There is so much that is beyond our control when it comes to getting pregnant, having a healthy pregnancy, and the health of our babies. Medical science and research do not have all the answers. Some women are told they will never be able to conceive, but they do. These are miracles given to us by the divine and angelic forces that are always working with mothers and babies to support their health and development. Others, unfortunately, cannot conceive and have no clear reason for this. Fortunately, there are many things women can do to support their health so they can conceive, have a healthy pregnancy, and give birth to a healthy baby. In this article, based on one of Anthony William's podcast episodes, we share with you some of the most important aspects of a healthy conception and pregnancy.
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What to avoid when pregnant

We are all aware of the usual things to avoid during pregnancy, such as smoking and alcohol. But there are some other important things to keep in mind that may not be so obvious.


If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, buy organic foods whenever you can. If you're not able to buy organic foods all the time, we understand, that's okay, just do what you can. If you must buy some fruits and vegetables organic and others industrially produced, it is best to buy foods with a thick skin that can be removed for industrial products, such as bananas, mangoes, melons and avocados. Whenever possible, try to get organic green leafy vegetables, celery, cucumbers, apples, berries and potatoes.

More importantly, however, is to avoid pesticides that are sprayed in public places and even in your own home. In public parks and other places with large lawns, such as golf courses, trucks regularly arrive to spray the grass and plants with pesticides. Try to avoid exposure to these chemicals as much as possible when you are pregnant because these pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are not good for the developing baby. They are also dangerous for small children and anyone in the vicinity of the sprays.

In your own home, when you are pregnant or trying to conceive, avoid spraying pesticides at all costs. Even if there are bugs in your home, find another way to get the bugs out of the house instead of automatically reaching for the spray. Try to avoid spraying outside your home as well, as this still puts your baby's health at risk. If you live in a community such as an apartment complex or on a large block, ask the housing council not to allow pesticide spraying around your block. Usually, people tend to consider pregnant women when it comes to protecting the health of the baby.


Although Anthony William is male and has never been and will not be pregnant himself, he does understand that food aversions during pregnancy are real and very difficult, especially during the first trimester. One of the things he suggests avoiding, however, is chocolate in any form, even the so-called healthy raw cacao. Cocoa is too strong a stimulant for developing babies and is not a healthy food when you are pregnant. Although chocolate is not healthy, it can be a useful tool in very specific circumstances, such as overcoming a smoking addiction. Chocolate is full of alkaloids that are toxic to the baby in the mother's womb. That is why it is useful to exclude all forms of chocolate from your menu when you are pregnant or trying to conceive.

Sensitivity during pregnancy

Although there are women who feel strong and healthy during pregnancy, this is a very small percentage of women compared to the very large percentage of women who have pre-existing chronic health problems that develop or worsen when they are pregnant or after the birth of the baby. These women may have chronic conditions that do not yet cause too many symptoms, but after becoming pregnant their symptoms worsen. For example, some conditions that women face during pregnancy are pre-eclampsia, severe fatigue, gestational diabetes, eczema , depression, hair loss , pain, anxiety, migraines, insomnia, thyroid problems , etc. In these cases, there was probably a pre-existing viral problem in the initial phase and the pregnancy caused it to worsen.

What happens is that the reserves of the mother's immune system go into the womb to protect the baby, making her more vulnerable to the feeling of existing health problems or diseases. This is very similar to why symptoms occur or worsen in women during menstruation. 80% of a woman's immune system goes through her reproductive cycle every month. And when you're pregnant, you use that 80% almost all the time. Anthony William's advice is to build up your immune system before you get pregnant. Your immune system needs to be as strong as possible so that you can be in good health for your baby when you conceive. We realize that it doesn't always work out that way and you may not have expected to get pregnant. If you are unable to work on your health before you conceive, you will still have every opportunity to maintain your health and the health of your baby during pregnancy and after birth. You can do this by eating better and doing all the other things for your immunity that we talk about in our blog articles and in Anthony William's books.

