"The Unforgiving Four" according to Anthony William

Every day, many of us face dangers that have become an invariable part of our lives. Hazards such as falling off a bicycle, slipping on ice, or catching colds and flu. While these are absolutely real threats, there are other dangers that are less well known or that medical science and research have not yet revealed their true nature and seriousness.

These are the dangers and threats to your health and well-being that Anthony William reveals and which we will talk about today in this article. He calls them "The Merciless Four" because they wreak havoc on the health of all people around the world. The "Ruthless Four" is an extremely important topic according to Anthony William, about which you will find more detailed information in his book "The Most Healthy Foods". All of us on this planet face these threats today, yet only those who are familiar with the information of the Healing Medium know how serious these threats are and the dangers and destruction they cause. It is normal for your own safety to want to know what could potentially harm you. It is your right to know about these threats so that you have the opportunity to heal.

The "Ruthless Four" are the most serious and relentless health threats we face and are the real cause of the "epidemic" of chronic and mysterious diseases we experience today. They also rapidly deteriorate with each succeeding generation. We are at a pivotal moment right now, and if we don't learn as much as possible about the "Furless Four" and how we can deal with them properly, it will have even greater consequences for our health and survival.

Whether you have suffered from an illness, disease or symptom, or have sympathized with a friend, family member, co-worker or acquaintance, we all need to know about the "Foursome Four" because they affect us all and will continue to do so. they do until we learn enough to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

What are the "Merciless Four"?

The four key factors that cause an infinite amount of suffering today or the so-called The "ruthless four" are the boom in viruses, DDT, radiation and toxic heavy metals .

Each of these four health threats can wreak havoc on their own, but when a combination of them is present in us, they can really run deep and cause an incredible amount of suffering over time. We often don't think anything is wrong with our health until we start experiencing a flurry of symptoms for the first time that can be attributed to menopause, we're given some strange medical diagnosis, or the doctor can't explain why we suffer from depression, headaches, anxiety, fatigue or some other mysterious symptom and just decide it's all in your head. In fact, all this is the result of the "Merciless Four".

If you imagine that none of these four factors affect you, it is important to better understand how they work. We all face varying levels of at least one or two of these. This is because they are passed down through the bloodline to each new generation. Don't confuse this with genetics. They are not transmitted through our genes, but at conception and in the mother's womb, and then as we are exposed to them, we pick up more and more of the "Fearless Four" throughout our lives.

This is new information directly from the books of the Medium Healer, being given to us for the first time, and is only a small part of what he gives us. This is advanced information, decades ahead of science, that you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones, now and in the future.

Boom in viral diseases

Anthony William is doing his best to protect us and provide us with previously unknown or misunderstood information about Epstein-Barr virus . When he first introduced everyone to the truth about the Epstein-Barr virus and revealed the symptoms it causes, he was convinced that it would change the lives of many people struggling with all kinds of mysterious illnesses and symptoms and finally help them. to be cured. By learning how EBV works and how to truly heal from it, you become the experts that the Healing Medium relies on to provide this information over time to help yourself and others around you. Along with the Epstein-Barr virus, there are other virus strains causing symptoms that are completely unknown to medical science and research. It is extremely important that we learn more about these viruses.

Many people today struggle with mysterious symptoms and illnesses due to the boom in viral diseases. Diseases such as fibromyalgia , Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome , multiple sclerosis , thyroid cancer , bloating , stomach pain, urinary tract infections, chronic fatigue syndrome , Hashimoto's thyroiditis , palpitations, blurred vision, dizziness, insomnia , memory loss, rheumatoid arthritis , irritable bowel syndrome , Raynaud's syndrome , tinnitus, migraine, vertigo, hot flashes, brain fog , fatigue, lupus, Lyme disease , pain, depression, anxiety, hair loss, weight gain of weight , infertility , plantar fasciitis and congested liver . These are just some of the thousands of diseases and symptoms that people suffer from.

