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After you go through the periods of the Three and the Six, you arrive at the cherished moment – ​​the moment your liver has been waiting for all along, which means you've been waiting for it too, because your goal is a healthy liver. When your liver and other organs are unloaded at this stage, you'll be amazed at the positive impact it can have on both your body and your mood. You will also achieve something else - you will inspire yourself and others who see the change in you to make further changes. No one can tell whose life you will inspire with your improved health and what you will do next?

For the past 6 days, you have been revving up your liver engine and replenishing your body's reserves in preparation for the Nine stage , so that your body has the strength to expel the junk, waste and poisons that your organs have been holding onto for years. This far exceeds the morning cleanse's ability to process daily waste. These 3 days full of liquids are completely new territory.

Day 7 and Day 8

After waking up from sleep

  • As usual, you start each day with 500 ml of water with lemon or lime juice. If desired, drink 1 liter each.


  • If desired, sweeten the lemon or lime water with 1 teaspoon of raw honey.

  • Breakfast

    • After drinking the lemon water, wait about 15-20, ideally 30 minutes and enjoy at least 500 ml of celery stalk juice (see the recipe in the article "How to make celery stalk juice" ).
    • After you finish juicing the celery stalk, wait another 15 to 30 minutes and then enjoy the Liver Aid Smoothie . Make yourself one or more servings, depending on how hungry you are, and consume them throughout the rest of the morning. Alternatively, eat the smoothie bowls sliced ​​into a fruit salad.


    • As with the previous cycles, there is also the added option of drinking a Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie later in the morning if you want to follow the modification from Chapter 21 of the Cleanse for Health book - as long as you don't replace the first Smoothie of the day "Help for the liver" . If you want, make smaller portions of both so you have room in your stomach.


    • Enjoy the Spinach Soup and Cucumber Noodles. If you prefer, add the cucumber to the soup before blending it in the blender.


  • It is better to eat spinach soup cold rather than reheating it.
  • You can replace the tomatoes in the spinach soup with mango or banana (but don't mix the banana and tomato). You can also use lettuce instead of spinach. For more information, see Chapter 21 of the book Cleansing for Health .


    • Drink another 500ml of celery stalk juice between lunch and dinner. Be sure to wait at least 60 minutes after lunch before drinking it. After you finish celery juice, wait at least 15 to 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything else.
    • After drinking the celery juice and waiting the necessary time, if you are still hungry, eat 1-2 apples or the same amount of applesauce (or pears) with slices of cucumber and stalks of celery stalks.


  • If you don't have the time or inclination to run the juicer twice in one day, you can juice all of your celery stalks at once in the morning by leaving the second batch in the fridge. You can also get fresh celery stalk juice from the fresh bar by ordering both servings at once and saving the second for later.

  • Dinner

    • enjoy steamed sweet or regular potatoes or squash alongside steamed asparagus and/or brussels sprouts and optional Liver Helper Salad .
    • Dinner on Day 8 consists of Asparagus and/or steamed Brussels sprouts, preferably both, and an optional Liver Aid Salad .


  • For lunch and dinner, the same options apply as during the Six - for example, you can puree or mash the asparagus and/or Brussels sprouts, eat them raw, replace them with zucchini, or replace the Liver Helper salad with soup. Liver Help' or Liver Help juice. You can also puree the steamed potatoes or squash—or even blend them in the blender along with the asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and salad greens. Read more in Chapter 21 of the book Cleansing for Health .

    After dinner

    • If you are hungry after dinner, eat an apple (applesauce or pear).
    • One hour before going to bed, drink 500 ml of water with lemon or lime.
    • Also enjoy a cup of hibiscus, lemon balm or chaga tea. Choose one of them, not a mix. There is no problem drinking the lemon water and the tea at the same time.


  • You can add 1 tsp of honey to lemon/lime water or tea.
  • Day 9

    After waking up from sleep

    • Start the day with 500 ml of water with lemon or lime juice. Double the quantity if desired.


  • If desired, sweeten the water with 1 tsp raw honey.