Don't let these things make you afraid of getting pregnant or having babies. On the contrary, prepare and be careful so that you can do everything possible to prevent possible problems. For example, pre-eclampsia is caused by a hidden viral disease – a truth unknown to medical science and research. And rashes and fatigue appear after pregnancy also due to viral conditions. Therefore, focusing on strengthening the immune system and reducing the viral load would be beneficial before conception.

Difficulty getting pregnant

The medical community is now in the habit of blaming problems with getting pregnant on the thyroid gland, but we need to know and remember one basic truth: there is another major problem that affects the health of pregnant women, and it is not their thyroid gland. As Anthony William shares in his book The Best Foods , the Epstein-Barr virus is often what prevents women from getting pregnant. He meets many women who have had trouble getting pregnant, but once they start working with the information he shares to reduce their Epstein -Barr virus , they soon become pregnant. There is so much misinformation about thyroid health today that leads women to believe that their thyroid can prevent them from getting pregnant. This is simply not true and this new trend is not helping women truly understand their bodies or even their thyroids. You and your loved ones need to know the truth about what's really going on with your thyroid, and that can happen easily by reading the information Anthony William shares in his book, Thyroid Healing .

Some women can't get pregnant and it's a mystery because the reproductive system seems to be fine with no obvious problems found by their doctor. The family doctor can do tests and conclude that everything should be normal for both the man and the woman. What can actually happen is that the woman has a viral problem that prevents her from getting pregnant. However, if it is not a viral problem at all, it may simply be a retraining of the reproductive system.

Contraceptives, the pill, are not just hormonal drugs. It's a way of thinking. It's like a mantra that a woman who doesn't want to get pregnant repeats over and over in her head, even if she doesn't realize it. "I don't want to get pregnant. God forbid if I ever get pregnant. I hope I don't. Right now is not a good time in my life to get pregnant." These are just a few examples of the common attitude these women have. There are an infinite number of possible mantras because of complex relationships and situations. Someone may be in a relationship that they don't think is ready for a child, or feel that they need to focus primarily on their career for a while before having a child. Women who aren't ready to have children repeat these mantras, even if they're stuck in the back of their mind, nestled there on autopilot. Their partner can also repeat them to themselves. This trains the reproductive system to be underactive, ie. to run on a dead battery. Women mentally tell their reproductive system month after month and year after year that they will never get pregnant.

Suddenly, one day the woman is ready to conceive, but her reproductive system has been trained to be shut down for so long that it needs some time to recharge. A woman who is ready to conceive should focus on restoring her reproductive system and changing her program. You can create a new mantra to repeat to yourself, for example: "It's time to get pregnant." Drinking plenty of raspberry leaf tea every day, even six to eight cups a day, can also be extremely beneficial for a woman who wants to get her reproductive system in the best possible shape for conception.

It's also very helpful to take long walks and say to your reproductive system, "I'm sorry for telling you not to get pregnant. But now is the time, and I need you. It's time for you to get involved." You need to reset your ovaries and uterus; turn everything back on. You can even try this exercise: when you go to bed at night, imagine that you plug a cable into your reproductive system and charge it the same way you charge your phone at night. Every night, place your hand on your reproductive system for half an hour and visualize the light filling that area. Ask the Angel of Fertility out loud to bring light into your womb. You can read more about this healing exercise in Anthony William's book The Most Healthy Foods .

If you've been telling your body you can't get pregnant over and over again, even if it's been for over a decade or more for many women, there's hope for that to change. You can tell your reproductive system to recharge and get on board. You can tell her you are ready now. Over the decades, women have been seen getting pregnant doing this exercise that we have shared with you countless times, especially when they are also facing any chronic health problems that may contribute to difficult conception, such as viral problems.

Foods that improve the quality of breast milk

In order to understand which foods support the supply of breast milk, we must first understand the composition of breast milk itself. Breast milk is mostly sugar and contains only 1 to 1.5% protein on average. In some healthy women, breast milk contains an even lower percentage of proteins - 0.75%, while in others it reaches 2.5%. Every woman's body is different. It is very low in fat and very high in carbohydrates. This is extremely important to understand because unfortunately women are often afraid to eat a piece of fruit because of what they have been told by well-meaning but misguided health professionals.

