping the clear gel from a palm-sized piece of aloe vera leaf and mixing it with water or a smoothie. If you are being treated for Parkinson's, apples are another important food to include in your daily diet.

Hydration is essential when cleansing the body of heavy metals. In the morning, right after getting up, drink a large glass of water with lemon on an empty stomach. Mix the juice of half a squeezed lemon and half a liter of water. Lemon juice enhances the ability of water to flush toxins from the body and is incredibly effective at cleansing the organs.

How to move forward

The most important thing to remember when it comes to Parkinson's is that neurological conditions are not hopeless. It is possible to begin healing by taking the necessary steps to support your body in this process. It is really important to focus on the exact cause that is causing the symptoms themselves and address that cause. Over the years, Healer Medium Anthony William has helped many people suffering from severe tremors and tremors who either completely got rid of these symptoms or significantly reduced their severity over time.

The ideas behind the treatment of Parkinson's in the medical community need a complete change and that is why we are sharing this information with you and what we are trying to do here, all together. We have a lot of work ahead of us to achieve change, but it is possible. And it starts with giving our own bodies what they need to be healthy. Don't give up, just keep going with these small steps and know that your body is always fighting for you and always on your side!

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