It's a well-known fact that when someone gets the flu it can weaken their immune system, allowing other viruses like EBV to develop. The flu is a triggering factor for the appearance of the Epstein-Barr virus . This is why some people recover from severe flu in a few days, while others take months to recover. Covid-19 causes similar problems, but on a larger scale.

There are many different strains of the flu. Some of them are light, some are heavier. If the same severe flu strikes a group of people, people with pre-existing symptoms or conditions (whether they know about them or not) are likely to have a harder time recovering unless they have a proper understanding of the source of these underlying health problems and the necessary tools to deal with them. Again, this is because bad cases of the flu can trigger other existing viruses in the body. EBV and herpes zoster are the two most common viruses that are triggered by a bad flu. Once triggered, viral conditions and symptoms such as Lyme disease , chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) , fibromyalgia , brain fog , tingling and numbness throughout the body, limb weakness, depression and anxiety can occur .

In some cases, these symptoms and conditions caused by EBV or other viruses existed before and the flu brought them back or made them worse.

In others, these symptoms or conditions caused by EBV or other viruses have been developing in the body and have not yet manifested until the flu triggers them. These are people on the verge of a low-grade chronic viral infection. An example of this is if the EBV in your body (that you didn't know about) was right on the verge of going into its mononuclear infection phase. Your immune system has already been tested by EBV, and then the flu comes along - all it takes to trigger EBV. So after the flu, you may now be facing your first bout of mononucleosis. You may struggle with fatigue, brain fog , body aches, or weakness in your limbs for weeks and weeks, long after the flu. At the same time, a friend of yours may have contracted the same flu and after 10 days have returned to their normal life without even thinking about the flu again.

Covid-19, which is an even stronger catalyst, works in a similar way. Past symptoms that someone has struggled with can easily return, or new symptoms can appear from pre-existing viruses (such as EBV) that no one knew were already in their body, waiting for their chance to attack. activate. Covid-19 actually accelerates people's future symptoms and illnesses.

This is where the big confusion comes in. Many people think that everything is due to covid-19. They believe that covid-19 itself is the reason they are struggling with newfound chronic symptoms. If someone develops breathing problems that become chronic because covid-19 has damaged their lungs, then yes, it is a result of covid-19. Someone could also have a slow recovery from covid-19 if the virus has caused a very high fever for a long period of time. (More on that in a moment.) However, these scenarios only describe some cases. In reality, most of the lasting problems that people experience after covid-19 are not caused by covid-19. They are pre-existing or invisible problems that have been triggered. Chronic symptoms and conditions that someone would have developed anyway due to the viral activity already present in their body. Covid-19 has acted as a catalyst for EBV or other viruses that have been in the body undetected. It has caused future symptoms and conditions to appear earlier in a person's life, instead of taking more than 20 years to develop.

Now let's compare this to actual recovery from a fever associated with covid-19. A high, prolonged fever can lead to dehydration and severe electrolyte crisis, which in turn leads to post-Covid-19 brain fatigue, for about three to six months before you feel back to normal. Post-covid fever can also put tremendous stress on the adrenal glands, which are highly sensitive to heat, which can weaken the adrenal glands to the point that they need recovery for one to three months. These effects of high fever do not lead to many different symptoms. Someone may just tire more easily or feel weaker and have less energy than normal, and this will get better over time. These are not conditions that will remain permanent after covid-19.

In contrast, when covid-19 triggers the manifestation of an existing viral illness, such as EBV , symptoms can be more widespread and longer in duration.

Or someone may experience both at the same time: a slow recovery due to a high, prolonged fever associated with covid-19 and at the same time the onset or exacerbation of chronic symptoms from an existing viral illness caused by covid-19.

Both the flu and Covid-19 can cause confusion in other ways. For example, if someone is already struggling with long-term chronic symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog , physical pain, sadness, and may have received multiple diagnoses during this period. He may have been told that his pain is due to intestinal problems, fibromyalgia , multiple sclerosis, ocular migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease , anxiety, or depression. Subsequently, that same person may contract the flu or covid-19 and feel even worse without realizing why. Even a milder form of the flu can make these symptoms much worse than they already are. Although this may be temporary, like two or three weeks with worse symptoms, depending on what that person is going through. This fact alone may be enough to slow this person down on their path to healing.

Mild strains of the flu are particularly misleading. The symptoms can be the most basic: additional mild body aches, a slight fever, scratchy throat and headache, and when this is mixed with the symptoms someone already has, the situation can get messy. People may think that their pre-existing chronic conditions are getting worse, that they are doing something wrong, or that their health is deteriorating. In reality, it is a matter of passing a mild strain of flu through the body. It's easy to make this mistake. It usually takes discharge and maybe a cough to make people realize they may have caught something extra. That this is not a normal condition or symptom, from those they are used to living with periodically. There are mild strains of flu where the secretions and cough don't occur, so a person never realizes it's the flu.

