Your liver knows what's best for you. It will not release the accumulated toxins and fats of a lifetime in one cycle of the 3:6:9 Cleansing, because that would be too much of a burden for your body. Instead, the liver releases a certain safe amount of toxins and saves the rest for the next time you decide to repeat the cycle. This is why it makes sense to do the 3:6:9 Cleanse more than once, whether consecutively or at intervals of days, weeks or months. This way you will continue to cleanse your body and you will be able to move forward.


After completing one cycle of the 3:6:9 Cleanse you may wish to repeat it, starting again from Day 1 and going through the nine days as many times as you like until your symptoms are gone. If you're aiming for more gradual changes in your health, you'll probably be better off doing the protocol once a month, and doing the Morning Cleanse the rest of the time. It is best to do at least one cycle of the 3:6:9 Cleanse every 1-3 months if you suspect you are dealing with a solid amount of pests in your body. You may also find that the very first cycle gave you exactly what you needed at this stage. The choice is yours.

If you don't have symptoms, but rather aim for prevention, this is another case where it's good to do one cycle of the 3:6:9 Cleanse every month, or at least every three months. For example, if a family member suffers from a disease that you worry you may have inherited, remember that it's not our genes that make us sick. The truth is that diseases run in families due to toxins and pathogens passed down from generation to generation. We have the power to break this cycle by clearing our inherited pests and cleansing our livers.

Our lives are dynamic and sometimes you have to be patient and do what you can. If six months have passed since the last cleansing, and you should have repeated it three years ago, do not waste time in self-blame and do not give up on the repetition just because you missed the planned moment. Do a new cleaning cycle, regardless of how much time has passed since the previous one.


Start on Day 1 of the 3:6:9 Cleanse and follow it to the end unless something extraordinary happens to you. In that case, go back to the beginning on Day 1, rather than starting from the middle. If you make it through all nine days and decide to repeat the cleanse, in most cases, go back to Day 1 and start over.

There are a few exceptions. The exact fulfillment of the nine days as set forth in the three versions of 3:6:9 does not apply to the following situations:

  • When a child is doing the 3:6:9 Cleanse, they can repeat Day 8 instead of going to Day 9 if their parents feel that Day 9 will be difficult for them.
  • Repeating Day 8 instead of Day 9 is an option for someone who feels they are cleansing too quickly.
  • Repeating Day 8 instead of Day 9 is an option for pregnant women. Talk to your doctor about what is best for you.
  • As a special weight loss technique - complete one full cycle of the 3:6:9 Cleanse and then start on Day 7. Continue to repeat Days 7, 8 and 9 as many times as needed.
  • For those worried that the cleanse will cause weight loss too quickly, try a Day 1 to Day 6 cycle of the 3:6:9 Cleanse. If you decide to repeat, continue following the plan with the first six days. This will help you heal to the point that one day you will reach a stronger and more stable physical state that will allow you to feel more comfortable doing all nine days of the 3:6:9 Cleanse.
  • For those who think they have a food intolerance to fruit, try days 1 through 3 of the Original or Simplified 3:6:9 Cleanse at least twice in a row. This will prepare the body for the liver cleanse and you will experience milder reactions.


Here's another change you can make: you can eliminate radical fat completely in the first three days of the Original 3:6:9 Cleanse . Skipping the allowed fats for dinner during the 3 days will keep you in a boosted cleanse mode, which is exactly what people are looking for when they want to repeat the mid-term cleanse. (Note that with the Simplified and Intensive 3:6:9 Cleanses, radical fats are not present on either day anyway.)

You can repeat the Original 3:6:9 Cleanse repeatedly in this way - without any radical fats - if you are aiming for a faster healing process. Skip the allowed fats during the 3 days even if you are following the protocol for the first time.

If you're doing reps, you can include a serving of radical fats when you return to the beginning of the cleanse. It all depends on you and how you feel.


There is no hard and fast rule for how many times to do the 3:6:9 Cleansing. It all depends on the state of your health and the treatment you need. Making cleansing a regular part of your life, in a form that is comfortable for you, is more important than focusing on how many cleansing cycles you need to do. You can rely on cleansing as a tool for life.

