During the 3:6:9 cleanses, try to stick to the foods listed. This is especially important in the Original and Intensive 3:6:9 Cleansing of the Healing Medium , where the foods are specifically indicated for each meal. It is important to follow the instructions of the cleanse and not change them, such as drinking more juice than recommended or eating bananas after dinner or eating steamed vegetables before bed.

On the other hand, don't worry if the cleanse includes foods you don't have access to or can't eat. In cases where the verbatim implementation of the instructions is not to your liking, there are adaptations and substitutions available to you, which we will consider in this article.

Also, there is a way to enhance the effect of the Original or Simplified 3:6:9 Cleansing of the Healer Medium and that is with the Heavy Metal Detox modification. ( The 3:6:9 Intensive Cleanse includes heavy metal detoxification.) Let's look at this modification first.


If you are specifically interested in the Toxic Heavy Metal Cleanse , you should know that the 3:6:9 cleanses will generally help you eliminate some heavy metals. Most importantly, each version of 3:6:9 draws other poisons and toxins out of the liver so you can then more successfully detox from toxic heavy metals. One option is to do the Original or Simplified 3:6:9 Cleanse and then tackle the Toxic Heavy Metal Cleanse , which will make the latter even more effective. Another option is to choose the Intensive Cleansing 3:6:9 , which includes heavy metal detox.

And another possibility is the next modification, which includes targeted heavy metal detoxification in the Original or Simplified 3:6:9 Cleanse .

How the mod works

Just drink the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie in the morning. It is! It is so easy! You choose whether to add it from Day 1 to Day 8 or start it from Day 4 to Day 8. Either way, do not consume the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie on Day 9 and follow the protocols as described.

If you are doing the Original 3:6:9 Cleanse , the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie is not at the expense of the Liver Aid Smoothie , but rather in addition to it. It is best to drink the detox smoothie later in the morning after drinking the Liver Aid Smoothie. If you cannot take the full amount of fluids from both within the morning, prepare a smaller amount than is in the recipe. You don't have to leave a time gap between them and if you want, drink the detox smoothie immediately after, which helps the liver.

See the article "Toxic Heavy Metal Cleansing of the Healing Medium" for how to deal with the missing ingredients. There is also the option to consume the smoothie ingredients individually instead of mixing them in the blender.

How to deal with Day 9

No heavy metal detox smoothie on Day 9 of the 3:6:9 cleanse. This day is not about removing heavy metals. It is about removing everything that is ready to leave the liver and other organs at that moment. It's about pushing all those poisons, toxins, dissolved fats, and old adrenaline build-ups out of the body's liver cells and circulation and directing them to the kidneys and intestinal tract. This naturally includes the toxic heavy metals that have been loosened in the cleansing process and have already begun to leave thanks to your heavy metal detox smoothies the other days. And thanks to these final smoothies, you'll still have leftovers of the five key ingredients—spirulina, cilantro, barley grass juice powder, Atlantic dulce, and wild blueberries—enough leftover to flush out all the toxic heavy metals you shed on Day 9 .So remember, to cleanse your blood as intended, skip the heavy metal detox smoothie on day 9 and focus on the fluid-focused day 9 protocol of any version of the cleanse 3:6:9 that you selected.


It is not always possible to have access to the foods mentioned in the 3:6:9 cleanse. You may also have problems with chewing, digestion or sensitivities to some of the foods. Here you will find guidance on these matters.


Some people think they have food sensitivities to fruit. If you are still hesitant in the article "Repeat the Healing Medium 3:6:9 Cleanse" we have shared guidelines for repeating Days 1 through 3 to help your body begin to heal enough so that you can once again consume more fruits to benefit from their cleansing power. For more information on what's behind the fear of fruit, check out The Truth About Fruit .


If for some reason you don't eat apples, there are other options for you. First, if you have a hard time chewing them, you can blend them in a food processor. There are people who do not like raw apples and cook them. In that case, make or buy plain applesauce - from organic apples, without additives such as citric acid, sugar or natural flavors.

If you can't stand applesauce and for some physical reason you can't chew raw apples, apple juice is the option for you. In this case, however, it is important to know that apple juice is not like celery juice, where turning it into a juice unlocks all of its beneficial properties. In the case of apples, the fleshy interior and pectin are part of their healing effect. Also, if you only consume apple juice, you will be hungry because you will be deprived of their satiating effect, which is important during a cleanse.

Asparagus and Brussels sprouts

As already mentioned in the article "The Original 3:6:9 Healer Medium Cleanse" , if necessary, you can replace the zucchini or squash with asparagus or Brussels sprouts.

Here are a few more notes about asparagus and Brussels sprouts:

If you have difficulty chewing, try mashing, processing, or grinding steamed or raw asparagus or Brussels sprouts (or zucchini). You can even mix them together with the ingredients of the Liver Aid soup (or just the green leaves of the soup) and then drink the mixture.

