Your organs and glands need nourishment. To some extent, this is clear to us - after all, we constantly hear the term "food for the brain" and not by chance. To cope with the busyness of everyday life, our brain needs all kinds of fuel.

The thyroid also needs food. Especially when she is exhausted after weeks, months or years of fighting the Epstein-Barr thyroid virus . This second brain of your body needs nutritional therapy in order to recover. In addition, your nerves, immune system, liver, lymphatic system, adrenal glands, and brain all need their share of nourishment after dealing with Epstein-Barr virus . This is where the information in this article comes in handy. It will help give your body the tools it needs to kill the virus, repair the damage it has done, and regenerate itself for a healthier future.

You will probably wonder if you will need to change your life overnight. Absolutely not! Think of this article as a list of all the options available to you rather than a rulebook. Incorporating these healing elements into your life is all about creating a nutritional diet that is sustainable for you. The most important thing is to move forward in a way that works for you, so that you don't give up after three days or even before you've started and decide you're not up to the task. You are all set for this. Be persistent and believe in yourself starting this. It's not about believing in yet another diet plan, it's about finding what works best for you as a person.

One of the challenges in curing EBV is that when the virus begins to die in certain parts of the body, it fights back by trying to start a second and even third cycle of infection. That's why after a period of feeling better, new symptoms or a new wave of fatigue may appear. Take heart that this is a natural part of healing and that the more of these healing foods you introduce into your life, the more you will be able to shorten or prevent these additional cycles of the virus.

It is very important not to have the mindset that adding these foods to your diet is an obligation. Healing foods will be your new best friends. These are not the friends who wear you down and screw you up, the ones whose calls you try to avoid out of concern for your health. These healing foods are the friends who have your back and are always there for you no matter what. As you work to rid yourself of EBV and restore the health of your thyroid and the rest of your body, these antiviral, antibacterial, tissue-repairing, immune-boosting, hormone-stabilizing, mood-enhancing, purifying, health-transforming remedies will be the most -the loyal and dedicated supporters you could ask for. They are truly life changing.


Since you are now the expert on your own health, you are the person who can best judge which of the foods described in this article are appropriate for your condition and symptoms. If you want to add them all, even better! If you want to take a more measured and realistic approach, choose three foods to focus on during the first week. Put the list on your fridge to remind you to include one serving of each in your diet each day. In the next week, choose three more foods, add them to the list and also include them in your daily diet. This is not about eating a leaf of lettuce or a piece of apple here and there. In order to experience a significant change, you will need to make sure that you are consuming these healing foods in the right amount.

You can see how quickly unproductive foods can be pushed out of your diet when you emphasize these healing foods. To help you introduce these foods into your life, we'll be featuring many of Anthony William's thyroid healing recipes that you can expect to see on our blog . If you want to learn even more about the specific properties and benefits of these foods, you'll find more detailed features about them, along with more recipes, in Anthony William's book The Best Foods . And if the thought of eating fruit for health contradicts what you've heard, check out The Truth About Fruit on our blog or read more in The Healing Medium to put those concerns aside. Know that if you deprive yourself of fruit, you will deprive yourself of healing.

Arm your thyroid with artichokes

Artichoke is one of your best allies when you are healing from thyroid virus. Its core contains nutrients that support and restore the thyroid gland itself specifically phytochemicals that communicate with the system to transmit frequencies to other organs. These phytochemicals are an undiscovered subset of isothiocyanates that work specifically with the enzymes and amino acids in our bodies to enter and support our immune system and thyroid gland. These compounds support the production of thyroid hormones, which so far remain undiscovered by medical research and science. These subgroups of isothiocyanates also help shrink nodules, tumors and cysts by triggering an anti-tumor hormone found in human cells, exposing the EBV that created them to our immune system. In addition, these subgroups supplement the thyroid gland with tyrosine, a chemical necessary for the production of thyroid hormones. They also help detoxify the liver from neurotoxins, dermatotoxins, heavy metals, etc.

