Continuation of the article "Purge Selection Guide (Part 1)" .


You've decided it's time to try the 3:6:9 cleanse. How do you know which option is right for you? This brings you back to the guiding question: "What seems doable to you right now?".

Does the idea of ​​more specific guidelines appeal to you? Want to see faster results? Then you might like the simplistic nature of the 3:6:9 Original Cleanse.

Maybe you have a very busy schedule and want to have more flexibility and the ability to eat more cooked food and don't like quick healing reactions. This is a good time to choose the Simplified 3:6:9 Cleanse.

Do you think your health is critical, or have you been eating clean for a long time, or prefer an all-raw diet and want to take it to the next level? Intensive cleansing 3:6:9 is right for you.

The original 3:6:9 cleanse gives you a little more freedom in the first 3 days to gradually transition to the strict eating plans, while the simplified version directly stops radical fats while offering more variation in the long term. Perhaps this will be a factor in your choice.

If you start with the Original 3:6:9 Cleanse and feel that it is difficult for you to follow it, or you feel discomfort, you can safely stop it and switch to the Simplified 3:6:9. Sometimes you can try the original version again. This is the essence of the leading question - things are always changing, so one does not know what the answer will be in the future.

Likewise, if you take the 3:6:9 Intensive Cleanse and decide halfway through that you'd be better off with the Original or the Simplified right now, no problem. On the other hand, your motivation to persevere with the Intensive Cleanse is likely to be strong because, if you chose it, you want deeper healing of more complex health issues. When a person is looking for a way out of an acute chronic illness that has plagued him for months or years, the relief he experiences from the Intensive Cleanse keeps him determined to complete it and even repeat it several times.


If you have an intolerance to certain foods, you will probably wonder which cleanses will be more suitable for you.

First, the Healer Medium cleanses avoid problem foods. Depending on which cleanse you try, you'll limit or eliminate the foods that disrupt your health the most—a break that will allow you to get rid of many food intolerances. Additionally, cleansing helps to relieve your liver of the burdens that cause many food sensitivities, ultimately leading to even greater relief.

Second - for the 3:6:9 cleanse, which requires eating the most specific foods, there is a whole chapter on adaptations and substitutions to deal with your food intolerances - see chapter 21 in the book Cleansing for Health .

Third, you may still be afraid to eat fruit. When someone says they have an intolerance to fruit, it probably means they have other food intolerances. Fruit is the food that takes the brunt of it because it is often wrongly attacked by experts for its fructose content.

Food intolerance is associated with a diseased liver. If you never pay attention to this liver and work to heal, cleanse or rejuvenate it, you will never be able to deal with your food intolerances, including what you may think is a fruit intolerance. Discomfort when eating fruit is usually a warning of another problem. The fruits have such a strong purifying effect that they move poisons and toxins and remove putrefying fats and proteins from the body, which in turn causes a healing reaction of swelling or rash. The 3:6:9 cleanse and other Healer Medium cleanses do not cause these problems, which are actually due to the cleansing action of the fruit.

The problems are already there and have been for longer than you realize. The same applies to the appearance of disease symptoms when we do not cleanse. The disease has been developing unnoticed for a long time - at least months, and usually years before the onset of symptoms.

When the fruit activates the cleansing process, poisons and toxins leave the liver and body and you may experience symptoms. In all likelihood, even without fruit, you would have gotten them at one point or another. For example, when the organs that have been holding these poisons and toxins reach their maximum capacity and begin to overflow, or if you have exercised a little more intensely than usual and this has displaced the poisons and toxins depots, causing symptoms several days later - late. Fruits have the power to do this faster without having to over exercise or wait for the toxic load to overflow. The cleansing nature of the fruit causes toxins to come out of the places where they are stored and leave the body.

The symptoms we think of as fruit intolerance are actually a sign of something else. For example, swelling or rashes will continue to appear regardless of our diet if we do not take care of the liver. Sometimes this happens inconsistently, at different times, with different foods - because, as I already said, the problem is not in the food, but in the liver. If the reactions disappear with little or no fruit intake, this does not mean that the problem is solved. But he remains - our liver is sick and works hard. Our condition continues to deteriorate without suspecting it, and by avoiding the fruit, we will not help ourselves.

