“My first encounter with cancer was when I was four years old, the same time I first received my gift of the Spirit. I was sitting at the dining room table when the Spirit appeared to me and instructed me to tell my grandmother that she had lung cancer. Even though I didn't know what the term meant, I repeated it, to the astonishment of everyone at the table. The doctor soon confirmed that my revelation was true.

I then asked the Spirit how this happened. Why did my grandmother get cancer? The spirit replied that it was a combination of the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) , plus various toxins in the form of heavy metals, DDT and other pesticides, solvents, plastics and petroleum products. The words were foreign to me at that young age, although I could tell they were serious. Since then, all the time I have had this gift, I have taken cancer personally. Over the years, I have helped countless people who have battled cancer find answers, safety, and healing.

I have been asked why I have not touched on the topic of cancer in my previous books. In fact, the topic of cancer appears in both books, most notably in The Best Foods , where dozens of foods are mentioned for their cancer-fighting properties, with targeted healing foods for specific forms of cancer—including cancer of the thyroid gland. I understand why people want more though. Cancer is a big and scary topic and remains a mystery to medical research and science. There are no answers to the question of why it even exists or how to protect yourself and your loved ones, so people are left with many unanswered questions.

With each book I want to include as much healing information as possible. I aim to give you all the insights I can at once, but then I'm always faced with the reality: that it's only one book and I can't fit everything there is to say. Until now, there was simply no room for a more detailed examination of cancer. I believe it is finally time for that to change.”

Anthony William: "The Healing Medium: Healing the Thyroid Gland" .

The not so distant past

From various sources you will learn that cancer has always been a part of human history. According to these sources, cancer has interfered with life for 500, 1000 years and even since ancient times. They will tell you that cancer can be found in mummies, and one day they will even tell you that cancer was found in a caveman found preserved in ice for tens of thousands of years.

The truth is that malignant cancer is a relatively recent phenomenon. Although the old tumors could have been life-threatening if they had grown in such a way as to interfere with organ function, they were not caused by cancer cells, but were benign. When the ancient Greeks used the word that eventually gave rise to the English word 'cancer', they did not mean what we mean today when we say 'cancer'. Their term was a general term for all diseases where someone was ill, did not recover, and even died without explanation. Tumors – benign tumors – were only a small part of this definition. Tumors at that time were formed from old scars from wounds and from toxic heavy metals that saturate living tissue. The true origins of malignant cancer date back only to the time of the Industrial Revolution.

Why are they telling us otherwise? Why are we led to believe that cancer is practically prehistoric? Because if we believe that cancer has been with us since the beginning of humanity, then we will think that the predisposition to it is written in our genes and therefore we are the ones who have to take the blame for it. If we are convinced that we are creating the cancer within ourselves, or that the cancer is our fault because we are fragile human beings, we will not search harder for the answers we are not supposed to know.

You deserve answers, so let's take the mystery out of thyroid cancer together.

Thyroid cancer virus

In 98% of cases, cancer is caused by a virus and at least one type of toxin. There are many viruses that can be linked to cancer. EBV is one of them and in combination with toxins is the virus responsible for thyroid cancer. (EBV is also responsible for breast cancer, liver cancer, almost all lung cancers, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, female reproductive cancer, leukemia, and many others).

It's easy to think that a mother and daughter who look and sound alike and both develop thyroid cancer in their lifetime get the same cancer because of genes. This is what we are supposed to think because it prevents us from examining external sources.

Of course, facial features and vocal chords are inherited genetically, but diseases are not. Here's the real equation: virus + toxins = cancer

When a certain virus has the right fuel in the form of certain toxins, it can lead to cancer. Do you notice that genes don't factor into this equation at all? What the medical community interprets as cancer-predisposing genetics is actually the transmission of viruses and toxins from generation to generation, or exposure to the same viruses and toxins within a family as the family lives together. It is possible that the mother and daughter inherited EBV through the family line, and then, in the daughter's childhood, both were exposed to harmful toxins that fueled the virus.

