At the end of the 19th century, the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) was still a poorly developed virus and not that widespread. Back then, the pathogen wasn't highly contagious or aggressive—to become infected required a direct exchange of bodily fluids with a person who had an active EBV infection, and these active infections were quite rare. At the time, EBV could live dormant in someone for their entire life without causing problems or symptoms.

This is because EBV started out as a productive virus. Modern medicine is only now beginning to document the possibility of the existence of beneficial viruses. In the future, researchers will find that this is much more than a possibility – it is a reality. Exactly! Just as we have "good" bacteria that help keep us healthy, there are also "good" viruses. These are docile, helpful pathogens that we carry with us and that help keep our immune systems at optimal levels. EBV was once one of them. In its initial phase at its inception, before it underwent any mutations, EBV was a mild virus that was on our side and did no harm. In fact, it has even helped remove toxic waste from our bodies. Before the end of the 18th century, waste in our bodies was mainly a by-product of natural bodily functions; the rest of it came from the food we ate, plus some heavy metals in their early, unchanged forms. EBV has been our friend, cleaning out toxins throughout the body, including in and around the liver, spleen, intestinal tract, lymphatic system, and even the bloodstream, so they don't harm us. However, EBV then turns to the dark side – although it is not the virus's fault.

Two waves of modernization made EBV what it is today. First comes the industrial revolution. At the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, mankind began to manipulate chemical compounds as never before in its history, using toxic heavy metals in new ways, generating powerful chemical reactions, after which compounds are burned and thrown out, various pollutants fall in our air and water sources. With the entry of these toxins into the human body, EBV gets new food. The virus was still docile and helpful, cleaning up toxins to protect us, but these new toxins from the industrial revolution were starting to poison it. To protect itself, the virus secretes them in an even more toxic form because viral processing increases their potency. EBV cells enter a cycle of re-consuming these poisons and this becomes survival of the fittest. EBV cells that are able to withstand the processed and re-consumed poisons survive and reproduce, while the weaker viral cells die. While he's still trying to be on our side, EBV has now had to take care of himself as well, making him stronger than ever.

The late 19th and early 20th centuries saw the creation of a wave of experimental fungicides, herbicides and antibiotics (ones that preceded the discovery and boom of penicillin). They contain risky ingredients like arsenic, copper, lead and petroleum. These early, crude chemical compounds, recently synthesized in laboratories for industrial use, as well as the fungi and molds grown on petroleum waste from the oil and gas industry, proved to be the right fuel to breathe new life into EBV . Some of the unprocessed antibiotics become early pharmaceutical drugs. You never learn about it in history class or medical school because it's not in the public domain, but it took decades of reckless, failed laboratory experiments with toxic ingredients to finally discover penicillin. Barrels of dangerous chemicals have simply been dropped for free on farms across the country instead of being sold in stores or advertised in the media. Although these facts remain undocumented, they marked the beginning of the wholesale spraying of every food growing in the field. (This happened long before the Green Revolution in industrial food farming; this unknown chemical era predates even the early research and development phase of the Green Revolution by 50 years).

Although it was hidden from them, people's exposure to these chemicals was widespread - their food, medicine and water sources were contaminated, and as a result, EBV in their bodies was given what it needed to grow exponentially, and together with it and other pathogens, such as the first type of EBV cofactor - the streptococcal bacteria . In other words, these dangerous chemicals gave the virus exactly what it needed to "go wild" and start a war with the immune system, initiating the first cases of infectious mononucleosis, or so-called. glandular fever . Suddenly, not only did individual cases of EBV go from harmless to problematic after EBV developed a taste for industrialized, lab-developed chemicals, but now the enhanced, mutating virus was spreading through the population at a much faster rate. As a friend turned against us, EBV has become our enemy.

It took decades for the effects of this change to manifest on a large scale. Because of EBV's ability to linger long in a latent phase where it can spend years dormant and quietly multiplying while waiting for the perfect trigger to make its next move, the time it takes for these early non-productive strains of EBV to manifest , was significant. A few cases of thyroid swelling from still weak EBV combined with iodine deficiency led to the identification of Hashimoto's thyroiditis in the early 20th century (not that scientists identified EBV as the cause). It wasn't until the early 1940s that people began to suffer from the hot flashes, aches, brain fog , mysterious infertility, hair loss, and chronic fatigue that characterize EBV when awakened from rest. Around 1950, the symptoms of EBV reached an epidemic level – what Anthony William calls epic – because of the enormous effect on society and public health. The sufferers are people born at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, when EBV was gaining momentum among the population. Now they are experiencing its effects without knowing the real cause.