Every time you do the 3:6:9 Cleanse, you make progress. Each time you achieve a change for your body. If you have more viruses and toxic heavy metals in your body, one cycle of the 3:6:9 Cleanse will certainly affect your health, but it is quite possible that it will not be enough for you to feel tangible positive changes. If so, repeat it. You can do it repeatedly, as many times as you need to feel better.

In many cases, the 3:6:9 Cleanse quite quickly clears the underlying toxins and poisons that are the cause of illness, while also killing some viruses and bacteria and slowly depriving other pathogens of the toxic foods they like to eat. Even if the problem is fixed - ie. the pathogen is killed and the toxins are removed from your organs - you will need more time to heal because it is now the turn of the nerves, organs, tissues and cells to repair and renew. This is where the right nutritional supplements can be very helpful. To do this, read Chapter 29 "The Real Cause of Symptoms and Conditions and Doses to Treat Them" from Anthony William's book "Cleansing for Health" , where you will find a list of diseases and symptoms, as well as a brief explanation of the causes and which herbs and supplements can help. (Be sure to also read Chapter 27, “What You Should Know About Dietary Supplements,” for important guidelines about supplements.)

For example, if you have experienced severe body pain for years and your nerves have been severely inflamed for a long time due to toxins and pathogens in the body, it may take months for the nerves to recover and strengthen. This does not mean that your pain and suffering will not subside after the Purification 3:6:9. Many people experience relief during or immediately after the cleanse. Don't be discouraged if pins and needles, numbness, neuropathy, pain, dizziness, balance problems, dizziness, tics, spasms, burning skin, or other symptoms of inflamed nerves don't go away right away. Having been chronically ill with them for years, you are an expert on the ups and downs of these symptoms. If you regularly apply the cleanses from Anthony William's book Cleansing for Health , follow the individual dietary supplement recommendations from the chapters we mentioned a moment ago, and continue to keep the problem foods from chapter 7 out of your diet between cleanses, the damaged nerves will recover.

If you are someone who has been ill for a long time, repeating the cleanse is important because chronic illness is a sign that you have very deep-seated toxins in your liver, whether they are pathogen-based, environmental-based, or toxic heavy metal-based. Repeating the 3:6:9 Cleanse will have an extremely beneficial effect and you will begin to see the results.


Repeating the cleanse is helpful, whether you do several cycles in a row or take breaks in between. Repeating the cleanse without gaps or with only a few days in between is helpful for deeper health conditions. These are people who need to cleanse a toxic, stagnant, sluggish liver overloaded with viruses, bacteria and toxic heavy metals. Repeating 3:6:9 over and over will be of immense benefit in these cases.

On the other hand, if you're someone who has a relatively clean liver and isn't struggling with chronic symptoms or illnesses, you may not feel the need to do multiple reps. If you have a chronic problem and are hypersensitive, it is understandable that you prefer to rest between individual cycles.

It is individual for everyone and depends on what your health condition is and how you feel. There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution. If you have the strength for consecutive reps, that's fine. If you're just as motivated to heal and still need or want to take a week or month off between cleanses, that's fine too. Consider what state you are in and decide for yourself.


If you repeat the cleansing in the long term, try not to lose patience and not deviate from the recommendations. Adding different foods and drinks, even if they are healing options that you have read about in other Healer Medium books or in other books at all, will only confuse the mechanism of the 3:6:9 Cleansing. For example, don't start substituting celery stalk juice for cucumber juice unless you really can't find celery stalks or you can't tolerate it. Likewise, don't start getting distracted with the Liver Aid broth (stay tuned for the recipe on our blog soon) every day if you're following the Original or Intensive 3:6:9 Cleanse protocol. Except for the specific adaptations and substitutions listed in the cleanses, follow the recommendations exactly for your chosen variant.

Another exception is when you drink ginger water or aloe water because of some physical problem. It is not a problem to continue taking them during the 3:6:9 Cleanse as long as you leave enough time between them and the celery stalk juice.

Vary your diet within the guidelines for the cleanse. Each version of the 3:6:9 Cleanse offers opportunities to customize the meals to your taste, whether it's creating different versions of the Liver Helper salad from the long list of ingredients or choosing between different recipes when the recommendations allow this. You'll be grateful for the progress you'll see by following the guidelines.

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