At the beginning of your recovery process, you can focus on incorporating the healing foods and nutritional supplements from the articles “Powerful Thyroid Healing Foods” and “Herbs and Thyroid Supplements” . When you're ready to take it to the next level, the 90-day cleanse we're going to introduce you to in this article is just for you.

The 90 Day Thyroid Therapy is suitable for everyone. Whether you're on a high-protein, gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan diet, or don't adhere to any particular nutritional diet or nutritional belief system. This cleanse is a critical approach to killing EBV and restoring your body and thyroid that can be incorporated into any type of daily routine.

Here's how it works: For 90 days, follow the directions in this article. With each new month, choose which of the three 30-day plans to follow based on your individual needs, resources, and schedule. The essence of this mode is in "combining and matching".

Many people can heal using Option A alone (Liver, Lymph and Intestine Release Month) , and some may only need a month of it instead of the full 90 days. Many people may only need to repeat Option B (Heavy Metal Detox Month) for the entire 90 day period to clear up their symptoms and feel better. For others - those who have had the disease for a long time or have an aggressive form of EBV - Option B (Thyroid Virus Cleanse Month) will give the best chance for a cure. Every person is different.

Want to make incremental changes? Then you'll probably like the natural progression where you start with Option A, move to Option B, and end with Option C.

Want to proceed with a more aggressive treatment? Then you might want to start straight away with Option C, then move on to Option B and finish with Option A.

Desperate to see dramatic changes in your health? Then it might be best to repeat Option B three times in a row to fill all 90 days or more.

You decide which approach to take. Write down somewhere what's on the "what to add" list and what's on the "what to avoid" list as a reminder when food choices get overwhelming. If your life is very busy and you find it difficult to stick to a daily schedule during any of these months, try to give your best. For example, if you're on the go all day, pack your tonic drinks in the morning and take them with you in a cooler bag. Or drink what you can in the morning before work and save the rest for the evening when you get home. When you're on the road, consider taking a travel portable blender with you, as well as tossing a few lemons in your luggage. It is ideal if you can take the full amount of each product during the day before going to bed, although you will not jeopardize your entire healing process if there are times when it is not possible to do everything. If one day you deviate from the plan, don't panic. Reevaluate what will work for you and steer yourself back on the right course willingly.

With each new month, evaluate your condition and progress. Have you been planning to step up to Option C but don't feel ready? Have you been meaning to cut back to Option A but feel too good to stop? In both cases, try to repeat the option that works best for you. When you get to the next month, see where you stand and reassess.

At the end of the 90 days, you may find that you feel inspired to continue. There are many people who have started the 28-day Healer Medium healing cleanse and felt so good at the end of the four weeks, when all their symptoms were gone, that they wanted to continue. You also have that option here. Feel free to turn it into a 120-day thyroid therapy or a 365-day cleanse.

Don't be discouraged if it takes a year or a year and a half to heal. Don't lose faith. Healing will begin immediately, even if symptoms accompany you for some time. Recovery simply takes time if the thyroid virus has been active in your body for many years, or if it's a variety that has caused you particularly severe symptoms. Know that you are not alone. Hold on! The reward is being able to get back to a normal lifestyle and it's worth it.

If you're someone who cleanses quickly and gets overwhelmed with detox symptoms, you don't need to go through the full cycle of either option from the start. Instead, pick one point from Option A to add to your life, follow the list of what to avoid, and see how those two steps play out over time. When you're done, you can move on to incorporating the rest of the points.

The point of this cleansing program is to focus on what you need in your life, not some arbitrary belief system or tendency.

The 90 Day Thyroid Therapy is definitely not about food deprivation or starvation. It often happens when people try any kind of cleanse that they tend to go into abstinence mode and not eat. Don't let this happen to you! Not only will this make it difficult to maintain the changes, but it will also stress your adrenal glands as you will be starving. For optimal adrenal support during treatment, try to eat every hour and a half to two hours. Breakfast is key.

Remember: It's about letting the virus starve, not you. The idea is to load up on delicious food to boost your thyroid and the rest of your body so you can get rid of your symptoms and get your life back. Especially with Option B, when you'll be making the most changes that may be outside of your normal routine, remember to eat to feel full, supplement meals with light snacks, and plan ahead so you don't stay full no food during trips or social events.

For emotional support as you give up some of the unproductive foods during this cleanse, you may find it helpful to see the "Food for the Soul" chapter in Anthony William's book The Healthiest Foods . And if you need ideas for delicious and healing meals, check out the thyroid recipes we've published on our blog, as well as check out the 50 recipes in the book The Best Foods .