Women are starting to see a doctor in droves to look for answers. Yet medical research and science did not have the diagnostic tools or framework to explain to themselves or their patients what was going on. Those were terrifying times. No one could understand why so many middle-aged women suddenly felt so unwell, prompting misdiagnoses such as "confused woman syndrome" and caustic rebukes such as "it's all in your head" - echoes of "hysterics". with which women have been stigmatized for thousands of years.

As the women's mysterious symptoms continued to accumulate and progress, it became increasingly difficult to pass off their suffering as laziness or an overdeveloped imagination. Coincidentally, at that time, pharmaceutical science began to focus on hormone research, and so experts began to connect the two. In some women, they misdiagnosed EBV symptoms as hormonal imbalances caused by menopause. In others, they misdiagnosed the same symptoms as thyroid hormone imbalance. Some women have both diagnoses.

Despite these diagnoses, because they did not carry the real answers, their treatment did not improve the condition of these women. In the following years, the mysterious symptoms among the population continued to accumulate, with new diagnoses appearing on the scene that were supposed to explain them: multiple sclerosis , perimenopause, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome , which at the time was called "yuppie syndrome" , fibromyalgia, etc. Now, chronic disease experts are trying to solve the mystery, saying that the thyroid was the problem everyone was looking for. But this is not so. As we now well know thanks to Anthony William, the cause was the Epstein-Barr virus all along .

In most cases, your doctor will not be able to identify EBV as a problem because the most current medical information still states that if the test does not detect active EBV in your blood, then the virus is not to blame for your illnesses. Even if EBV is found, chances are it will not be identified as the source of your health problems because the medical community has not yet learned what all the symptoms of EBV are. So far, they have been able to identify the flu-like symptoms of mononucleosis, such as fatigue, fever and swollen glands. They still don't have the full list of EBV symptoms that appear after the mononucleosis stage because they don't even suspect that there are symptoms after mononucleosis. They have no idea that your health problems are related to this virus.

It is very common to hear that your blood test results show antibodies proving past EBV infection and that therefore the virus is no longer a problem. Don't let that fool you. EBV tests are simply not yet sophisticated enough to detect the virus once it has progressed to the post-mononucleosis stage, which is when the virus really starts to cause problems. You can read more about the stages of EBV in the article "THE TRUTH ABOUT THE THYROID GLAND" .

Yes, the thyroid disease epidemic is real – worldwide, millions of people struggle with conditions because their thyroid is compromised. However, this does not explain why these people suffer. It does not explain the multitude of symptoms that cause people to lead unfulfilled lives. Rather, the thyroid problem is one big, giant arrow pointing to the much bigger problem: EBV. The thyroid gland in this situation is the undeservedly blamed victim.

If people knew that their thyroid wasn't to blame, they would have a much different view of their body's ability to work miracles and their prospects for healing. Instead of focusing their anger on their thyroid, they would appreciate it even more.

This is extremely important information to keep close to you because modern medical explanations of hormone imbalance and thyroid disease leave countless people feeling like they can't trust their bodies. It's also very common for patients with a compromised thyroid to suffer from multiple health problems, leading them to think there is something fundamentally wrong with them because they haven't yet realized that EBV is at the root of it all. They feel betrayed, flawed, weak, when in fact it's just the opposite. Your body is fighting for you. Your body is on your side. Your body loves you unconditionally. What happens to you is that it faces a pernicious adversary in the person of EBV - although it can be tamed with the approach you will find in the books of the Healer Medium .

Realizing this truth and all the knowledge you have gained so far about what thyroid disease really is, how it came about and how it works is a huge step towards healing from any such condition and related problems. You did not cause the disease yourself. Your body has not failed you. It's not your fault. You can move on. You can heal.

Materials from Anthony William's book "Healing the Thyroid Gland" were used for the article. Coming soon on our blog, more articles on the topic!

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