  • From morning to afternoon

    • After drinking the lemon or lime water, wait at least 15-20 minutes, preferably 30 minutes, and drink at least 500-600 ml of celery stem juice.
    • After the celery stalk juice, wait another 15-30 minutes, then during the day drink two portions of 500-600 ml of cucumber and apple juice (best in a ratio of 1:1), and when you feel hungry, consume whipped in a blender cantaloupe, fresh watermelon juice, mashed papaya or ripe pear or fresh orange juice in the amount you want (but don't mix them).
    • Throughout the day, drink water whenever you want. It will be even better if you squeeze a little lemon/lime into it. If you prefer clean water, no problem. For more information related to water intake during a cleanse, see the general recommendations for The Original Cleanse that follow below.


  • If you're following the Heavy Metal Detox Mod, don't worry about skipping the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie today . Day 9 is more focused on overall detoxification, plus you'll have enough leftover spirulina, cilantro, barley grass juice powder, dulce and wild blueberries left in your system to flush heavy metals out of your body. Read more in "Heavy Metal Detox Modification" in Chapter 21 of Cleansing for Health .
  • In the same chapter of the book, you will get more information about ratios and alternatives of cucumber and apple juice.
  • As for blended melon, papaya or ripe pear, fresh watermelon juice and freshly squeezed orange juice, it is not a problem to change them during the day - for example, you can drink blended melon in the morning, freshly squeezed orange juice at noon and blended papaya in the afternoon and during dinner. Or pick one and make it your main drink of the day. The choice is yours, as long as you don't mix them or drink them together - for example, don't drink a mixture of melon and pear or drink papaya right after orange juice. Enjoy them individually.
  • Melon is best absorbed without any other food in the stomach, so consider drinking blended melon earlier in the day than blended papaya or blended pear. Try to avoid blended melon if you've already had blended papaya or blended pear during the day.
  • Feel free to make or order the entire amount of juice for the day in the morning and store the afternoon portion in the refrigerator.
  • If you are small and cannot take that much liquid, reduce the portions, but not too much. The important thing is to get enough of the valuable nutrients to give the body the support it needs as it works to eliminate waste.

  • Late afternoon

    • Drink at least 500ml of celery stem juice in the late afternoon. Wait about 30 minutes if you had pureed fruit, and at least 15-30 minutes if you drank juice or water.
    • After the celery stem juice, wait another 15-30 minutes. Then you can continue with cucumber and apple juice, fresh watermelon juice, smashed cantaloupe, papaya or ripe pear, fresh orange juice or water.


    • An hour before going to bed, drink 500 ml of water with lemon or lime.
    • Also enjoy a cup of hibiscus, lemon balm or chaga tea. As always, choose one of these, not a mix, and if you like, drink the lemon water and the tea at the same time.


  • You can add 1 teaspoon of raw honey to lemon or lime water or tea.

    These guidelines apply to all nine days of the cleanse.

    Avoid problem foods

    Eliminate Problem Foods from Chapter 7 of the Cleanse for Health book . They should not enter your menu at all during all days of the cleanse, unless specifically indicated:

    • Eggs
    • Dairy products
    • Gluten
    • Soft drinks
    • Salt and spice mixes (individual spices are allowed)
    • Pork
    • Corn
    • Different types of oil (both industrially farmed and healthier)
    • Soy
    • Lamb meat
    • Tuna and other fish and seafood (salmon, trout and sardines are allowed for dinner on days 1, 2 and 3)
    • Vinegar (including apple cider vinegar)
    • Caffeine (including coffee, matcha and chocolate)
    • Cereals (millet and oats are allowed on days 1, 2 and 3)
    • Alcohol
    • Natural and artificial fragrances
    • Fermented foods including kombucha, sauerkraut and coconut aminos)
    • Nutritional yeast
    • Citric acid
    • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
    • Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners
    • Formaldehyde
    • Preservatives

    If you missed Chapter 7 of the Cleanse for Health book, go back and read it to find out why you should avoid these foods during your cleanse. As much as you want to eat a slice of pepperoni pizza, this chapter will remind you that you're doing the right thing by taking a break from certain foods while doing the 3:6:9 cleanse.

    None of the problem foods are included in this list because it is fashionable not to eat them. Gluten, for example, is not avoided because of today's common belief that it causes inflammation. The reason is much more specific and important to understand.