The solution to this situation is to heal the liver, and that means detoxification. Choosing a 3:6:9 protocol will depend on what your problems are. In Chapter 21 of the Cleanse for Health book , you'll find an option to gradually enter the cleanse if you don't feel ready to do the full course. And if you're not ready to eat fruit yet, there's still a solution – a mono-meal cleanse includes fruit-free options. Or maybe you are no longer afraid of fruit and are ready to try the 3:6:9 Cleanse. If you experience swelling or rashes during the regimen, it means that you have reached that deep internal problem and healing it will eliminate the symptoms.


When you are breastfeeding, it is not a problem to undergo the Original, Simplified or Intensive 3:6:9 Cleanse, or any other cleanse from the Cleanse for Health book . They all help make breast milk cleaner by drawing impurities from the breast tissue.

During pregnancy, the Original and Simplified 3:6:9 cleanses are recommended because they are extremely rich in nutrients. They are healing not only for your organism, but also for that of the fetus. Instead of the Day 9 protocol, repeat the Day 8 meal plan.

If you decide to try Intensive 3:6:9 during pregnancy, discuss it with your doctor. The likely reason you are interested in this option is that you are experiencing disease symptoms during pregnancy for which you have already seen one or more doctors. Consult with them whether to apply the Intensive Cleansing 3:6:9.

If you are suffering from symptoms or conditions that make you want to consider another cleanse from the "Cleanse for Health" book during pregnancy, contact your doctor.


Children can also benefit from the Original, Simplified or Intensive 3:6:9 Cleanse with one major change: food quantities must be adjusted to the child's usual portions and appetite. This means that you should reduce the portions so that they are suitable for your child's appetite. If you think Day 9 of the 3:6:9 cleanse will be difficult for your child because of the many liquids, Day 8 can be repeated.

The other cleanses in the book are also totally kid-friendly. All Healer Medium cleanses are safe for children.


Sometimes people wonder if they should even be purging and wish there was a test that could give them that answer. You don't want to wait for a test to tell you that you have liver problems before you decide to take care of it. There are still no tests that detect liver problems early enough before liver steatosis or reduced function has developed.

Are there any signs of these early, undetectable stages of liver disease? Yes - symptoms. Specifically, many of the symptoms we dismiss as a normal part of life are actually indicators of incipient liver problems. This includes chronic constipation, bloating , dark circles under the eyes, brain fog , decreased energy levels, unexplained weight gain , varicose veins, inflammation, insomnia , skin problems, food sensitivities, premature aging, hot flashes, gallstones , heart palpitations, mood problems, seasonal affective disorder , unexplained hunger, reproductive problems , migraines, eczema , acne , vertigo, tingling, numbness, and many more, which Anthony William covers in detail in his book, Liver Help . If you consult a doctor because of any of these symptoms, he may tell you that your liver is in excellent condition because the medical community is not yet trained to recognize the early symptoms of liver disease.

Therefore, it is not worth waiting to hear that you have liver problems to undertake a cleanse. We all have a diseased liver that can affect almost every aspect of health. Even a person who appears to be in good shape may have the unknown initial stage of fatty liver, which causes hidden health problems. The early stages of liver disease is the perfect time to undertake the 3:6:9 Cleanse.

If you have advanced liver disease and your blood tests, imaging, or biopsy show a diagnosis of fatty liver, it doesn't mean it's too late to cleanse—quite the opposite. It just means that you most likely have a longer road ahead of you. However, the relief you'll feel and the results you'll see during the 3:6:9 Cleanse may be so quick that you'll be determined not to give up until you heal.


Testing for toxic heavy metals is a good opportunity to find out if you need to get rid of them. Note, however, that the test will only detect the presence in the blood of those toxic metals that are known to the test makers and in high enough amounts to be detected. Even if the test does not report the presence of toxic heavy metals, it is possible that you have them, and in large quantities. Heavy metals are not always found in the bloodstream. They often accumulate in organs such as the brain and liver and go unnoticed, but in no matter how small they cause trouble by damaging tissue, interfering with nerve signals and releasing corrosive substances.

As with liver problems, symptoms are what can tell us if we are suffering from high levels of toxic heavy metals. Examples of such symptoms are anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, confusion, tics, spasms, brain fog , attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease , autism, eczema, psoriasis , rosacea, vitiligo, and Crohn's disease. . However, don't wait for them to deepen to resort to the cleanse from the "Healer Medium's Toxic Heavy Metal Cleanse" article or to include the Heavy Metal Detox modification in the 3:6:9 Cleanse. As we have already discussed in the article "Pests that make us sick - toxic heavy metals" - through air, water, ready-made food, cosmetics, gasoline and rain it is possible to come into contact with toxic heavy metals that we need to get out of our body if we want to spare ourselves and our loved ones the suffering they cause us because of their long-term effects on our health.