The artichoke leaves – ie. the "meat" you bite into at the base of the artichoke's scales are like a shield for the thyroid gland. That's because the edible part of the artichoke leaves (technically the bracts) contain alkaloid compounds that send messages to certain parts of your immune system to protect your thyroid from invaders like EBV . When EBV has already penetrated the thyroid gland, the artichoke has an anti-proliferative effect, helping to slow the virus's development there. Including artichokes in your nutritional diet is like giving your delicate and precious thyroid gland its own shield.

For guidance on how to prepare artichokes and include them in your diet, see the recipe "Steamed artichokes with two types of sauce" .

IMPORTANT!: Canned, bottled, and even some frozen artichoke cores often contain citric acid, a corn-derived irritant, so you should soak them overnight to get rid of the preservative before eating them.

Other healing foods, your allies

When you combine artichokes with the foods on this list, you're giving your body an incredible set of recovery tools.

  • Aloe Vera: Fresh aloe leaf gel is a great antiviral that also flushes toxins from the blood and body, helping to cleanse the liver of pesticides. Aloe supports the work of the adrenal glands and extracts radiation from the thyroid gland.
  • Apples: anti-inflammatory for the thyroid gland, as they destroy EBV . When pectin enters their digestive system, it releases phytochemicals that bind to EBV, enveloping the virus's cells so they can't feed and reproduce.
  • Arugula: Reduces thyroid nodules, tumors, and cysts (both cancerous and benign) and helps prevent EBV-related thyroid cancer. The phytochemical compounds in arugula penetrate the thyroid gland, rejuvenating the thyroid tissue while reducing its scarring. These compounds also push old stores of prescription thyroid medication deposits out of the liver.
  • Asparagus: cleanses the liver and spleen, strengthens the pancreas and acts as an amazing thyroid supporter. Asparagus not only suppresses the growth of EBV , but stops it completely. Phytochemicals in the skin and tips of asparagus repel the virus and help stop it from multiplying. Asparagus also contains a pain-relieving alkaloid that acts like a gentle aspirin throughout the body. Try them raw, juiced or steamed.
  • Seaweed (especially dulse and kelp): Just as we put iodine on wounds, the iodine content in seaweed like dulse is an antiseptic for the thyroid gland. When absorbed by the gland, it becomes one of the thyroid's most powerful combat mechanisms, along with zinc . Fortunately, dulse and other seaweeds also contain some zinc . These two valuable minerals working together can defeat the viral infection in the thyroid gland, thereby stopping thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid gland). Seaweed also helps protect the thyroid gland from the effects of radiation, remove radiation from it, and prevent thyroid cancer.
  • Avocado: contains phytochemicals that protect the mucosa of the digestive tract from the cofactor of EBV - streptococcal bacteria . It also contains an easily digestible form of copper that helps balance the production of T4 and T3 thyroid hormones. The natural glucose in avocados soothes sensitive nerves throughout the body that have been irritated by viral neurotoxins.
  • Bananas: provide amino acids and the right kind of potassium to restore neurotransmitters after they have been depleted by EBV neurotoxins . They also have powerful antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. A great source of calcium as the trees grow in calcium rich soil, they are also a great remedy for hypoglycemia as they help balance blood sugar. Don't be alarmed by the fad that bananas have too much sugar. Their fruit sugar is actually an extremely important brain food, and it's also linked to the amino acids and minerals that give bananas their vital nutrition.
  • Basil: This herb's antiviral abilities come in part from phytochemical compounds that can enter the thyroid gland and slow the breakthrough of EBV cells. Basil helps reduce nodules, cysts and tumors, and has anti-cancer compounds that help prevent thyroid cancer.
  • Berries: have a profound effect on the thyroid gland, especially because they are rich in antioxidants, which can act as a mechanism to slow down the accelerated damage to thyroid tissues. Certain fruits also offer specific healing properties. For example, blackberries help reduce the growth of nodules while strengthening and strengthening thyroid tissue. Raspberries are a great whole-body detox food, rich in antioxidants that specifically remove EBV byproduct and other viral debris from the bloodstream, allowing for easier overall cleansing. Raspberries also tend to bind to and remove contaminants delivered to the intestinal tract by the liver loaded with viral waste. (Wild blueberries have a separate entry on this list.)