To look at how Epstein-Barr virus became part of the cancer equation, let's go back to the historical development of EBV. First, the Industrial Revolution came, and with it the development of brand new chemical compounds loaded with heavy metals that began to pollute the world and our bodies. EBV fed on these poisons to try to protect us from them like the good, loyal virus that it still was. In processing these poisons, the virus cells actually process the poisons into a more toxic form, releasing them into whatever tissue surrounds them - in the liver, lungs, pancreas, breast, thyroid, or elsewhere - to protect them. Once eliminated as a byproduct of EBV, these processed poisons can once again serve as food for the virus. This happens continuously, with only the strongest cells of the virus surviving and multiplying – those that can tolerate increasingly stronger poisons.

When EBV first changes in this way, it is not yet cancerous. Benign tumors could form from the dead human tissue killed by the poisonous byproduct of EBV, and for the most part that was it. (Malignant EBV tumors were still extremely rare. Those that did form resulted from the first mutated strain of EBV that came into contact with early experimental chemical compounds.) What this period really did, is to set the stage for some strains of EBV to eventually become cancerous when they encounter the right fuel.

As the years progressed and we entered the second half of the 19th century, the virus became even stronger. In the late 19th century, more industrial chemical creations appeared, this time experimental fungicides, herbicides and antibiotics, which took EBV to a new level, forcing the virus to mutate into one that was no longer useful to our bodies. With these new chemical compounds as fuel, EBV's toxic waste becomes more toxic than ever. When this viral by-product has saturated the living tissue of whatever part of the body it was in at any given time—for example, the thyroid gland—the formation of keloids and benign tumors from damaged, scarred tissue and dead human cells begins to occur. more often. At the same time, EBV mutated to be able to tolerate its own processed toxic waste. He is already starting to take care of himself.

As the 20th century progressed, some strains of EBV became known to cause cancer. And over the past 100-plus years, these strains of EBV have continued to mutate as they consume more sophisticated, newer types of toxins.

You can read more about the early years of the Epstein-Barr virus in the article: "Thyroid diseases - how it all started" . 

How does thyroid cancer form?

When someone is infected with one of the mutated strains of EBV that can cause cancer, the strain continues to mutate in the body if it has adequate fuel in the form of toxins. The virus picks up toxins on its way and goes through this recycling process, releasing poisons that are stronger than when they entered it, almost like the trial-and-error synthesis process that chemical companies use to create new, powerful chemical compounds. This probably sounds similar to the description from the Thyroid Truth article of how neurotoxins and dermatotoxins are produced, and it is. The difference is that cancer-causing strains of EBV tend to produce less neurotoxins and dermatotoxins than some other varieties of EBV. Instead, they aim to process toxins into more general cell-damaging poisons. If the virus is in the thyroid gland at this time, the processed poisons will saturate the area of ​​the gland where the virus cells reside, damaging the thyroid tissue. The virus will engulf the dead tissue cells that are full of processed poisons, and much of the virus will begin to die from the toxicity – in fact, at this stage, the viral load in the thyroid may decrease by 50 to 70%.

A new cycle begins. The EBV cells that survive will be the ones best equipped to deal with the poisons. They will feed on any old or new toxins in the infected body. In addition, their viral byproduct – this time even stronger after another cycle of processing – will once again saturate the thyroid tissue, killing some of the organ's healthy cells, and the virus will consume these poison-saturated tissue cells as well. EBV cells that cannot tolerate the increased toxicity will die and the new round of survivors will be even stronger than the previous one.

A third cycle will begin. This time, as the virus resynthesizes and processes a new batch of poisons, it once again saturates the adjacent thyroid tissue and consumes the resulting toxic, dead thyroid cells. Instead of dying off normally, like the virus cells of the previous cycles that took place six months to two years earlier, the virus cells that are poisoned this time reach their capacity for mutation. As a last-ditch survival method, when they are no longer able to mutate, these dying virus cells produce an enzymatic chemical compound that turns them into living cancer cells. Now, instead of being on the brink of death, they have life after death.