For us, as followers of the Healing Medium, it is more than a mission to provide you and as many people as possible with information about the viruses that create so many of our symptoms and illnesses, as well as the rest of the Four Merciless pests. We need to understand what we are really dealing with in order to know how to effectively restore our health and return to our normal way of life. We don't have time to wait. Too many people are sick or have symptoms, and the hectic lifestyles of today along with the other factors of the "Fateless Four" means that we are especially susceptible to all kinds of diseases. Nobody wants to be sick. No one wants to suffer from stomach aches, headaches or severe fatigue. It is important to know how we can really protect ourselves.


There was a time when DDT was considered harmless, and even beneficial. Our ancestors were practically drenched in it. We now know that it is one of the most toxic chemicals ever created. Although it is now banned in many countries, it is still used in many places around the world, meaning it is still in the air and getting into our bodies. The damage caused by DDT in the past has not gone away either.

It can still be found in the environment and in our bodies because it is transmitted through the blood line. DDT and other pesticides and herbicides leave our immune systems weak and suppressed, so pathogens and other pests can gain an advantage. Fortunately, there are tools we can use to remove DDT and similar herbicides and pesticides from our bodies. You can learn more about them by reading Anthony William's book "The Most Useful Foods" .


We are exposed to more radiation today than ever before. More than during Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl or Fukushima. Only a small fraction of the radiation from such catastrophic events has managed to reach us. Also, let's not forget the modern way of life in a huge global network that creates its own level of radiation. These are just two of the ways we get radiation. There are many other ways we can be directly irradiated, along with absorbing radiation from the environment, contaminating food and water supplies, and inheriting the radiation scars of our parents, grandparents, and grandparents. You can learn more about radiation from the article "Pests that make us sick - radiation" .

Radiation is a leading cause of cancer, endocrine system dysfunction, bone diseases such as osteopenia and osteoporosis, bone spurs, immune system problems and skin diseases. It is also a trigger for any other disease that may affect you. Fortunately, there are healing foods that can help you remove radiation from your body. You will learn more about them by reading Anthony William's book "The most useful foods" .

Toxic heavy metals

Did you know that mercury can be in your body? It is a widely recognized fact that there are toxic heavy metals that we are exposed to from the environment and the products we use and consume. However, it is not known to what extent they damage our health and how they are transmitted through the blood line. Mercury, a particularly harmful and devastating heavy metal, could have been mined a thousand years ago and now resides in our brains causing neurological conditions and diseases. Do you suffer from brain fog, depression or anxiety? You can learn more about toxic heavy metals from the article "Pests that make us sick - toxic heavy metals" .

These are classic symptoms of toxic heavy metal poisoning. In fact, mercury will be even more harmful now than it was a thousand years ago. Toxic heavy metals are responsible for some of the nastiest diseases we face today, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and chronic depression. Again, there is a way to remove toxic heavy metals from your body. You just have to know how, and much of the information being spread is unfortunately inaccurate. How exactly to cleanse yourself of these metals, see the recipes "Heavy Metal Detox Smoothies" , "Heavy Metal Detox Smoothies for Advanced" , as well as Anthony William's book "The Best Foods" .

How to get out of the darkness

When we learn how the "Furless Four" affect us, it has a very sobering effect on us. This is heavy information, but it's important to be aware of so you can learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. As already mentioned, so that you can arm yourself with ways to bring yourself and your loved ones out of the darkness with the help of food, read Anthony William's book "The Most Healthy Foods" in detail.

Healing is possible. We just have to learn how to welcome the light and learn new information that is not available on the internet, in any other book, or in the doctor's office. That is why Anthony William has dedicated himself so wholeheartedly to bringing this important information to us so that we can be as informed as possible, so that we can support each other and future generations to know the truth and heal themselves.

We understand that the subject of chronic illness is difficult, but to ignore it and pretend that everything is wonderful and positive is more than harmful to us. We hear all the time that many alternative health and personal development experts are currently banking heavily on positive talk and positive thinking as their clients struggle with various conditions and symptoms. Being positive is important, but we need to be realistic and honest with ourselves in order to learn how to heal and move forward.

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