    Cutting out these foods is easier than it sounds—your focus will be on nutritious fruits and vegetables every day. Eating these nutrient-dense foods will leave no room for other tempting foods, and this will help curb your appetite.

    Steam the vegetables (do not bake them)

    Avoid baked foods for the entire nine days. During the Original 3:6:9 Cleanse, only steam vegetables or as part of soups and stews. Baking and frying are processes that evaporate much of the water content of foods, and during the Original 3:6:9 Cleanse it is important that they retain this as it aids the cleansing process. Baking itself is not harmful. By avoiding it, the best possible internal hydration of the body is achieved and its ability to clear toxins even faster.

    Consume food in the right amounts for you

    Every person is different, with unique caloric needs and appetite levels. Eat as much as is right for you. Reduce the amount if you happen to overeat. During a cleanse, the instinct is often to restrict food. Don't wait until you're completely starving. Fasting will only hinder the healing that this cleansing is trying to achieve.

    On the days of the Three , you increase your glucose intake to support liver and brain function. During the Six, the organs need the cleansing foods in the table that prepare you for the most important moment - the Nine . Stock up well so you have an abundance of fresh, healing foods on hand.

    If the volume of food involved in this cleanse seems overwhelming to you—for example, if two apples at once seem like a lot—don't cram. At no point during this cleanse should you force food if you are already full.

    Stay hydrated

    Don't forget to hydrate. Every day, drink about 1 liter of water during the day between morning and evening water with lemon or lime. This makes approximately 4 cups. Of course, you can drink more.

    Avoid water with a pH above 8.0. This also applies if you use a water alkalizing machine – keep it at a pH of 8.0 or below. The best pH for drinking water is 7.7. Water content with higher pH levels is held in the stomach until the digestive system can lower it to 7.7 to be released throughout the body. The same goes for water with a pH below 7.7 - your body has to put energy into raising its pH. Drinking water with an ideal pH level prevents your digestive system from weakening.

    During the first 8 days of the cleanse, you can drink hot spicy apple juice at any temperature or coconut water (without dyes and "natural flavors") throughout the day. This is in addition to the daily intake of 1 liter of water.

    Be sure to drink these liquids at least 15-30 minutes before or after the celery stalk juice. On a day of additional celery stalk juice intake (eg Day 7 or 8) you can reduce the water a bit if you like.

    Additional guidelines for days 1, 2 and 3

    Here are some more basic guidelines for the days of the Troika :

    Reduce fat in food

    Cut dietary fat by at least half and avoid radical fats until dinner. Radical fats include nuts, seeds, avocados, oil, olives, coconut, bone broth, and all animal proteins. (Dairy products such as yogurt and fresh milk, cream, butter, cheese, kefir, and whey protein also contain free radical fats and are not consumed during the cleanse.) Whatever amount of free radical fats you normally consume, cut it at least in half.

    By waiting until dinner to eat radical fats, you probably accomplish this. Skipping the usual morning radical fats like yogurt, nut muesli, avocado toast, buttered toast, bagel with cream cheese, coconut milk smoothie or whey protein powder, bone broth, bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes, waffles, chocolate , cocoa beans or creamy coffee drinks already reduce fat intake a lot. The next step is to keep them out of lunch and afternoon snack. This means cutting out unhealthy and slightly healthier ones like salad dressing with oil or cream, smoothies with nut butters, guacamole, hummus with tahini or olive oil, vegetarian meat substitutes, baked potatoes with avocado, oil, butter, sour cream or cheese, bacon sandwiches, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, French fries, boiled or otherwise prepared eggs, chicken, fish or steak salads, tuna sandwiches, peanut butter crackers, a handful of nuts, and a bunch of other popular foods that contain radical fats . This in turn means you are giving your body a chance to rest from the hard work required to process free radicals.