  • Cauliflower: it is often avoided by patients with thyroid problems because it is labeled as "goitrogenic", but it is actually one of the thyroid's best friends because it helps it fight EBV and contains the trace element boron. which supports the entire endocrine system. Cauliflower also contains phytochemicals that can stop the thyroid from shrinking during the atrophy that can occur with long-term overtreatment of prescription thyroid hormones.
  • Celery: Increases hydrochloric acid in the gut and helps the liver produce bile to break down food. Provides mineral salts that are anti-EBV and support the central nervous system with powerful electrolytes while stabilizing and supporting the adrenal glands. Celery stalks have the ability to cleanse the thyroid gland of EBV toxins . It also boosts the production of thyroid hormone T3.
  • Coriander: Works wonders in fighting EBV. It is crucial for binding the toxic heavy metals like mercury and lead that feed the virus. It also binds to EBV neurotoxins, which, when loose in the body, can cause numbness and stiffness, pain, inflammation, depression and anxiety.
  • Coconut: Antiviral and Anti-Inflammatory: Coconut kills EBV cells and reduces the growth of nodules. Helps protect the central nervous system from exposure to EBV neurotoxins . Try it in the form of coconut oil , coconut tahini, coconut flour (if unsweetened and unadulterated), coconut milk, and coconut water .
  • Cruciferous vegetables: the rich sulfur content in these foods is a disinfectant and deterrent to EBV in the thyroid gland. Sulfur has a cloaking quality, saturating the gland and creating a smoke screen effect so that the virus cannot function properly. At the same time, this sulfur helps to revitalize the gland itself contrary to popular belief that these cruciferous vegetables are problematic for the thyroid gland. In order of importance, here are some of the best cruciferous plants to introduce into your life (more on the top five separately in this list): cauliflower, cabbage, radishes, arugula, watercress, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi , lettuce, broccoli rabe and mustard.
  • Cucumbers: Strengthens the adrenal glands and kidneys and removes EBV neurotoxins from the bloodstream. Hydrates the lymphatic system, especially the part based around the neck area (where the thyroid gland has its own immune system with specially designated lymphocytes that seek out EBV cells), allowing for better thyroid cleansing. Hydration with cucumbers can slow and even stop a developing mononucleosis infection.
  • Dates: contain potassium, magnesium and glucose, which support the endocrine system. Dates help cleanse the liver of debris often caused by EBV waste products . They also induce a peristaltic action, helping the intestinal tract to squeeze and push out the many varieties of waste that can burden the body as it tries to heal itself.
  • Fennel: high in vitamin C and other powerful antiviral compounds to fight EBV. Fennel seeds contain an aspirin-like compound with a laxative quality that acts as an anti-inflammatory to the thyroid gland inflamed by EBV. This calming of the thyroid gland helps to improve the production of hormones in it.
  • Figs: trap toxins in the intestinal tract and flush them out of the body so you can heal. They also cleanse the liver of pesticides, old pharmaceuticals such as thyroid medication, and other wastes that make the liver less suitable for EBV to live in .
  • Garlic: an antiviral and antibacterial product that protects against EBV by killing the cells of the virus. It also kills strep , a cofactor of EBV, allowing for less urinary tract infections, sinus infections, and the possibility of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) . Assists in the removal of toxic viral and bacterial waste from the lymphatic system.
  • Ginger: aids in the absorption of nutrients and relieves spasms associated with EBV and excessive stress. Loaded with its own signature variety of bioavailable vitamin C , ginger is also a powerful antiviral against EBV. One of ginger's special qualities is its ability to bring the body out of a reactive state that can easily happen when EBV is on the scene by calming the nerves and muscles. Ginger helps balance and homeostasis the thyroid gland by raising it if it is hypoactive and calming it if it is hyperactive.