The reason breast milk is so high in sugar is for the baby's development and growth. Are you surprised? Yes, for the development and growth of the baby. Glucose needs to be very high for the baby's brain to develop. A baby needs more carbohydrates than anything else to grow and develop properly.

The reason Anthony William is so passionate about sharing this information is that unfortunately mothers are being misinformed every day. Women are told to eat more protein and more fat, but too much protein and fat will actually decrease your breast milk supply. High protein, low carb diets are actually bad for breast milk production and babies. Anthony William shares how many mothers he has worked with have had very low levels of breast milk and restored their milk supply by eating potatoes. If you don't eat enough carbohydrates during pregnancy, the baby won't get what it really needs.

It is essential to focus on good carbohydrates during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Emphasize potatoes, especially non-sweet potatoes such as russets and Yukon golds. If you're going to eat grains, enjoy the highest quality grains like millet and quinoa. If you're going to eat animal protein, don't let it completely dominate the diet. Try to make room for other healthy options, such as important healthy carbohydrates. Don't let it stop you from eating lots of fruit and potatoes. Some women are very lucky and have no problems with breast milk supply, even if they eat a very unhealthy diet that is low in carbohydrates. This is due to the fact that they already have a large amount of glucose stored in their liver, but this is becoming less and less common. You will find it very helpful to read Anthony William's book Help for the Liver to better understand how you can support your body, your breast milk and your baby.

Try not to be afraid of fruit. We highly recommend you read our blog article The Truth About Fruit if you are concerned about the sugar in fruit. It is important to know that gestational diabetes does not occur from eating fruit or potatoes. It comes from putting cheese on that potato or eating ice cream, which is a combination of bad fat and bad sugar. Anthony William also explains how the combination of too much sugar and fat in one meal or snack can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes in his book The Healing Medium - Revised and Expanded Edition .

The real cause of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Medical science and research are not aware that the real cause of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is Epstein-Barr virus infection . This is something Anthony William covers in great detail in his book Thyroid Healing . Women with PCOS are usually told to eat a lot of eggs. Although this advice is given by all medical communities these days regarding PCOS, unfortunately it is the worst possible advice for a person who has PCOS. Eggs feed EBV, which in turn worsens PCOS. It is extremely important for women with PCOS to focus on healing the EBV infection with the foods and supplements we shared in the article Anthony William Talks About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome .

Food additives

All women are advised to take prenatal vitamins during pregnancy. However, Anthony William does not think this is necessary because most of the vitamins sold in stores are not of high quality or effective. His recommendation is to take spirulina and barley grass juice powder . Take about a teaspoon of each each day. These healing foods do more for a woman and her baby than any prenatal vitamins, or can offer extra support while you're on the recommended prenatal intake. If you're going to take a prenatal nutritional supplement, try to find one made with whole food ingredients that are as close to the original nutritional source as possible. This will be the most useful for the baby. Always consult your doctor about any nutritional supplements before taking them during pregnancy.


During pregnancy, it is best to refrain from taking any herbs as a supplement unless you are working with a trusted and competent doctor who is telling you to use herbs for a very specific reason. But for the most part, don't include herbs in your daily routine or keep them to an absolute minimum. A little peppermint, nettle leaf or lemon balm tea is generally good. It is more important to focus on high-quality foods as a food source than on too many nutritional supplements during pregnancy.

How to move forward

If this is the first time you're hearing this information about having enough carbs during pregnancy or that you can rewire your reproductive system to conceive, that's because medical science and research, as well as the medical and alternative health communities are not yet aware of this information or how critical it is to the health of mothers and their babies. If you've already had one or more babies and didn't eat a high-carb diet during your pregnancy or know how to fuel your reproductive system, you may still want to consider incorporating this information into your next pregnancy. As we said, this means that you already had enough glucose in your liver and your reproductive system was fueled enough to conceive and deliver your babies. This article aims to provide useful information for any woman who wishes to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy in the future.

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