    If just cutting out free radical fats in the morning and afternoon doesn't result in a 50% reduction in fat for the day, consider cutting some of your usual servings of free radical fats in half for dinner and increasing your vegetables and green leafy vegetables to compensate. For example, if you are used to adding olives to your dinner salads, put half as much and add some chopped tomatoes and cucumbers instead. If you like grilled salmon for dinner, serve yourself less than usual and pile your plate with green leafy vegetables or steamed asparagus. Also be wary of dressings, sauces, and dips, as they are often much higher in fat than you might think and often contain oil and other ingredients to avoid while cleansing. For filling meals and snacks that aren't high in fat, check out Chapter 23 of Cleanse for Health .

    If you like animal products, eat only one serving at dinner. Let it be lean biomeat from grazing animals or wild-caught fish (salmon, trout or sardines). One of the main reasons to cut fat during the Three is to give your liver a chance to rest from the constant production of bile. Freed from processing so much fat, it can put its energy into preparing you for detoxification.

    Another reason is that you can get the glucose you need. Eating less fat allows the liver to better absorb glucose, and building up glucose and glycogen stores is vital for the hard work ahead during the Nine , when the liver begins to detoxify itself. As with the Morning Cleanse , regular and sweet potatoes and pumpkin are the glucose-rich foods that will help fuel your liver during the Trio .

    Eat more fruits, vegetables and green leafy vegetables

    Focus on getting more fruits, vegetables, and green leafy vegetables each day. By including more of these healing foods in your snacks and meals in the Three , you'll feel less drawn to your usual problem foods. The minerals, vitamins and micronutrients in green leafy vegetables and vegetables, which work together with the antioxidants and glucose in fruit, are critical to stabilizing organs and repairing cells. Another important aspect here is that fruits, vegetables and green leafy vegetables are foods that do not feed pathogens.

    Skip legumes entirely during the 3:6:9 cleanse. They do not have a strong cleansing effect. Although they are not a source of radical fats, nor are they a problem food, their fat content is higher compared to fruits, vegetables and green leafy vegetables. Not consuming them will ensure that the cleanse is as easy on your digestive tract as possible. Stronger hydrochloric acid is needed to break down the proteins in legume foods, and most people live with lower hydrochloric acid levels and have a hard time digesting these foods. Their stomach glands are extremely exhausted and need recovery, which will be helped by celery stem juice .

    Additional guidelines for days 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

    Here's what to remember during this cleansing period:

    Avoid all radical fats

    To aid your healing, cut out radical fats completely starting on Day 4. This means completely avoiding nuts, seeds, nut oils (such as peanut butter), nut milks, oil, olives, coconut, cocoa, avocados, and animal products ( including bone broth and dairy products). At this stage, if you consume these fats, it would disrupt the cleanse. It's like washing dishes and someone spills grease in your sink - you have to start over.

    In order to successfully pass through the Six (and the Nine ), the liver's work must not be interrupted to process radical fats. During this time, the liver will continue to produce bile, but it will not need to produce as much bile to dissolve the radical fats. By avoiding them, you allow your liver to use its energy to cleanse at a level it can't otherwise achieve. Remember: it is very difficult for the liver to cleanse itself on a deep level while on a high-fat diet. This break from fat, combined with the density of bioavailable nutrients in the foods you eat, gives the body a unique opportunity to put its energy into healing.

    Fat reduction is also important for blood viscosity. If you have too much free-floating fat in your blood, you slow down your body's ability to flush out poisons and toxins. Fat absorbs and traps toxins in it, causing toxic pockets of fat to form in and around your body's organs. The goal during the cleanse is to disperse the fat depots - to open them up so that they can release the poisons, toxins and old, accumulated adrenaline contained in them and be removed from the body. If you continue to consume radical fats during this period, the blood will continue to contain a large amount of fat, which will make efforts to get rid of the already existing accumulations meaningless.

    By the way, if avocado is one of your favorite foods, enjoy it with dinner during the first three days of the cleanse. From the fourth day onwards, you should stop it because, although avocado is indeed a fruit and is more easily digested than other radical fats, when you are cleansing the liver, even healthy fats interfere with this process. Forget avocados for a while so you don't overload your liver and make it harder for it to try to cleanse itself.

    Consume more fruits and vegetables

    Stick to the fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, and herbs mentioned in this article, as well as the modifications and recipes in the Cleanse for Health book. Also, continue to avoid the problem foods we described in the article.