You can also boil asparagus or Brussels sprouts (zucchini) in a little water or Liver Aid broth and then puree and eat as a warm soup. This is a very easy option. For the recipe, see "Asparagus Soup" and "Vegetable Soup with Brussels Sprouts" .

Pureed melon, papaya and ripe pear, fresh watermelon or orange juice

These foods are varied enough that they'll be enough for Day 9. It's up to you whether you want to pick one and sip on it throughout the day, or try, say, mashed melon in the morning and mashed papaya later in the day. If you are going to mix them, be careful not to mix them together (for example, don't mix orange juice and pear). Enjoy each one on its own.


If you don't like dates, don't have access to them, or want to diversify your diet, mulberries (dried or fresh), raisins, grapes, and figs (dried or fresh), in that order, can replace dates as useful liver-warming foods. You can replace the dates with a handful of each. It is good to cut them or mix them with the apples that you will eat at the same time.

Celery stalks and cucumber

The celery stalk bites that go with the apples on certain days can be replaced with cucumber if you don't have enough celery. Likewise, you can use extra celery stalks in place of cucumber when needed. And remember, if chewing celery (or cucumber) is difficult for you, you can finely chop it in the food processor or puree it with the apples.

Celery stalk juice

If you don't have access to celery stalks for juicing and your local fresh bar doesn't stock fresh celeriac juice, don't despair. Cucumber juice is the perfect substitute in this case. While it may not offer the specific healing benefits that celery stalk juice has, it does have unique benefits such as hydration that supports your health. Treat it the same way you treat celery stalk juice – make it neat (cucumber only) and drink it on an empty stomach, separate from other food and drink.

Ginger water, aloe water, and lemon or lime water are alternatives if you can't get hold of either celery stalk juice or cucumber juice.

Cucumber and apple juice

As already mentioned in the articles on the 3:6:9 cleanses, the rule of thumb for the cucumber and apple juice on Day 9 of the Healer Medium's Original and Simplified 3:6:9 Cleanse is to stick to a 1:1 ratio. If you prefer apple to cucumber or vice versa, it is not a problem to make it 4:1 in favor of the product you like better. And if you don't like raw apples, you can make cucumber and pear juice instead.

Hibiscus, lemon balm or chaga tea

If there's a specific reason you can't drink hibiscus, lemon balm, or chaga tea—for example, a doctor's prescription to avoid the herbs or you experience physical discomfort when drinking them—it's okay to skip evening tea during the cleanse.

Lemon and lime

If for some reason you don't like lemons and limes or don't have access to them, drink ginger water in the morning and plain water in the evening.

If desired, add 1 tsp of raw honey to the lemon/lime water.


Sometimes people have difficulty chewing raw vegetables. In this case, you can finely chop the salad in a food processor, or puree the ingredients in a blender. That's exactly what the Liver Aid Soup recipe is for - an easy blended salad for anyone who needs it during the Healing Medium's Original or Simplified 3:6:9 Cleanse .

If you're doing the 3:6:9 Intensive Cleanse , you can easily put the ingredients of the Kale Salad , the Cauliflower and Green Leafy Vegetable Salad , the Tomato, Cucumber and Fresh Herb Salad or the Nori Rolls with Green Leafy Vegetables into the blender and blend them into a raw soup. or prepare spinach soup .

Liver Help Smoothie

If you don't like bananas, you can replace them with the Maradol papaya variety, or you can not add any additional fruit, but simply blend the pitaya (dragon fruit) together with the other ingredients of the chosen smoothie option.

If you can't get pitaya, or you can't stand it at all, substitute wild blueberries or, as a last resort, blackberries, regular cultivated blueberries, or frozen cherries. You have to get anthocyanins one way or another.

If you want to avoid the slight laxative effect that pitaya can sometimes have (and which makes it very good for constipation), reduce the amount of pitaya in the smoothie and increase the amount of bananas or papaya.

If you prefer not to mash the fruit, you can eat it chopped up in a fruit salad instead.

spinach soup

The main ingredients in the Spinach Soup recipe are spinach and tomatoes. If spinach is not suitable for you, you can replace it with lettuce. If tomatoes aren't your thing, there are a few options. First, you can use mango instead. If you have trouble finding fresh, sweet mangoes, buy frozen mango chunks instead and thaw them. Or you can replace the tomatoes with bananas—as long as you're sure not to mix bananas with tomatoes, because these two foods don't digest well together.

On Day 9 of the Simplified 3:6:9 Cleanse , skip the cucumber noodles for the Spinach Soup . Alternatively, can you blend the cucumber into the soup instead of eating it as noodles? Absolutely.

Pumpkin, sweet and regular potatoes

If for some reason none of these options work for you as dinner for Day 7 of the Original 3:6:9 Cleanse , replace them with Brussels sprouts that you steam until they're soft enough to poke a fork through.

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