No matter what kind of diet you follow - high protein, vegetarian, or similar - it's a good idea to eliminate eggs, dairy, gluten, canola oil, soy, corn, and pork from your diet while you have thyroid problems. It's not that these foods cause inflammation, which is a theory you may have heard. Rather, these foods feed EBV—the thyroid virus —which then creates inflammation. With these foods in your diet, the virus can continue to grow and develop, meaning symptoms and viruses can continue to linger. (For more information on what makes these foods problematic for a person with chronic symptoms or illnesses, see Anthony William's books in the Healing Medium series .)

An egg away

You know how delicious a fried egg is. The EBV thinks so too. Eggs are the most important food to avoid with EBV because they are the number one food source for the virus. If you break an egg into a petri dish and then introduce active EBV cells, the virus will multiply rapidly. It doesn't matter if they're organic free range eggs - they're just as problematic if you have EBV. And don't be fooled by labels that claim eggs are hormone-free. This only means that they do not contain additional hormones; they are still full of natural hormones that EBV loves.

If someone is in stage one of the virus, it may take just one more omelet or scrambled egg to shoot EBV into full-blown stage two mononucleosis. This applies to every stage of the virus. At any given moment, someone may be just an egg away from the next phase of an EBV attack.

We know very well how tempting eggs are and how many sources will tell you that they are a perfect food. Again, this is not about some belief system about food. We are not against eggs in the general sense. They do have a diet that works well for some people. It's just that when you're dealing with some kind of thyroid disease or other viral problem, the problematic aspects of eggs outweigh the benefits, and they'll work against any other steps you're taking to try to heal yourself. When you hesitate to indulge in this, remind yourself that eggs are part of the reason EBV has become so strong and widespread in the population. While you work to restore your health, stay away from them.

Skip the cheese, please

Milk proteins are the second favorite part of the EBV diet . If you're experiencing the symptoms or conditions we've discussed in the thyroid disease articles , it's best to avoid all dairy products while you try to heal. This includes cheese, milk, butter, yogurt, cream, kefir, ghee, etc. We wish we could say the opposite, because we know how much dairy products are preferred. We wish we could tell you that pizza with cheese and a fried egg on top is the best thing you can eat for your thyroid. But what is more important to us is your healing. Our mission is to keep you safe, so we have to tell you the truth, which is that even the highest quality dairy products from the happiest, pasture-raised, grass-fed cows will hinder you if you're trying to heal from EBV and thyroid disease.

The Mysterious Gluten Torments

Fortunately, people are realizing that gluten is a problem food for people with chronic health conditions. There are many more gluten-free products and recipes available today than there were just a few years ago, and it's no longer so rare to hear of someone avoiding wheat. However, the reason gluten is disappearing from menus and ingredient lists isn't because what's wrong with it is widely understood. Rather, the process of elimination has shown many doctors and patients that living without wheat in the nutritional diet can greatly improve one's health.

The reason to avoid wheat gluten when you have any of the chronic problems described in the thyroid disease articles is not because gluten contains mycotoxins or is simply an inflammatory food as the theories go. Rather, as with the other foods on this list, the reason is that gluten feeds pathogens, including EBV . ( When the gluten is from GMO wheat, it's even worse. ) When you have an EBV infection and eat a piece of bread, the EBV is eager to feed, releasing a neurotoxin waste product and causing symptoms such as tingling and numbness, headaches, migraines, fatigue, brain fog , blurred vision, pain and mood swings. Cutting out gluten is one of the steps to fasting EBV, which is why you'll see so many improvements in your health when you avoid it.

No canola in muesli

This is another trigger, and the particular trouble here is that it is often presented as a health food. You've probably heard the claims that canola is good for you. Know that if you have EBV , canola will affect you adversely. Not only should you eliminate it from your own kitchen, but also be careful when eating out to make sure your food isn't made with canola or a canola oil blend. Also, check the labels of packaged foods and leave those containing canola on the shelf. Otherwise, you risk damaging your immune system, organs, and mucous membranes because canola feeds EBV.

Corn games and

In the beginning, corn was our friend. She has been a healthy, amazing source of food for us. Then, in the late 1930s and 1940s, the use of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides on corn crops increased at an alarming rate. As we have already discussed in the thyroid disease articles , these types of chemical solutions fuel EBV , and when people started eating corn that was laced with toxic substances like DDT, it began to feed EBV. As corn continues to be treated with massive amounts of these chemicals, the EBV has begun to identify corn itself with these toxins because they have gone hand in hand all along.