Sometimes people worry about the side effects of a toxic heavy metal detox, and that's an important concern—especially when you're trying one of those techniques that only claim to help you remove toxic heavy metals. With them, there is a risk that metals are removed from some organs to accumulate elsewhere in the body, causing reactions and side effects. In particular, chlorella and chelation cannot be trusted to be good for detoxing from toxic heavy metals. In contrast, the heavy metal detox technique we discuss here removes the metals in a proper and safe way.


Fresh celery stalk juice is part of every cleanse in the Cleanse for Health book . It is part of every list of herbs and supplements that Anthony William recommends, as well as every book he has written. He even devoted a special book to this medicinal tonic because the juice of celery stalks is so powerful. ( "Celery Juice" - not yet translated into Bulgarian. Most of the information from the book in Bulgarian, you can find in our blog articles on "celery juice" . )

With so many directions in the health world and so many approaches that sound convincing, it's easy to give up on even trying celery stalk juice . This applies to all information in the Healing Medium series. Some people say they've tried this method and dissuade others, but they haven't really taken it seriously at all. It's like coming to a bridge and someone telling you, "I've been over it before. There is nothing on the other side.' If you believe him, you will never know that on the other side you will find a garden of paradise. This man has not come far enough to find her.

Try not to deprive yourself of this extraordinary opportunity to heal just because someone told you not to cross that bridge. Maybe he wasn't sick enough to follow the directions exactly, or maybe he got carried away with other methods. It is easy to be dissuaded before one has even begun and thus deviate from the path of healing.

The severity of symptoms is relevant to how seriously we take the treatment protocol. It can be difficult for a person to get out of bed every day and take a shower. Another may have complaints but manage to travel and hike in the mountains. Still, even the mildest symptoms bother us. A mild form of eczema or anxiety cannot be ignored. At the same time, some people in this situation still manage to live well and may not follow the guidelines exactly. They will likely lose interest quickly and abandon an otherwise successful protocol. They probably won't be as motivated and committed as someone who suffers every minute. It's easy to assume that the person who claims celery stalk juice didn't help them was in the same position as the person who says the juice saved their life. It is easy to assume that they both followed the instructions correctly and waited more than 2-3 days to feel the effect. In fact, it wasn't like that.

Why is celery stalk juice included in all cleanses? Not because it's a cute little addition, but because it enhances the action of everything else. Celery stem juice enhances all the cleanses from the Healer Medium books . It helps you get the most out of the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie , as well as all other cleansing recipes. That's how powerful and important celery stalk juice is.

Whatever you're doing for your health, whether you're on a cleanse or not, celery stalk juice gets in on it and makes it stronger so you can get its full benefits. It enhances the effect of any remedy.

If you are consuming foods or taking products that are not good for you, celery stalk juice will not magically make them good for you. It will help you against those problem foods that feed viruses and unproductive bacteria and contribute to chronic disease—the foods you're not ready to give up just yet. Celery juice is your ally.


As well as they know other aspects of health, health professionals do not have enough information about the causes of chronic diseases. In order for us to make progress, we must admit this.

On top of that, we can be misled by all those enthusiasts who are amazingly good at quickly spreading rumors and misinformation on social media, thinking they've discovered something very interesting. These people are basically pulling information from the internet and willfully or not spreading false claims, taking advantage of the growing number of confused chronically ill.

Keep all of this in mind when some emerging trend or theory makes you question the information about the purges in Anthony William's books. In the article on Intermittent Fasting, we took a detailed look at it as a trend that interferes with proper cleansing and healing, and analyzed why it is not a long-term solution to health problems. However, there are other popular methods that you can fall into, so we'll look at the trends for bulking, calorie restriction, and macronutrient counting.