The stomach flu also confuses people all the time. They get infected, throw up, can't eat, and feel really messed up for a day or two as it passes through their system. They don't know if it's a pre-existing condition or maybe they have food poisoning.

With any flu, you may have the mildest symptoms when you just feel a little tired and sick, which goes away quickly. But you can pass this strain of flu to someone else and they could be more severely affected, especially if the person has pre-existing symptoms or conditions.

Covid-19 is very similar. It is not just a single strain that is spreading. And covid-19 is transmitted in the same way as the flu. In the same way that people spread the flu in its many strains, people get and spread covid-19 in its various variants.

Covid-19 is a live virus. It is not a dead RNA strand or fragments of information from the virus itself. This means that covid-19 is a live virus. Influenza is also a live virus. Viruses of the herpes family are live viruses, including EBV , herpes zoster , cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex, HHV-6, HHV-7, and other known and unknown varieties of human herpesvirus (HHV). All these viruses are alive and to stay alive they need to feed. Just as EBV feeds on toxic heavy metals like mercury and other foods, the flu and covid-19 do the same.

Influenza and covid-19 are manufactured viruses. They were raised in labs, experimented on, tested and fed food to stay alive. Covid-19 and the flu virus compete with each other (though not with herpes viruses) inside the body. If someone with covid-19 also gets infected with a bad flu strain, covid-19 will increase its strength to fight the flu to survive. The two viruses attach to each other until one of them slowly decays and destroys the other. A preventative measure that can be helpful is to eliminate certain foods that can potentially fuel the flu or covid-19. The leading food is eggs. Eggs are used to grow and multiply viruses in a laboratory. This is just one helpful preventative measure you can take. Having eggs in your body on a daily or weekly basis can help start a virus like covid-19 or even the flu when you first contract it.

We live in times where viruses don't just appear. They are manipulated, altered, and sometimes even created by purposefully mutating original, natural strains of viruses found in our natural environment. Influenza and covid-19 viruses do consume toxic heavy metals like mercury, but only mercury. Both viruses do not feed on other toxic heavy metals. Therefore, people with higher levels of mercury and higher levels of the EBV and herpes zoster viruses causing their symptoms and conditions tend to be more susceptible to covid-19. We can couch all of this under the notion of "pre-existing conditions," but it's more than that. These are pre-existing viruses that the person has. What viruses do they have? Are they also high in toxic heavy metals like mercury? Taking action and removing toxic heavy metals like mercury from your body is another step you can take to help your preventative therapy for viruses like the flu or covid-19.

It's also important to be proactive in understanding the existing virus that's creating the symptoms you live with on a daily basis, because working to overcome chronic symptoms by killing viruses like EBV can make you stronger and better able to deal with the flu and covid-19 we are facing today.

This particular original strain of covid-19 that first entered humans was much more aggressive at the start of the pandemic because it had never entered the human body before. As it passes through the human population, it becomes less aggressive (unless it competes with a very aggressive flu strain). As it passes through millions of people, covid-19 loses strength because it has to fight the human immune system on its way. Everyone's immune system fights off covid-19, and over time, as it enters more and more people, the virus itself changes and weakens.

This is exactly the opposite of how viruses like EBV work. As we already mentioned in the chapter "Types of Epstein-Barr" in the first part of the article on Epstein-Barr , with the spread and mutations of EBV over the years, new groups of EBV develop that become more aggressive. Group 1 was mild and amenable to treatment. Then, as EBV infects more and more people over the decades, it mutates and becomes stronger. Newer mutations of EBV are stronger than previous strains.

Covid-19, on the other hand, dealt a severe blow to the human race early in the outbreak of the pandemic. It weakens over time as the human immune system shapes, changes and weakens it, meaning that we won't end up fighting off the most aggressive strain. As the years go by, we will face a milder form of the current version of covid-19. This does not mean that it is impossible for a new strain of covid-19 to enter the population through artificial reproduction, returning us to the same position we were in at the beginning when we encountered its first strains.

For more than 35 years, Anthony William has been teaching people about viruses. Doctors, health professionals, countless others, the Healer Medium teaches them how viruses work in the body, how we can protect ourselves and how we can get rid of viruses to heal and overcome our symptoms and conditions. People tend not to know they have viruses until they get sick enough to assume something is wrong. The awareness that Anthony William has brought about viruses over the years has resonated most with these people, those who have already struggled enough with their symptoms to be ready for the realization that a virus is behind them.

