There is concern that extra zinc intake leads to copper depletion in your body. Don't let this misconception hold you back. As Anthony William describes in his book The Healing Medium: Healing the Thyroid Gland , zinc deficiency is one of the most serious triggers for viral problems such as Hashimoto's disease . Humanity is massively deficient in zinc these days, and this gives EBV the edge it needs to gain traction in the population. When you are zinc deficient, you are much more vulnerable to the symptoms and conditions we have covered in the thyroid disease articles .

When you take the right kind of zinc supplement, like the liquid zinc sulfate that Anthony William recommends, you don't need to worry about copper loss. This zinc does not remove the essential trace element copper that helps your health, it only removes the toxic copper, and there is a huge difference between the two. In fact, even with a weaker zinc supplement, you shouldn't have to worry about losing copper because the trace element copper is one of the most assimilable and available of the daily food sources, so we're all high in copper. . We are able to replenish it quickly and are not at risk of shortages. It's also very common to be high in this toxic copper, so if a weaker zinc supplement clears you of it, it's doing you a favor. Of course, it is still best to choose a high-quality liquid zinc sulfate , without preservatives.

Another zinc-related trend is gaining popularity recently. She claims that if you can taste the zinc in a zinc supplement, it means you no longer need zinc. This is not true. If you've been taking zinc for a few weeks or months and suddenly start to taste it, it doesn't mean you suddenly don't need it. Or if you suffer from a sore throat and you try some zinc to see if it helps and find you don't need it because the zinc tastes strong, you'll be missing out on getting over the symptom sooner. Taking small doses of a liquid zinc sulfate dietary supplement directly into a throat infected with a bacterial or viral infection can be the difference between getting sick and getting well.

Many factors affect what zinc tastes like at any given time, including prescription medications and dozens of foods, drinks, and combinations thereof. Drinking herbal tea with lemon and honey, for example, will enhance the taste of zinc taken afterward for at least four to six hours. Drinking coffee will do the opposite, with its bitterness overwhelming the taste buds and making them less sensitive to zinc detection. So whether or not you can taste zinc is an inaccurate indicator of whether or not you are deficient. It is better to determine if you have a thyroid problem or other chronic symptom or disease that sends you to the doctor for help. Zinc deficiency is widespread. As with iodine, zinc deficiency can be passed on at birth.

It is already difficult to get enough zinc from food alone. Even the best organic farms lack this mineral in the soil, in part due to increased levels of toxic heavy metals that fall from the sky, alter the pH balance of the soil, destroy soil microorganisms and react negatively with soil trace elements such as zinc. This means that while pumpkin seeds, which are famous for their zinc content, can be really helpful, along with some of the foods noted for zinc in the " Powerful Thyroid Healing Foods" article , if you're struggling with a symptom or condition , then additional support with high-quality liquid zinc sulfate will offer you an important immune boost. Consult your doctor about the right dose for you. And remember: fearing zinc will only hinder your healing.

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