This went on for decades as industrially grown corn fed EBV ... and then GMO corn came along. That's when the corn games really begin, with genetic modification altering the corn in a way that's suitable for viruses. Unfortunately, currently even organic corn grown from non-GMO seeds is likely to be contaminated and can still cause health conditions.

You don't have to be afraid of corn. Just be cautious and consider where you stand with your symptoms and conditions when offered corn and foods made with corn oil, corn flour, and the like. Avoid corn in its various forms as much as you can, always saying no to industrial corn and skipping sneaky ingredients like citric acid, high-fructose corn syrup, and grain alcohol (a common preservative in herbal tinctures ). When you're not fighting disease, it's okay to enjoy organic corn on the cob, but consume it sparingly. If you wish, you can consume it together with some of the healing foods from the article "Powerful Healing Foods for the Thyroid Gland" to counteract possible ill effects.

Soy is not what you think

In the past, soy was also a relatively healthy food—not as healthy as corn once was, although it also offered many benefits. Again, the excessive use of pesticides and herbicides, as well as the manipulation of GMOs, make soybean crops unstable. Today's soy is not what it once was. Now it has changed and is a byproduct that feeds on pathogens. While soy does not feed viruses and bacteria on the same scale as corn, it has the potential to become an equally harmful food.

One of the main problems with soy is its relatively high fat content, which hides GMO information and high concentrations of pesticides and herbicides. Organic, unmodified soy is what you want to look for, although there are no guarantees that it will be pure. If you like soy, try not to let it dominate your diet and instead consume it sparingly. Whenever possible, choose sprouted soybeans, which are lower in fat and therefore have a lower concentration of toxic chemicals.

Pork is not perfect

One of the problems with pork products is that they tend to be higher in fat than any other animal product, even if the pork is "clean". The other problem is the type of fat that pork contains. While it looks like a typical animal fat, it actually dissipates into the bloodstream long after it's consumed—typically 12 to 16 hours, compared to the 3 to 6 hours it takes other animal fats to dissipate.

Because of the long period it takes for lard to leave your circulation, if you eat sausage pizza for dinner and bacon the next morning, the lard from the night before hasn't had a chance to leave your circulation before breakfast gives you another dose. This means your blood doesn't get a chance to oxygenate between meals. For other sources of fat, such as other animal proteins, the time between dinner and breakfast is enough to give your body at least a break.

Oxygen is key. When you're dealing with thyroid disease or another health condition, you don't want your blood to be high in fat, especially for long periods of time. The higher the level of fat in your bloodstream, the less oxygen your blood will have, and oxygen helps you kill bacteria and viruses like EBV . Higher fat content and less oxygen means more opportunity for EBV and its related pathogens to thrive at your expense. Lower fat and more oxygen means your body is better able to fight off EBV.

Pork fat also puts a strain on the liver, making it nearly impossible for heavy metals, pesticides, EBV cells, or viral waste to leave your body. Instead, these toxins are absorbed back into your organs, which in turn can make it harder for bodily functions, such as the conversion of thyroid hormones in the liver.

If you want to give your body the best chance to recover while you heal, stay away from bacon, sausages, ham, pork rinds, roast pork, pork ribs, pork chops, pork tenderloin, pork, processed pork products meat and bacon, as delicious as they are.


It can feel overwhelming to give up the comforts of certain foods as you work on your recovery. Note that you don't need to give up ham and cheese sandwiches ( or any of the other foods on this list ). Give up problem foods little by little. Put a list of what you are trying to avoid on the fridge to remind yourself and those who live with you. Start with one or two new recipes from Anthony William's book The Healing Medium: Thyroid Healing to see how your life will change without these foods.

One of the best ways to get ahead is to fill your life with so many of the healing foods we'll cover in the Power Thyroid Healing Foods article that you simply don't have room in your fridge or on your plate for those that used to be a more regular part of your diet. So many people have experienced the beneficial effects of focusing on these foods and the absence of old favorites disappears quickly. If you still feel this lack and desire to return to your favorite foods, you may find solace in the "Food for the Soul" chapter in Anthony William's book The Healing Medium: The Best Foods .

Above all, know that you are not alone as you make these changes in your life. We believe in you 100 percent. We are in this fight together. You can handle it. You are not alone!

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