    What does it mean to stick to the foods listed for each meal? This means not trying to outsmart the cleanse. Specific foods are prescribed for a specific reason: to help you heal. Trying to add other types of fruit to the smoothie, substituting a salad for a smoothie or a smoothie for a salad, skipping the salad, sautéing other vegetables with asparagus or Brussels sprouts, eating bananas for breakfast at night, or adding nutritional yeast or coconut aminos to your diet too often mean you're missing out on what you really need to make the cleanse work properly. If steamed vegetables aren't your thing, the sample menus in Chapter 22 of Cleanse for Health will show you how to add some variety to your cleanse. If you have a specific problem with any of the cleansing foods, refer to Chapter 21, "Adapting the Cleanse and Substitution." For example, if you have trouble eating salad, keep mixing it into the Liver Help soup or make a Liver Help juice.

    It may sound overwhelming to eat only fruits and vegetables. This is because we are used to eating small amounts of them. If one morning liver help soup isn't enough, make another or make a heavy metal detox soup. (For more information on this modification, see Chapter 21 of the book "Cleansing for Health" .)

    If the salad isn't enough to fill you up, it's probably because you're used to eating small portions of tasteless salad as a side dish. During the cleanse, make your salads more nutritious by adding orange slices, ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh green leafy vegetables and other ingredients from the recipe. Keep in mind that the Liver Helper Salad with Brussels Sprouts and Steamed Asparagus is more filling than you might think.

    If two apples don't fill you up in the afternoon, eat another apple. If that's not enough, eat another apple. You don't have to worry about eating too many apples - just stop eating when you feel full.

    Nourish your body with the specific foods (or their substitutes) that are mentioned in the cleanse and it will have countless benefits for you. During this part of the cleanse, it's worth the effort to stay away from foods that take a little more work to digest. Healing foods that are rich in beneficial substances are exactly what your body needs right now.

    Additional guidelines for Day 9

    Day 9: on this day you mainly drink fluids to flush out any remaining poisons that the liver has picked up during the Six stage .

    There is one important difference that makes this fluid day different from fasts or juice cleanses you may have tried before. The combination of celery stalks, cucumber and apple you take on Day 9 has the right balance of mineral salts, potassium and natural sugar to stabilize glucose levels while your body cleanses itself of toxins. On this final day, when your body is working so hard to get you back in shape – as always, it's important to protect your adrenals – and that's exactly what Day 9 Special Juices do.

    Stick to liquid and blended

    Be strict with the Day 9 Cleanse Drinks as described. At this stage of the cleanse, when your body is releasing larger amounts of poisons, viral and bacterial waste, and other pests, it needs smaller amounts of food and larger amounts of liquid-based healing solutions. These specific variants provide critical balance as you flush out toxins.

    By sticking to the menu, you are stacking two critical pieces of the healing puzzle: (1) keeping the day fat-free, and (2) removing a large percentage of the digestive burden. Even healthy, wholesome foods require a certain level of digestion, especially bulkier and cooked foods. Liquids and pureed raw foods for this day are especially light and allow the body to rest from the usually strenuous digestion process. Thus, the organs can be cleansed of harmful toxins and poisons and they can be removed through the kidneys and intestines.

    Some special circumstances warrant repeating Day 8 instead of Day 9. An unexpected trip may force you to stop the cleanse before Day 9. If you need to repeat Day 8 to end the cleanse or simply stop before you've completed the 9-day cycle, don't worry about missing the Day 9 protocol. Each completed day of the 3:6:9 Cleanse has helped to greatly cleanse the body and you have only benefited from it.

    Give yourself a break

    If you can on that day, take a break. Consider leaving some commitments for another time. Maybe you can schedule day 9 as a sacred rest day or a day where there is at least some rest. If possible, take some time to rest, maybe even take a nap. At least think about what the body is doing for you during this period. Take a moment to pause and think about your liver and other organs. It's the end of your liver's great plunge into the depths of cleansing, and it's doing beautifully. You thrive in the healing process: you rejuvenate yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually by eliminating toxins and poisons and reducing pathogens and their waste. When you begin to free yourself from the burden of symptoms and conditions, then you begin to live fully.

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