  • Hemp seed: provides trace elements and vital amino acids for the thyroid gland. It wonderfully protects the heart from the byproduct of EBV biofilm, which can clog the organ's valves and cause palpitations. It is also useful for strengthening the cardiovascular system. It helps to protect other parts of the body that are affected by EBV , including the eyes – for example it helps to reduce cloudiness in the eyes.
  • Kale: high in specific alkaloids that protect against viruses such as EBV. Its phytochemicals can penetrate the thyroid gland, destroying the pockets of EBV that begin to develop there during the early stages of the virus entering the gland.
  • Lemons and limes: improve digestion by increasing levels of hydrochloric acid (the good acid) in the gut. They strengthen the lining of the intestines, cleanse the liver, and offer supplemental calcium to prevent osteoporosis, when EBV prompts nodules throughout the body to deplete calcium stores. Lemons and limes also balance sodium levels in the blood, allowing electrolytes to activate and improve neurotransmitter activity that is hampered by EBV neurotoxins causing brain fog and other neurological symptoms.
  • Lettuce (especially butter lettuce and romaine lettuce): stimulates peristalsis of the intestinal tract and helps clear EBV from the liver and lymphatic system. Purifies the blood and builds the circulatory system. Contains micronutrient salts that support the adrenal glands, which in turn support the thyroid gland.
  • Mango: contains a huge amount of carotene, which restores the spleen and liver, nourishes the brain and cleanses the lymphatic system of the toxins of EBV waste matter. It also provides bioactive magnesium and glucose that calm the nerves to help sleep problems caused by EBV.
  • Maple syrup: contains dozens of trace elements that strengthen the brain and the rest of the nervous system, protecting them from oxidation due to damage from heavy metals and EBV neurotoxins . It helps build glycogen stores in the liver and brain to balance blood sugar, which keeps the adrenal glands strong and stable so they can support the thyroid.
  • Nuts (especially walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds and cashews): contain trace elements such as zinc, selenium and manganese, which are useful for thyroid support. Walnuts, for example, contain antiviral and antibacterial phytochemical compounds that inhibit EBV from multiplying in the liver, spleen, and thyroid.
  • Chives and green onions: another fantastic resource because of their sulfur content, which confuses and destroys EBV while nourishing the gland itself. As with cruciferous vegetables, the heat is what gives them their value. Onions are very important in fighting EBV because they have powerful antiviral properties.
  • Oranges and tangerines: Like lemons and limes, they are a rich source of calcium, which is vital when your body needs the mineral to block EBV from damaging your thyroid. Getting plenty of bioavailable calcium—the best source is citrus fruits—prevents your body from having to use calcium stores in your bones. The vitamin C content in oranges and tangerines is also an EBV fighter, helping to revive the liver after EBV damage and to cleanse the organ of fat and virus debris, thus helping you lose weight.
  • Papaya: restores the central nervous system after damage by neurotoxins. Strengthens and restores hydrochloric acid in the intestines. The vitamin C content is a secret weapon against EBV and also helps cleanse and restore the liver. The phytochemical compounds in papaya that fill its rich, radiant, red-orange flesh have the ability to bring more sunlight into the thyroid gland itself when one is outside enjoying a nice day. This extra absorption of sunlight slows the growth of EBV and its ability to twist and burrow into the thyroid gland. Papaya also helps stop thyroid gland atrophy.
  • Parsley: Removes high levels of copper and aluminum that feed EBV and in turn cause skin problems. It boosts the production of the thyroid hormone T3, helping to nourish and restore the thyroid gland.
  • Pears: restore and nourish the liver while cleansing and clearing the organ of pesticides and EBV waste. This process helps correct a sluggish liver so that excess weight loss can be achieved. Very helpful in reducing insulin resistance, balancing blood sugar and supporting the adrenal glands.
  • Pomegranate: helps to detoxify and purify the blood as well as the lymphatic system. Suppress EBV and other viruses; break down nodules, tumors and cysts throughout the body, including the thyroid gland; revitalize and rejuvenate thyroid tissue. Supports the adrenal glands. Helps protect and cleanse the parathyroid gland.