This new global experience with the covid-19 pandemic is awakening the wider health community to the reality that viruses can be a problem for our health. This is not enough. The focus will always be off target. Claims such as "covid-19 is not a living virus" will spread more and more, as well as the theories "Viruses are not alive", "Viruses do not eat" and "The only virus we need to worry about is covid- 19 and maybe the flu". We will also hear, "When you get covid-19, it can cause long-term chronic illness," without understanding that the chronic illness comes from pre-existing viruses that people had that modern medicine didn't know about. These are just a few examples of how inaccurate messages will always exist. The argument has long existed that many people do not even believe that covid-19 is a problem or cause for concern. That's how anti-virus we are today as a society. And not antivirus in the useful sense of the word, protecting against viruses. We still live in a world where if you can't see it, it's not a problem.

In a world hard hit by the covid-19 disease, the pandemic has raised many people's awareness of viruses. You can use this opportunity to spread your knowledge. In his books , Anthony William gives us the tools to deal with viruses. Even with the first editions, it gives us the information we need to protect ourselves and become stronger so that threats like viruses cannot bring us down.

Since he was a child, the Spirit of Compassion had told Anthony that zinc was the weapon against viruses. One of the reasons for this is that there is a shortage of zinc in the world. It has long been absent from our food. Zinc is lacking in even the best organic food we grow. Zinc is the helper of the immune system. It maintains it in a way that prevents the immune system from over- or under-reacting. With covid-19, our immune system tends to overreact because it is a new virus. Our bodies see it as a complete stranger, and covid-19 can respond by waging war while causing your immune system to overreact. This creates real chaos. Zinc can do three things: (1) calm the immune system, (2) strengthen the immune system because immune cells feed on zinc, and (3) at the same time weaken the covid-19 and flu virus. When zinc weakens covid-19, it makes the virus less aggressive and amenable to treatment. This is a measure that can be very useful for covid-19, flu and other viruses that are in the process of being artificially produced and will be in circulation for years to come. (For more information, read the articles: "Zinc: a mineral of primary importance for health" and "Shock therapy with zinc - a healing practice for adults and children" ) .

Vitamin C is also useful for viruses such as flu and covid-19. It can do two things: (1) boost the immune system and (2) prevent viruses. Vitamin C has an irritating effect on the membranes of viruses. Higher doses of vitamin C tend to create small dimples and indentations in the virus's membrane, its outer protective shell and shield, helping to weaken and inhibit the virus. (You will find more about Vitamin C in the articles: "Therapeutic benefits of vitamin C" ; "Shock therapy with vitamin C" and "[Video] how to do shock therapy with Micro-C" ) .

Keep reading the books and materials of the Healing Medium and you will find more tools to strengthen your immune system, get rid of the troublemakers that feed viruses, and restore your body. This is more important than ever these days.

Taking care of your emotional health is also important. In Chapter 24 - Meditations and Techniques for Soul Healing, from Anthony William's book The Healing Medium - Revised and Expanded Edition , you will find advanced meditations to stabilize your emotional health, deal with the many emotions that they come with the uncertainty, the turmoil and the closed way of life. You will rediscover the healing resources within you and in the world you see through your window. In the book's final chapter, "Keep on Believing," you'll find a powerful technique for moving forward.

At this point you have a special purpose. As covid-19 passes through many more people in the coming months and years, it will also continue to act as a catalyst for chronic symptoms and conditions. The wave of people suffering after covid-19 has already started. People begin to struggle with chronic health problems that they would otherwise develop later in life - for example, persistent fatigue, body aches, blurred vision, weakening limbs, tingling and numbness, tics and spasms, or migraines. Again, the majority of persistent symptoms are not due to covid-19 itself. They occur because covid-19 can act as a catalyst, accelerating people's future chronic symptoms and conditions.

Yet people will not realize that these health problems are already waiting for them. They will think that their health problems are permanent effects of covid-19 itself. They will feel lost and powerless and think, "I don't have covid-19 anymore, so there's nothing I can do about it." They are in the dark and will continue to be in the dark unless the information here reaches them.

That's why you play an important role in the story. You understand that when (non-respiratory) symptoms appear that persist long after covid-19, the truth is that covid-19 probably caused another virus, such as EBV or herpes zoster , that was already in the person's body and that is usually the real cause of the symptoms. If someone gets a relapse of Lyme disease after the flu or covid-19, you know it's because EBV or another pre-existing herpes virus has kicked in and brought back the Lyme disease symptoms . You understand that there is something you and others can do to overcome this and move on. Not only can you protect yourself, but you can help other people find this information and understand what's wrong so they can protect themselves and their families.

You possess the knowledge that will light the way for others.

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