Macronutrient Counting – The New Calorie Count

Calorie counting fell out of favor after it became clear that it confused our ideas about food. In its place, counting "macros" (or macronutrients) became popular. Now young people (and older people too) are watching how many grams of fat, carbohydrates and protein are in everything they eat and trying to control their intake, all the while not taking into account the most important parts of the food we eat: phytochemicals , antioxidants, antiviral and antibacterial substances, trace elements and mineral salts. Because macronutrient counting is more complex and can be adjusted according to personal preference, we are left with the impression that it is beneficial. This is yet another trend that is about to mislead those struggling with chronic illness. Many believe this is another long-term solution. For your own protection and that of your family, you should know that this is not a long-term solution. There is no logic in counting macronutrients.

Increased and decreased calorie intake

People often have trouble gaining muscle mass without gaining fat if they follow a high protein diet. The confusion comes from the widespread belief that the secret to gaining muscle and staying healthy is to eat mostly protein and keep carbohydrates to a minimum. However, fitness enthusiasts have begun to realize that protein alone is not enough to build and maintain the much-desired lean muscle mass. This results in alternating excessive calorie intake with reduced calorie intake. First, more calories are consumed than can be expended to gain mass from training, and then, when muscle is supposedly gained, which in many cases is simply accumulated water and toxic fat in and around the muscles, calories are cut in order to keep the muscle mass, but melt the fat. This method is a big mistake and leads to a vicious circle. The goal should be the exact opposite - not to have to constantly increase and sharply decrease calories in order to gain muscle mass. This strategy places an enormous burden on the body, especially the liver, which loses its ability to process and store nutrients, which leads to their deficiency and accelerates the aging process. This additional stress on the body can eventually manifest as cardiovascular disease, cholesterol imbalance , pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes , excess weight, muscle strain, wear and tear of cartilage and joints, kidney problems, reduced immunity, etc. This approach also leads to complications in autoimmune diseases.

The truth is that what contributes to the accumulation of muscle mass during intense training is carbohydrates. Meanwhile, fat added to an already high-fat, high-protein menu overloads the liver and results in body fat accumulation.

Basically, there are two camps that support the method of alternating increased and decreased calorie intake. Some deliberately stuff themselves with unhealthy foods such as doughnuts, pastas, cookies, muffins, croissants, burgers, pizza, ice cream and greasy fries - without realizing that the fat that sticks to the body is not from the carbohydrates, but from the radical fats in these foods. Others overindulge in foods they think are healthy—avocado toast, gluten-free spaghetti with butter sauce, nuts, seeds, nut butters, eggs, chicken, salmon, beans, rice with fat, hummus with tahini, oatmeal with peanut butter, and protein shakes with almond butter, almond milk, oat milk and some fruit. Some of them believe that the accumulation of body fat is due to legumes, fruits, rice and spaghetti, when in fact, as already mentioned, radical fats such as tahini, avocado, oil and the fat in eggs are to blame.

The way to build muscle safely and more efficiently is to provide adequate glucose levels to muscle cells along with enough micronutrients to help insulin easily attach to glucose and get it into muscle tissue so the muscles can are maintained without atrophy when you don't exercise and grow when you can exercise. Gaining lean muscle mass without gaining fat negates the need to cut calories.

If you've read Anthony William's books or followed his advice articles on our blog , you know that a high-protein (meaning high-fat) diet is taxing on the body. However, the good thing is that at least people refrain from processed foods and include vegetables in their menu. When eating a lot of protein and a lot of carbohydrates at the same time, one is not very careful and is more likely to consume the mentioned processed foods, which are not good for anyone.

Those who advocate the theory of alternating increased and decreased calorie intake do not realize that if they instead keep the diet low in protein and fat while increasing carbohydrates, they can build proper muscle without gaining fat. which they then have to take down.

This is why none of the cleanses in Anthony William's books are protein and fat based. They consist of the true sources of health and strength—the fresh juice of celery stalks , leafy greens, other vegetables, and what Anthony William calls the essential clean carbohydrates —fruits, squash, sweet and potato, that our bodies need. .

Many people fear that cleansing leads to muscle loss. That fear can be heightened when they flip through the pages of cleanses and see that they don't have calorie restriction and macronutrient counts. They worry that afterwards they won't look the way they want and maybe they will say to themselves: "This one doesn't understand anything!" This is the shadow of the old protein monster that has ruled our minds since the 1930s, and it will prevent people from getting the help they need from Anthony William's books . Don't be one of them. Don't write off the Healing Medium protocols as worthless just because they don't involve increased or decreased calorie intake and macronutrient counting. You already know the truth! These cleanses will fill you with strength and energy and at the same time restore your health.

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