  • Potatoes: Potatoes, often labeled as a "white" food devoid of nutrients, are actually one of the most powerful anti-EBV foods. High in lysine, they also contain tyrosine, a chemical necessary for the production of thyroid hormones.
  • Radishes: an anti-viral food that contains magic sulfur, slowing down EBV with its smoke effect. They help prevent and reduce thyroid cancer and remove radiation from it. When the thyroid gland is exhausted from fighting EBV, it is starved for trace elements. Even when the ground seems barren, radishes absorb from the ground more than 30 trace elements that are especially useful for revitalizing and strengthening the thyroid gland. Radishes also help prevent thyroid atrophy.
  • Raw honey: the best fuel for nourishing and revitalizing the thyroid gland. The glucose and other nutrients in raw honey are effectively directed to the thyroid gland to nourish it. Medical science still does not know the symbiotic relationship between honey and the thyroid gland. It is also an antiviral that helps fight EBV because of its zinc content .
  • Sesame seed: strengthens the central nervous system while providing amino acids such as tyrosine and lysine in highly bioavailable microforms that are easily entered and absorbed by the thyroid gland to improve its function and suppress EBV .
  • Spinach: creates an alkaline environment in the body and provides highly absorbable trace elements for the nervous system. It binds to and removes the jelly-like viral waste in the liver that can contribute to mysterious weight gain and mysterious heart flutters. A particularly good means of rejuvenating the skin and reversing conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Sprouts and microgreens: high in zinc and selenium to boost the immune system against EBV, they also contain important micronutrients for the thyroid gland and help reduce the growth of nodules.
  • Winter squash (especially zucchini and squash): help stabilize the thyroid gland and increase the production of thyroid hormones T4 and T3. They help restore the liver and support its ability to convert thyroid hormones. They provide easily digestible glucose to the brain and the rest of the nervous system to help heal the inflamed nerves caused by EBV.
  • Sweet potatoes: help cleanse and detoxify the liver from EBV byproducts and toxins . They help nourish the skin and support the adrenal glands. They help reduce fibroids and cysts throughout the body caused by EBV, including the ovarian cysts that lead to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
  • Thyme: an amazing anti-viral agent that is an integral part of clearing any thyroid disease. Its nutritional compounds enter the thyroid gland, killing EBV there and allowing the thyroid gland to regain control of itself, and this valuable food also lowers the viral load throughout the body, helping to relieve many symptoms.
  • Tomatoes: contain their own form of vitamin C , which is bioavailable to the lymphatic system and liver, supports the immune system to keep it strong against EBV, and prevents the virus from moving easily through the body. This vitamin C also supports the thyroid's own immune system in the neck area. As they grow, tomatoes absorb and collect the frequency of moonlight at night, just as the thyroid gland collects the sun's rays during the day. This means that when consumed, tomatoes enhance the radio frequencies of the thyroid gland, helping to create balance and homeostasis with all the organs and glands of the body.
  • Turmeric: Helps repair thyroid tissue by allowing the thyroid gland to regenerate and repair itself. It helps deal with viral problems throughout the body by acting as an anti-inflammatory as it knocks down EBV and reduces viral load.
  • Watercress: helps stop the growth of EBV scarring in the liver and thyroid. It pushes old pharmaceutical storage containers, such as thyroid medication, out of the liver, clearing it of buildup so you can lose weight.
  • Wild blueberries: help restore the central nervous system and clear EBV neurotoxins from the liver. They contain extremely powerful antioxidants that help restore thyroid tissue and reduce the growth of nodules. They help remove toxic heavy metals from the brain and liver. Ultimately, all this means is that wild blueberries stop the brain from shrinking and the thyroid gland from shrinking. Wild blueberries are not to be confused with their larger, cultivated cousins, and can be found in the frozen foods section of many grocery stores.

We offer you a healthy way to combine some of these foods in the recipe: Thyroid Healing Broth .

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