What if you no longer have a thyroid gland? People who don't have a thyroid gland often think that there is no point in reading Anthony William's book Thyroid Healing , that they don't need to learn about thyroid healing because it doesn't apply to them. In his book, however, Anthony William points out the exact opposite.

Over the years, Anthony William has met so many people who thought their thyroid was a thing of the past. They sought him out for other health reasons, and yet he asked them the question, "Why don't we talk a little about your thyroid?".

Almost always, these people were left shocked. What is there to say? Their gland has been removed, nothing more can be done and that's it, they thought. The health professionals and experts they consulted before were never able to explain what happened to cause their thyroid problems. They are left without answers to the question of what made them lose a part of themselves. These people don't believe they are allowed to even consider talking about their thyroid again in a way that could have anything to do with improving their health.

The more they talk to Anthony William, the more they discover what really happened in their bodies to get the thyroid nodules, cysts, cancer or hyperthyroidism that eventually made doctors want to remove or "kill" " the gland. They realize that even without their thyroid gland, the thyroid virus can still be active and cause symptoms because EBV is found in other parts of the body. ( You can read more about the thyroid virus in the article: "The Truth About the Thyroid Gland" . ) Not only that, they learn that their thyroid still matters. The thyroid gland remains a part of them that has its potential.

If all or part of your thyroid gland has been surgically removed, or if you've had radioactive iodine treatment to destroy the gland, don't despair as if you've forfeited your right to healing.

First of all, you should not forget the most important detail: the symptoms defined as "hypothyroid symptoms" are almost always viral and not related to thyroid hormone deficiency. So when the EBV goes away, the symptoms go away too, even if you don't have a thyroid.

The second important piece of information you need: Your body still believes you have a full thyroid.

It's like having your house robbed. She remains standing. The walls are still there and you still have your home. It's the same with the thyroid gland. When part of your thyroid gland is removed, there is still tissue around the edges. Her metaphorical "walls" are still there. Your body still thinks you have a thyroid.

And when your house is torn down—when thyroid surgery is more invasive, or when radioactive iodine kills tissue—you still have the foundations of home. You can build on what you have. Even if these foundations are dug up, the spirit of the home remains. You still have the address. You can still send and receive mail, just as the body can still function as if the thyroid gland were still in place, even if all or part of it is gone.

You must consciously accept this truth because it is your body's way of helping you survive, adapt and heal. This means that the rest of your endocrine system is working as it should, in a state of homeostasis, and continues to support your thyroid.

Why is it important for your body to continue supporting your thyroid when it's no longer there? Because even if you think your surgery has removed your gland entirely, or your radioactive iodine treatment has killed it completely, the overwhelming likelihood is that you still have functional thyroid tissue left. Many people who are told that their thyroid gland has been completely removed actually have 30% - 40% of their thyroid tissue left. And even if you only have 1% of your thyroid tissue, it can still produce a small amount of the thyroid hormones T4 and T3, which are helpful for your treatment, as well as the undiscovered thyroid hormones R5 and R6, which are involved in sending the likes of radio frequencies from the thyroid gland that promote homeostasis throughout the body. In addition, as we discussed in The Truth About Thyroid , your adrenal glands also produce their own, specially designed steroid mixture to replace the adequate amount of thyroid hormones.

No matter how much or how little thyroid tissue you have, it works for you. It may even work better for you than for someone who has their entire thyroid gland but is only able to do 40% of its job due to a prolonged thyroid virus infection that over time is caused many scars. When you lack thyroid tissue, the living thyroid tissue you have left steps up. The cells learn to adapt, become stronger and take on more responsibilities, protecting themselves from future EBV attacks , as their numbers are limited. They do this by communicating with the thyroid's own immune system, sending distinctive radio frequencies to these special lymphocytes to show them that they need extra protection.

If you have been treated with radioactive iodine, you can try to chelate this substance with medicinal foods. Small and even trace amounts of Atlantic Dulce and USA Grown Spirulina added to your regular diet help tremendously in removing radioactive iodine from the thyroid gland over time, bringing what's left of the gland back to life in a balanced way. They do not revive the gland to the point of hyperactivity. The beneficial, bioactive iodine in Atlantic dulse and spirulina can bind to other radioactive isotopes, carrying them out of the thyroid gland while also clearing out old, unwanted radiation that has entered the thyroid gland or other parts of the body from daily exposure to radiation. The iodine content is beneficial for the thyroid gland in general. ( For more information on iodine, expect a special article on the subject. ) These foods are best supplemented with other anti-radiation foods, some of which are included in the article "Powerful Thyroid Healing Foods" , as well as certain nutritional supplements, which you will find in the article "Medicinal herbs and nutritional supplements for the thyroid gland" . Many more foods and nutritional supplements for various symptoms and diseases can be found in Anthony William's book "The Most Useful Foods" .

With proper care, thyroid tissue can recover enough that over time thyroid function improves. So as you read this article, know that all of this applies to you as well. Tune in that you have a thyroid that is there and working hard for you that you want to protect and nurture and you will be on the right path to healing.

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