As you look at the different options on the following pages, you may be struck by the simplicity of the monthly plans. Don't let their simplicity fool you. Sometimes people write off the simplest of measures as too simple to change the way they feel, when in fact the opposite is true. Celery juice, for example, is the cornerstone of any option – pure, unadulterated celery juice, with no added superfoods or powders. That's because celery juice itself is an undiscovered superfood with a complex nutritional profile. Only celery stalk juice alone can do its wonders. Alkalizing, enzyme-rich, electrolyte-enhancing, DNA-repairing, blood-sugar-balancing, antiseptic, and more, this toner is a "simple" step to health that shouldn't be overlooked.

The same goes for the rest of the steps. Most people who have struggled with symptoms for a long time and tried many different treatment methods have become sensitive. Their digestive system is sensitive, their central nervous system is sensitive – their whole body is sensitive. The techniques in this therapy are the best for caring for both these sensitive people and those with a healthier body. When taken seriously and applied correctly, these techniques hold great power.

And now prepare to enter a new stage of life: healing, cleansing, rebirth. May the next 90 days be filled with joy and transformation.


What to add

The following healing tonics can be added to your normal lifestyle by taking them with meals and snacks. You are not meant to go all day on these liquids alone. Make sure you eat enough food in between so you don't go hungry. Also keep in mind that whatever type of eating philosophy you follow, you'll want to make sure that some of the healing foods and supplements we've already shared with you are part of your daily routine for the best chance of quick and effective recovery.

  • Drink about half a liter of celery juice every morning on an empty stomach . (Make sure you're drinking fresh, pure celery juice with no other ingredients. For instructions on how to make it, see How to Make Celery Juice . If you're sensitive and a pint is too much, start with a smaller amount and increase it. Celery juice is a healing drink, not a caloric drink, so you'll still need breakfast afterwards to fill you up in the morning. Just wait at least 15 minutes after drinking the juice celery stalk before consuming anything else).
  • Drink about half a liter of water with lemon or lime at noon or in the early afternoon. (Squeeze the juice of half a lemon or lime into half a pint of water.)
  • In the late afternoon, drink about half a liter of water with lemon or lime.
  • Drink approximately half a liter of water with aloe or cucumber juice every night . (Instructions for making fresh aloe water can be found here . If you choose cucumber juice , use it neat or squeezed with a little parsley or cilantro if desired. If you are traveling and it is not possible to make aloe water or cucumber juice, try instead, drink an additional lemon water in the evening) .

What to avoid

  • Give up the non-productive foods that we described in the article "Which foods to avoid in thyroid diseases" : eggs, dairy products ( including milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, kefir and ghee ), gluten, canola, corn, soy and pork.

How are you being treated?

This month you will receive support for the liver, lymph and digestive system, while the protocol aims to fight EBV and give the thyroid a rest.

While you wouldn't necessarily think that gut health is important to your thyroid, it is crucial. When the levels of hydrochloric acid (the good acid) in the stomach are low, unproductive acids tend to rise up the esophagus while you sleep, affecting the thyroid gland and preventing it from healing. Celery juice is the best way to raise hydrochloric acid so that unproductive acids caused by bad bacteria stay away.

Celery juice also contains mineral salts with undiscovered disinfectant properties that make them antiviral, killing EBV throughout the body, as well as antibacterial to EBV's cofactor, strep , so they help lower your viral load.

Hydration is also key here. Chances are you're chronically dehydrated – most people are. When you're dehydrated, your body can't flush out debris properly, and your brain can't function at full capacity. The fresh juices and waters on this list are some of the most hydrating tonics on the planet. They provide living water and micronutrients that revitalize your cells and help cleanse the liver and lymphatic system of EBV and its waste. Lemon -lime water has the added benefit of helping to break up sludge and gallstones, which allows the liver to increase bile production, increase the level of hydrochloric acid in the gut, and reduce the bad acids that cause acid reflux . If you're someone who easily forgets to drink enough water, you'll find that introducing these tonics into your life is incredibly restorative. And if you're a stickler for drinking a certain number of glasses of water a day, you can replace your usual plain water with some of these tonics.

Remember, if you tend to detox quickly, you'll want to take these changes one step at a time. And if you're someone who has trouble detoxing, or if you've been told you can't detox ( usually along with a diagnosis of lupus or Raynaud's syndrome ), know that this is often a sign of a stagnant liver and an overworked lymphatic system, due to a high level of viral waste products. The best way to relieve this congestion, which may or may not have been diagnosed at the doctor's office, is with the measures in this option. These steps are a soothing, hydrating way to free up your body's filtering systems without paying the price of detox symptoms.

Expect a continuation of the 90-day protocol in part 2 of the article.

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