With new structures, these cells consume the processed – poison-laden – thyroid cells to reproduce and multiply, this time as cancer. As they do this, the cancer cells in turn release a new enzymatic biochemical into the nearby thyroid tissue, slowly turning these human cells into cancer as well.

Both ex-viral cancer cells and ex-human cancer cells have life within them and band together to survive. In these groups they need food. A process of angiogenesis occurs, in which tiny blood vessels form – much like the tiny veins in a leaf – to bring nutrients across the microscopic membrane that holds the clusters of cancer cells together. (Angiogenesis as a concept has been discovered by medical science and research, although the specifics we are addressing in this article are not yet known.)

Meanwhile, there are still active EBV cells in the thyroid gland that have not turned cancerous. They continue to cycle by consuming and re-consuming toxins, and their waste products can continue to kill living thyroid tissue. The vessels of the cancerous cell mass will suck in both processed poisons and dead human cells as fuel, allowing a malignant tumor or thyroid cyst to form and then grow and expand.

Both prerequisites are required

Let's be clear that EBV does not automatically lead to thyroid cancer. First of all, only certain mutated strains of EBV groups 4 and 5 can form cancer cells. Second, a particularly potent variety of toxins must also be included in the equation. As you can see in the process we just looked at, EBV needs fuel at every step to progress to the development of cancer.

We shouldn't think too much about the toxins involved in cancer. We don't have to know we're inheriting them. Instead, as we said, we are expected to think that cancer is genetic. If it's genetic, then it's our fault, and if it's our fault, no one else will pay the price. Consider mesothelioma, a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos (one of the few rare cancers that does not require a virus). When the cause of mesothelioma came to light, companies were forced to raise a multibillion dollar fund for patients and families affected by this cancer. This is just one industrial toxin. Now imagine if the industrial plants responsible for producing all the various toxins that fuel EBV were exposed. Just researching EBV and its mutations will cost billions. That would be disastrous. Class action lawsuits will follow, dozens of multi-trillion dollar funds will have to be created, and industries will have to pay the price for the last 150 years of cancer development.

So instead of the truth coming out about how different types of cancer develop, we are told that we create it with our DNA or even our thoughts. Medical research and science focus on the genes that are responsible for cancer and how to treat cancer once it has already formed, while the process of how this disease actually starts remains in the dark.

But now you know the truth, and it has to do with toxins. So many variables affect how an EBV (or any other virus) cancer forms and develops. Does anyone have more dioxins in their body? More heavy metals, more pesticides, more pharmaceuticals? What kinds? What poisons are inherited through family lines? Next, if there is a virus – what is the strain? How much has he mutated? If someone has less toxins and a strain of the virus that is less aggressive, their cancer may not be as devastating, and conversely, the cancer may develop much more quickly. In addition, the immune system should be considered - is it compromised or still strong? If we are to make great progress in understanding cancer as a society, this is where medical research and science will focus.

A healing formula

The formula "virus + toxins = cancer" may sound startling. Don't worry about her. It is much less frightening than not knowing how or why cancer strikes us.

Let's say you learn about a 90-year-old man who smoked for 70 years and never developed lung cancer. Although smoking may have had many other negative effects on his health, cancer was not among them. Then consider someone who developed lung cancer and never smoked a day in their life, despite being exposed to another type of toxins. What sets the two apart? By now you would probably say that the answer is a mystery and most likely comes down to genetics. In light of this article, you can say that the one who didn't get cancer was the one without the virus. And that knowledge puts you in control of your own life—certainly a better option than living in fear. Whether you want to prevent thyroid cancer or manage thyroid cancer that has already occurred, you already know the steps you need to take: (1) lower your viral load and (2) eliminate toxins from your body. The Healing Medium: Thyroid Healing book gives you the opportunity to do both.

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